Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Arthur S2 // PLL S6

Happy Birthday, little Liar, Lucy Hale!

Arthur S2
1997 PBS
20 episodes x 30mins

Graduating from third grade, phobias, epiphanies, and a beloved friend leaves Elwood City. 

Formulaic episodes dominate the entire series overall, but it's a relief that there is a more concentrated focus on secondary characters, like Sue Ellen, The Brain, and ultimately, Buster. Did anybody remember that Buster's parents divorced? I admire Buster and Arthur's best friend bond and praise Buster for openly admitting that his parents are separated. Ah, the magic of friendship, guys.

PWS (Preferred Watching Sequence): ep 10 and beyond

Funny faces, D.W.'s "Mommm!" call, and of course, the appreciative lessons that Arthur and his friends will learn.

probably all the laughing you're gonna do
just look at them!
Grade: 6.0

Pretty Little Liars S6
20 x 43mins
Drama, Mystery(?)

Fortunately and unfortunately, A is revealed.. along with an additional threat to the five girls of Rosewood past. With half a season spent on the girls' stay in the dollhouse, then came along a time jump that nobody asked for, yet, still staying true to the general nature of past seasons (which I may have given too much word for), the series seems to be preparing itself for a coma. Maybe that's not so sound. They're getting ready to wear themselves out with more setting changes, lighting, and of course, more cast members [coming and coming back].
good times

Whether you were nice enough to have a favorite among the group or straight-up stamped 'selfish' on them all from the beginning, this is the time to realize who they really are.. and were. The girls are still all about maintaining public and personal image 
and justice among their interconnected, exclusive web of friends and foes. Build a life without A?See how long that lasted for the Liars. What bliss for both the show and viewer that would have been, but
there's a Benedict Arnold among them.
Who's been waiting for the girls to take action against A?
Well, it's all necessary recklessness and altruist thinking for an attempt to opt out of any future A affiliation. Don't forget that the A strikes back XD

The beat is back! Back at it again with perfect indie song choices and the growing use of masks.
that are removable. grab-your-chin and yank it off -able.

Grade: 6.3