Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Secret Diary of a Call Girl : First Brit Show

How many industries are invested in aesthetics?

Have you given thought to the prostitutes and call girls?
Most of you already know that in Dramaland, I don't stick to just one language.

Which countries have I seen productions of?

·United States
· South Korea

Adding to this little list is the Showtime series, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Out and about in London!

8 Episodes
21 mins each
Prostitution | Life

By day, and to friends and family, this pretty lassie is 'Hannah.' Her occupation is a Call Girl named Belle, who claims that her lives are properly separate.

The series is based off a book ,  The Intimate Adventures of a London call girl. I haven't read the book , but it's on my to-read shelf.

The show... it provides a viewpoint that many shows have never highlighted. Game of Thrones and others have the whores and strippers at the occasional bachelor[ette] party. The idea of dressing like vixens draws questions of the purpose and the business itself. Does the person enjoy doing this activity? Is (s)he doing this only for the money?

Belle enjoys her work. She loves sex and being in complete control of her financial accumulations, but her friendship with her only friend, her best friend, Ben, falls silent after he discovers her second life.

Oh my stars, the sexual tension between these two... that IS going to happen next season, no?

Belle is a mademoiselle who really knows her area of expertise. I don't know what awards the show received or was nominated for, but I would totally expect a win for Best Hot and Heavy Depictions.
Who wants to see some buttocks?

Aiyo, I'm bored and don't wanna say more.

Shaky camera work, suave French-style background music, and Belle's work.