Friday, May 1, 2015

Community Season 3 & 4

Season 3 : 22 EpisodesSeason 4 : 13 Episodes

Oh noes, we're overdue ~ but...
нαρρу мαу!

I call it "Tree"

May -- a month of a new start and beginning positive habits. Lately, I've been practicing music more often and... a new morning routine?? Yes, yes, that story will be told very soon. I encourage all people who live in a place where May exists and do any task that you've lazed off for a few weeks or yaps at you whenever you pass by a shelf of books realizing that it's been a month since the last finished novel of The Great Gatsby.

Now, the morning story. I don't know if it's because I'm sleeping hours earlier or it's bedtime after brushing, but my sleeping habits have descended into a meticulous schedule. So, after going to bed at about 8:30 or 9:45 P.M., it's wakey-wakey at 1 or 2:26 in the morn. Then, I sleep on the couch in a squishy comforter for two more hours and wake up again at 4:30. From there, either hygenic or musical practice or TV watching in the morning ~~ (Troy and Abed in the MORNING)

Community Season 3 ends Dan Harmon's directing streak of the Emmy award-winner. Season 4 is therefore, directed by somebody elses. 

Crazy life at Greendale -- most with conspirators behind them. Jeff tries to rush his graduation.

First, 3 before 4.

Pillows or blanket forts? What a question - Season 3 takes the gang's crazy-enough? life to.. The. Next. Level. Of comedy and in-san-i-ty. Chang becomes emperor, Annie meets an Asian version of her, and Shirley is getting re-married.

Everyone is insane --- Annie, Shirley, Abed, Jeff, Troy, Pierce (jokingly), and even Britta. The dean has hushed his cross-dressing habits and guess which figure of authority has risen? The vice-dean from the AC Annex.

The references are mostly film (what is up with Abed's obsession with Die Hard?) and very 90s or 00s. So glad because I finally understand the allusions! Community at its damn finest peak. Because of Chang and his little boy army ... kiyaaaaaa

Break.. how much can a show fall with a different showrunner? Answer: a deep fall. In Season 4, the effort was either less than decent or completely out of their heads. Sure, a Hunger Games parody was great, as well as a Muppets sketch, and another documentary? Abed sure is busy in his years.
The aspect has lost the heart of the college.

It's May and my mind is so cluttered and empty at the same time.

Pillow or blanket forts? You decide , kid.

Season 3: 8.3/10
Season 4: 6.4/10