Thursday, July 31, 2014


7/10 Episodes - 15 mins each
Genres: SUPER MILD "YURI", Incest, School Life

So.. I wasn't sure what reaction I was supposed to have while watching. Apparently, I didn't find this anime a single centimeter to light-hearted. It was quite a bore and the storyline didn't really work out for me. 


How was this close to yuri? Kanade and Yuki are fraternal twins. Kanade has a die-hard admirer, Saku-something, who's been doing so for years. This will force Kana to admit her feelings to her sister. 

The plot is what pulled me in. Wow, those... blurbs. 
The only factors that received positive feedback from me are:
=The Art : distinguishable character outlines, a normal girl's wardrobe.. 
=The Music : 3 ending songs -- I liked the one with sixteenth/da-da-da-da English 
Yay.. to English in Asian songs ~ 
=The Animation: smooth, no pauses between movements

At least this anime has a relatable character. Saku-Chan!

I mean,there's gotta be that one overboard person , nê?

I think we should have been focused on this cute chick rather than the mains. Their relationship seems more like friends than sisters. It was fairly obvious that the animators tried to add in some intimate scenes like cuddling with body heat. However, not a single act of romance seemed to pull at my heart..strings
 I did have a lot of "NOW KISS OR SOMETHING" moments. 

I got lost and felt like watching I was watching Lucky Star ..
Slice of Life acts intended for humor.. (but at least those four cuties were shipped!) 

Grade. 5-6/10
$€n+3n¢€ : Love My Hardcore Fan Girl. 

Lover in Law

2 OVAs : 25 mins each
-based off an h-manga (is that what they're called?)

OMG, just finished this and will be remembered as one of my fave hentais. At least I was able to cry a bit - a couple feels in here!! 

You learn from the general blurb that the flower shop is there (or was there?)  because it was run by our main character's parents who are now dead. Now, the flower shop is run by Tsutomu and his sister-in-law, Mai, whose husband (Tsutomu' s older brother) is away in another city. Mai gets more distant and Tsutomu' s feelings for her, a family member, begin to show itself. But, Kozue, Mai' s friend and new employee, finds out that the relationship is more than just family. 

I got to this series on a hentai site under a tag. I've stayed with the series because it was in a different setting than most typical hentais. I mean, how often does a flower shop appear in an animation or movie? It's what I call "a landscape extra." 

I did not know that I could do this ,but how about we have a nutshell.. of OVA 1?!

Got any conclusions? See the whole story ~ 

Anyway, I loved everything about this hentai. The closing song makes me teary and the story development is like that sudden small bump that you ran over- yelping fun. Everything is perfect and unique~  the sex scenes or hentai sex isn't that hot (well, I mean, maybe for half of the viewers)... I got a little bored and surprised (the sudden clit tapping!! So. Scary.)

This isn't shit or even typical for a hentai! It's got a story, strong emotions, and hot cutie adults. And to top it all off COMEDY!   There isn't a lot, but  like little 'munks.. Lovable and small. Congrats and THANK YOU for the humor.

This voice actor said it like my mom.
Oh my =God=!

 And a lesson learned and known: Be true to yourself and be who you really are.

###GRADE### 10/10 : A Perfect Hentai that could have better scenes, but it's still good

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Love My Younger Sister : Anime Movie-OVA

50 Minute OVA/Anime Movie
Based off the light novels/manga (too lazy to check)
Genres: Romance, Incest, School Life

Hello! Another late night one.. yay! I've been saving this day just for this. This is, luckily, not a hentai!  If you wanna watch a nice little love story with some intimacy, this should be a hit or miss. It received mixed reactions by the viewers.

So, Yori -- is a high school student who has a [fraternal]twin sister, Iku, whom he bottles his feelings toward. (sorry about grammar) He decides to do whatever he can to get her out of his mind such as forcing himself to fall in love and transferring to another school in a distant prefecture (region of a country) 

This movie was a recommended video when I was scrolling around YouTube . I was a little resistant because I thought this would have some hentai in it.. Well, -spoiler- once Yori decides to 'fess up his feelings to Iku, he tells her "Kiss me if you'll be mine rather than some other guy's." I know , jealous much? 

Aww.. this guy sure knows how to woo girls. But this guy seems to be a pretty cold bodyguard kind of guy. I mean, he put up a fight because some guy checked out Iku' s bra pattern! But he's got a soft spot and is quite protective about his relationships.
Right... as if incest isn't supposed to ever run in a family..
It's in most incest hentai!!

Another thing that anyone should be able to distinguish is the art. Iku' s hair is "long and soft," like many shoujo girls. And then Yori looks like he was drawn in the 90s or early 2000s. Well, this isn't "oldie art." The studio did add in some different styles such as below.

And some last notes: Iku, in my own opinion, she looks beautiful when she's sad.

Also, the movie was able to bring teary and moist eyes, but it's not that sad. There's no tragic backstory; I guess Yori was designed to be pitied on. I mean, now that is a life.
Ah, but what about the sex scene? (There's technically one) Well, it's a nice little slideshow

I liked the opening theme and the background music, but the rock -metal music at the end just broke the serenity. :/

Well, that was nice. Time for the final stuff, toppings, whatever you'd like to call it:

GRADE: 7-8/10

Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Luck, Ninomiya-kun!

AKA: Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun; Gonshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun!
Genres: Supernatural/Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Ecchi, Childhood??
12 Episodes
WARNING: Scenes of Covered Near-Nudity ; Far From Hentai :)
I was waiting for this day where the OTP (one true pairing) would finally be together!

Wow~ first thing I gotta say about this series: THE ENDING IS HAPPY AS F---!!  And who is in the OTP you may wonder?

Three kids??!! A love triangle already?? 
Ehh.. sort of.  That's where childhood is linked. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Boku no Pico (ぼくのぴこ)

2006 Production
The Set: (forms of available media): a manga and anime OVAs
3 OVAs , about 40 minutes each 

Yay, a late night  post! So... why did I watch this today? 
It was on my bucket list.. Check!

A lot of you may know that this is one popular hentai and is perhaps the World's First Loli-Shouta Yaoi Hentai. Anyway, I SURVIVED THE EXPERIENCE!

Honestly, even though this was my first finished hentai -series-, it didn't really creep me out because they look like 8 (they're supposed to be 13~15 years old).  And worst of all, they're male. Yes, as in "I got an ochinchin   you got one, and so do I,  So..."

So, the OVAs are pretty much about the blond pre-adolescent kid, Pico, and how  he lived out  his ways  after  being mistaken  for a girl and.... after losing his virginity. 

Now that's a lead-in. His supposed  lover is related to Pico's employer, who is the owner of a cafe. Tamotsu is the name! He's my favorite character in  this  entire series and sadly,

It's nice to be introduced to a humane character in a weird series. It's nice to relate,, right??
Yeah, he's  pretty relatable relationship-wise.. 

Okay, so that's..Story One... in the next two, Pico meets some //friends\\
You will learn that  Pico likes to wander and fool around (sexually,  of course) 

But thanks to his newfound friends, PICO FINALLY BECOMES HUMAN!

Finally, I've been waiting for this moment X)

This isn't a  creepy <thing>, it's just a weird relationship.. I think the animation has taken sexuality to another level. Beyond gender is age...  ?

The ending is just a sex scene, just so you  know ;)
Another thing , the sex scene timing. Around more than 5 minutes  long, the scene fits in any situation snuggly. 

If you wanna dare yourself to watch like so many people who did,
Just watch the last OVA.. the first one is just a softcore story and sex. It's like playing with a doll.

While most of the audience is disgusted by the many examples of huge age differences, I noticed that my first reactions were quite concentrated on the show. I wasn't freaked out by the fact that Pico was molested (actually, I didn't notice at all). This was a show where I was more determined to figure out the moral of the OVA rather than gaping at seven sex scenes. 
The animation is watchable due to the quality of the 2000s. So, that says something. 
All in all, it is a show that has a summer setting. Perhaps it is great for passersby..  
who knows when pedophiles will be a daily sight in everyone's lifestyle.

G r a d e : : 5.4/10 (OVA  3 alone is 6.5-7/10) 
"If your friend asks for a good anime to watch, say Boku no Pico."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hana Yori Dango 2 Returns!

Hana Yori Dango: Season 2~
11 Episodes - 
2007 TBS
Genres: Business, Romance, Comedy, High School

S t a r r i n g : (the people whom I believe are the most important throughout the series!)
  Inoue Mao AS Makino Tsukushi
  Jun Matsumoto (from jpop boyband, Arashi) AS Domyouji Tsukasa
  Oguri Shun AS Hanazawa Rui
  Matsuda Shota AS Nishikado Soujiroh 
  Abe Tsuyoshi AS Mimasaka Akira
  Nishihara Aki AS  Matsuoka Yuki

Hello! Ah~ writing a review right after you finish a series. That's one of my favorite things about Japanese dramas-- they're great for a one-day marathon. Anyway, so Hana Yori Dango left us with Tsukasa leaving for New York (  ♪ New York, New York ♪) to study business stuff.

So ~ what happened this time?
Tsukushi receives a prize of a three-day-trip to New York for one... obviously, she traverses to New York to see Tsukasa, but what do you know... she's being ignored! Then, tourism, tourism.... okay, back in Japan~ jealousy, betrayal, and new girls kick in to the story. 

The watching experience was uplifting, scary, and .. fun! (can't think of a better word now :((( 
So many new thoughts about characters came to mind:: everybody could be with anyone!!! Wahh! 
Character development seemed to apply to only two people... rather, one couple: Tsukushi and Tsukasa-- 
how else would the ending make sense? 

What did I like about this season? I couldn't really detect "an escalating ability of acting," but rather "an escalating altitude of emotions." The feels and the whole life of everything felt so real~ I was immersed enough to have a one-day series marathon! 

First love? Discovered and failed. Maybe this became a cliche later on~~ I mean, "my childhood friend was my first love" and "My childhood love is getting married.... I am so lonely||| WHYY?" to name a few.

Let me just say.. this season was a lot more serious and taught me some things~ 
**DISCLAIMER: No offense is intended.
A- Japanese, Asian, or Asian Drama characters have a high endurance level. Full sprint for 3 minutes! 
B- Your first love will get married to someone else, not you. 
C- Rain... adds a touch to emotional scenes. 
D- Your girlfriend/ "the one you're destined to be with" just might be that live-in maid.

The series... put bluntly:
->The better version of Heirs.
->Boys Over Flowers+Heirs+Jdrama Specialties (maybe I should make a list sometime) = this drama

Okay, let's finish this review off!
I saw Boys Over Flowers before I saw this series, so I kind of knew what was going to happen at certain scenes... but in my opinion, THIS CREW IS BETTER! I mean, did you hear this news a couple months ago? The leads were dating for 8 years!! The chemistry between all relationships are either awkward or just so perfect with reality's flows. 

GRADE: 8.7-9.3/10 
The better version of Heirs.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Challenge to Shin'ichi! (jdrama)

Genres: Mystery, Life of a High-Schooler, Comedy
12 episodes + 1 Hour Finale 

This drama is based off of the manga, Detective Conan, by Gosho Aoyama. This is part of a Complete Set! (manga, anime, drama.) I'm slowly reading the manga (ugg.. 40+ more volumes to read)... and my progress on the anime isn't that great either (I'm only on 200/600-900+ episodes).

This is the only drama series of Detective Conan, where a famed high school detective is injected by a secret organization's drug.. that turns him into a kid! Well, here's the drama's plotline:

High school detective, Kudo Shin'ichi, his childhood friend and love interest, Mouri Ran, and her dad awake to find themselves in a white room. In each episode, a white box appears and shows dates of 2010. "Reminiscing" on the case that was on the day shown, the audience is presented to a case.
Well, what to note first? The cases are like a bag of Dum Dum pops- you know what flavor you're gonna get because of the wrapping.. but then there's the Mystery flavor. The series'  cases are a choice of obvious or illusional solutions.
Oh yeah, see Kotoko' s father in Episode... 6! 
-This guy starred in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo-

The series seems to state that  solving cases like a detective also has some fun in it.. for you, at least.
 I don't know about you but, the po-po-police seem to be followers of their assistant(s)! The police seem to be presented as weaklings in dramas nowadays. And then we've got new introductions to rookies (like You're All Surrounded, which I want to see) and how a badass discovers new soft feelings , like love, which is supposedly, not s'posed to be taken lightly. 

With that sly grin, what was this woman thankful for?

The struggle of these two childhood friends is clearly visible. Shin'ichi is relatable in some love scenarios like confessing his feelings. If that's a spoiler, sorry!!!!
The acting' s not bad; I'd say it's presentable. I had problems with the actress who played Ran. I liked Ran in the anime and manga, but I couldn't really stand her acting. After all, her actions did say a little more than "Shin'ichi, I'm your childhood friend and I'm going to help. Secretly, you've been played by my hand."

If you're lying in a supposedly near-dead state, why waste jaw, cheek, and face muscles just to say a couple lines?? Again, I just had problems with the drama' s take on Ran' s character.

Well, at least she died happily. 
IF she did.
 With the outer storyline of "a fan locked me up in a white room to look back," the only source of suspense is when you feel more excited when they're one step closer to something. The ending was tense, but I kind of wanted an eviler guy. X)

An outer story with greater focus on the detective work. The acting is just as decent and acting seems to lack immersiveness and reality. It feels like a practice. 

Just  be there for the cases 
grade: 7.4/10

Friday, July 4, 2014

No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35

No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35
11 episodes (The Finale, Episode 11, is 1.5 hours.. the rest is ~45 minutes in duration)
Genres. Tragedy, High School, Friendship
2013 NTV

(Our Doctor-X lady!) Ryoko Yunekura
>Detective Conan« Junpei Mizobata
Hiroki Aiba
(Sweet and cute counselor! xx) Nana Katase
Kento Yamazaki 
And more people!! Yay4u!

This is a drama that sets off all those human feelings of ours: heartbreak , realization, isolation, anger, etc. That's what I loved about the series... 

About:: A 35-year-old woman enters high school grounds and claims to be Class 3-A's student. But she's there for a reason... shaping victims of harassment and bullying because of a school caste system, is Baba Ayako just here to reduce bullying like the staff members? Well, she's not the only new settler... a teacher was transferred to Kunikida High, but dreads the job and is willing to do anything to go back to his old school. While Baba is spending this year in a high school, is someone out to make this the worst year possible for Baba or the class?