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See this asterisk, * ? This show is Generally for Kids (varied age range 👻 )!

Asian Dramas:  
Can We Love? (Korean)
Challenge to Shin'ichi! (Japanese)
Fashion King (Korean)
God's Quiz (Korean)
God's Quiz 2 (Korean)
Grandpas Over Flowers (Investigation Unit) (Korean)
Hana Kimi (Japanese)
Hana Kimi (Taiwanese)
Hana Yori Dango (Japanese)
Hana Yori Dango 2 Returns! (Japanese)
Heartstrings (Korean)
Holy Battle in Couleur de Rose - the Future is in Our Hands! (Japanese)
In A Good Way (Taiwanese)
In Time With You (Taiwanese)
Kuitan (Japanese)
Le Jun Kai (Chinese)
Let's Eat (Korean)
Liar Game (Japanese)
Liar Game (Korean)
Love Keeps Going (Taiwanese)
Master's Sun (Korean)
Modern Farmer (Korean)
My Love from the Star (Korean)
Mysterious Summer (Japanese)
No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35 (Japanese)
Reply 1997 (Korean)
RH Plus (Japanese)
Tie The Knot (Taiwanese)
To The Beautiful You (Korean)
Trot Lovers (Korean)

Shows with English Script:
~True Blood
~Twin Peaks
~Young & Hungry

Foreign Live-Action Series:
~Split (Israel)

Animes: (hentai links are not on this list ~)
30 Sai No Hoken Taiiku
Abunai Sisters
Angel Beats!
Antique Bakery

Murder on the Orient Express: 1974 Film

First movie review! Yay! I watched the movie "Murder on the Orient Express" in parts in three days- past 10, of course. After all, it is a Detective Hercule Poirot movie. This movie has made me understand the book a bit more ~ and the ending was better ended with an addition.

1974 film

Friday, April 18, 2014


26 Episodes
Genres: Cars/Racing Sport, Friendship, Slice of Life, Pride

DUB APPROVED! (logo coming soon...)

>>Takumi Fujiwara has delivered his father's tofu across Akina since he was in junior high. (I know, crazy, right?) Driving on the same path(s) for years, he faces several races during his summer vacation. Will his skills be unmatchable? And will he ever focus on his love life  or will he be obsessed with cars and racing?<<

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Diabolik Lovers

 -Diabolik Lovers --