Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tie The Knot: Finally!

70 Episodes
40 minutes each

No, no, I didn't get married (perhaps, a future milestone?) ! May is ending and I have checked off "Finish/ Watch a Series to Honor Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month!" I rewatched and updated My Love From The Star post . The other Asian Drama is tonight's post, Tie The Knot. Ouch, what a downfall.

An infertile woman has a tube baby to be a mother and experience the wondrous life. Cheryl Yang plays as a hard-working wedding planner whose boss moves in as her next-door apartment neighbor AND harbors feelings for her. She even gains attention from an award-winning designer who holds on to his mother's spirit. 

The comedy of the two men competing for a smile, physical contact, etc is scattered throughout the first twenty episodes. So, the show begins quite decently  . Good!
Family. Oh, yeah, they're everywhere. From a disapproving mum to a hatred for a father, family affairs were boiling for extensive periods. It is not until the final thirty eps where these are resolved and brings the in-laws and the groom or the daughter and father on better footing.

I'd say that this show is very family-friendly, but there are occasional beer bottles and, in a select few, "sexual misinterpretations." Haha, the '"fhreesome'" idea was assumed so pathetically by our self-occupied woman. One of the things that pestered me. To continue this point, in reality, can a woman truly be obligated to two romantic interests? And in the end, having to choose only one? Even though I'm not in a relationship now, I have felt that this scenario is too limited, especially considering that 'love' is highly international. Why, at times, I hoped that she would ditch everything and marry a stranger that hasn't introduced himself once!

I did mention "tube baby," right? Li Xiao Mei went to New York and got a sperm donor, gave birth, and then removed her uterus. She has only one child, the sugar-loving Hao Hao. You wanna know who runs Xiao Mei's ballot? This kid. Argh. If you couldn't stand her for the first fifteen or so eps, just stop or skip to the [pretty obvious] finale, which is debatable depending on which man you wanted Xiao Mei to be with. So mad at this ending ~~

All in all, it's not Xiao Mei's happiness that is "beautiful," it is the other wedding team romances that are more appealing and a hand more realistic.

Grade: 4.7 
I've learned that the workplace is a vulnerable environment for a little fling . . 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Arrested Development : Season One

22 eps
Family | Comedy

A man of a wealthy family finds himself taking charge of his dysfunctional family after their father is arrested. Along the way, he learns to not only care for his family, but his own son. 

Named one of the funniest shows on many lists, I'm betting that this is not due to the opening season. With zany characters and the troubling repetitive storyline of Disney channel's "this is what happens when you are being bold and risking... something" scenarios.

This season travels on a very turbulent road of humor. Not recommended to kill time - I mean, I did waste time binging on Arrested Development, but it seems to have evaded my expectations. 

If you thought that adults live harsh lifestyles, it's mentally strenuous from romance and other complex emotions. As for the teenage sons and daughters (and adopted kid!) , these children are only facing a Level Two adult life. From George Michael's questionable feelings for his cousin to Anhyong's threats to newly older brother, Buster, I love watching these kids. They've become the sole reason that I'm watching Arrested Development. All are just so adorable. 

In short, same conflict per set of episodes and the comedy is very unstable. 

Speaking of unstable, depression, boredom, and schizophrenia come and go . At least in my case. It's peculiar that one day, you want to go up to a stranger and give them your number to daydreaming about murder, only to realize that kitchen knives are not going to pierce into the flesh so brutesquely. 
Anywho, I got an opportunity to watch Asian dramas again, so I'm feeling quite accomplished. 
Amy Poehler harmonizes musically!
Grade: 6.2
We are currently anticipating a *way* better season 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Family Guy:: Season 2

21 Episodes
Aired: 1999 FOX

Can I say something? Full. Length. Songs. Ah, I absolutely love Family Guy's ability to pin a vast variety of musical styles. Who doesn't enjoy the theme song?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 1 ~

10 Episodes - 55- 60 minutes each
Fantasy | Adventure

Learn why everyone hates Joffrey, witness numerous beheadings, and feast your eyes on boobs. Let's get to it --

For starters, this scandalous with nude shots begins with a series, George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice. Set to end with its seventh and final installment in 2020s, I am currently waiting for my ebook that is first on a wait list. I did grab a physical copy, but found that my hands, no my palm, strained after reading the first forty pages. Even though I am a musician, this should be ironic or hilarious in a way. I was able to sample the first volume and I am, for once, grateful for alternating perspectives.
Buy, Borrow, or Cheat the System, if you are going to be that extreme.
I legally borrow my ebooks from
I can't wait to finish reading the first volume. How about the first HBO season? Ah, I love the cast, but the characters... everyone has struggled to find someone to stay loyal to, as a viewer. I faced this struggle, as well.
Joffrey Lannister - Malfoy equivalent? 
Aside from adult actors, there are several children of the Seven Kingdoms. Adorable (and later on became pretty pubescent) , these kids really inspire. From Sansa pleading affection to Bran accidentally witnessing an affair, I'd say they are the most realistic characters in the show. Okay, scratch that, everyone is relatable.

The series hasn't promised a high production value (that's what exclusive channels seem to promise, no?) Yet, the layering storylines and underlying plots in each episode promises such an eventful day that you must try to fulfill that curiosity inside you. It's not necessary , but this also determines if you are going to continue the episode or move on. I didn't do this yet but promise me this:: don't you dare read the episode synopsis beforehand, nor read the Wikia before delving into the series. 

There are several internet animal-community worthy creatures like the rapid-growing Direwolf. And finally, something to complain about: random twist of magic and MAIN. CHARACTER. DEATH(s). I was surprised that I didn't shed any tears during the beheadings. Actually, I just cupped my mouth and stared.

There are somewhat frightening scenes and nudes. In addition, there is a theme song and opening animation!

Grade: 7.8

Monday, May 11, 2015

Community Season Five

13 Episodes
Somewhat Comedic

Monday, Monday!
The typical day of shamelessness for many young students. It's hard to believe that every month has only two to four Mondays. Anyway, May is Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage month, so I am trying to finish watching a Japanese drama series , as well as the fantasy anime, Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). 

Everyone who's seen Community from the pilot has shunned Seasons Two and Three. Well, good news now! Dan Harmon is back on the board and has aired the first half of the (perhaps) final sixth season. Having finished Season Five, I'm almost there and I can be proud for the study group - Annie's got her vocabulary and sass back! 

Subway returns (not that brainwashed romantic). Rachel returns, only to her dismay. And finally, two people are leaving the study group?? 

Community has been roller-coastering its comedy content and Five isn't the apex. With a decent amount of satire and scattered pop culture references, the season picks up its story. Bonus, if you did happen to enjoy the third and fourth season, the storylines are mentioned generously. 

Has anyone been DYING for a developing character? Jeff has grabbed my attention this season... as a person. So, he's the leader and has a big ego. Now, as a thirtysome, he knows what to do with his life now. Sounds great, huh? I don't know which friends are more difficult to recede from: high school or college. I've heard many folks answer , "college." Jeff faces such struggles which inspires me to think about my friends and even thinking of ways to stay connected, at least. Makes me wonder , Jeff:: why can't your group communicate? I know that that's not the main focus, but why not? 

Not a whole lot of laughs , but the storylines are the series' best , thus far. 

Grade:: 8.3

Friday, May 8, 2015

Faking It : Season One

8 Episodes
School | Romance

It's a girl thing, you know? 
It's not cool to be not popular. . 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman -- S1

21 Episodes

I can still recall a collection of Lois and Clark episodes from viewing them on the Hub Network. It was one of my favorite TV networks of the eleven-year-old me who finally got to enjoy television - from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes each week to Alf (the puppet always gives me nausea from its previews), the Hub was a place for truly anyone. But now that it's gone, I've missed the channel a whole lot. "Lois and Clark" may as well be considered the pilot of my watching experience. 

Suitcases are commonly associated with relocating or finding a new life. The incognito superhero identity, Clark Kent, moves from Smallville, Kansas to the big city of Metropolis. In the beginning, Kent is searching for a place to settle . In the end, he may be rethinking about his new life as a reporter for The Daily Planet.

Most of the world knows Superman's story - a seemingly-ordinary man with superhuman powers goes incognito among a big city. In Lois and Clark, the focus is aiming to put a light on the blooming romance between Clark and his partner, Lois Lane. The script isn't written in a mediocre manner, but it is straightforward and briefly humorous.

Nowadays, stubborn feminist characters are all the rage. Lois Lane is an example of such - even for a late 90s show, Let me tell you something about Lois: she will dive as deeply as she needs to.. just to scoop out the whole story. Also, she may have this huge ego and lacks a love life (just how could she say "yes" to this jerk of an ass?
Lois and Clark does bring up very relevant topics of a partnership and that of a relationship. I love watching the two have different feelings for each other and stirs up a pot of worry as a viewer. 
I worry that Clark will be afraid to be rejected by Lois or that he may have been blindly falling for her since Day One and I worry about Lois' inability to scoop out potential lovers' lives (like the ass, Lex Luthor) 

The show is a great family show except for a couple kissing scenes and a few "sex scenes." 
If you want a taste of the 90s to early 2000s, give this series a try . There is no one to diss upon, but
you may need to hand out some nicknames for a few introduced characters. 

I've heard that the second season will focus on the romance of Lois and Clark, so if you're just curious about that, feel free to skip the first season. 

Grade: 7.4/10

Friday, May 1, 2015

Community Season 3 & 4

Season 3 : 22 EpisodesSeason 4 : 13 Episodes

Oh noes, we're overdue ~ but...
нαρρу мαу!

I call it "Tree"

May -- a month of a new start and beginning positive habits. Lately, I've been practicing music more often and... a new morning routine?? Yes, yes, that story will be told very soon. I encourage all people who live in a place where May exists and do any task that you've lazed off for a few weeks or yaps at you whenever you pass by a shelf of books realizing that it's been a month since the last finished novel of The Great Gatsby.

Now, the morning story. I don't know if it's because I'm sleeping hours earlier or it's bedtime after brushing, but my sleeping habits have descended into a meticulous schedule. So, after going to bed at about 8:30 or 9:45 P.M., it's wakey-wakey at 1 or 2:26 in the morn. Then, I sleep on the couch in a squishy comforter for two more hours and wake up again at 4:30. From there, either hygenic or musical practice or TV watching in the morning ~~ (Troy and Abed in the MORNING)

Community Season 3 ends Dan Harmon's directing streak of the Emmy award-winner. Season 4 is therefore, directed by somebody elses. 

Crazy life at Greendale -- most with conspirators behind them. Jeff tries to rush his graduation.

First, 3 before 4.

Pillows or blanket forts? What a question - Season 3 takes the gang's crazy-enough? life to.. The. Next. Level. Of comedy and in-san-i-ty. Chang becomes emperor, Annie meets an Asian version of her, and Shirley is getting re-married.

Everyone is insane --- Annie, Shirley, Abed, Jeff, Troy, Pierce (jokingly), and even Britta. The dean has hushed his cross-dressing habits and guess which figure of authority has risen? The vice-dean from the AC Annex.

The references are mostly film (what is up with Abed's obsession with Die Hard?) and very 90s or 00s. So glad because I finally understand the allusions! Community at its damn finest peak. Because of Chang and his little boy army ... kiyaaaaaa

Break.. how much can a show fall with a different showrunner? Answer: a deep fall. In Season 4, the effort was either less than decent or completely out of their heads. Sure, a Hunger Games parody was great, as well as a Muppets sketch, and another documentary? Abed sure is busy in his years.
The aspect has lost the heart of the college.

It's May and my mind is so cluttered and empty at the same time.

Pillow or blanket forts? You decide , kid.

Season 3: 8.3/10
Season 4: 6.4/10