Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Family Guy and The Simpsons :: Season One

Family Guy: 7 Episodes ||| The Simpsons : 13 Episodes

Hi, there .. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pretty Little Liars Season Five : Worst Cliffhanger Finale??

25 Episodes
Realistic || Mystery-Suspense

Well, thanks to the producers who have fooled us again!

(with their ability to bluff, I mean) As so, I am now considering to watch Veronica Mars for the sake of something better than waiting for a menace who has been tirelessly boring the color out of me ((when you look at your own skin and wonder if something's up with the lighting- am I tan? Or did I get tanned?)

Who remembers Captain/Lt./Whatever Tanner? She is an exceptional example of putting your nose in someone else's business. Not a detective, but a supposedly empathetic mind, Tanner makes everyone run away from the police department. So damn scary..

In Season Five, it's all about shady business from Mike Montgomery to a three-line anagram that, lo and behold, described 'A' who is someone that is truly from an idea that isn't outside the box, but closer to someone's family tree.

Okay, shady business. Check. 

++Minor or Major Spoiler++
How significant was Ali's disappearance or death to the Liars? 
A lie.
She's alive and returns! 
Favorite Finale Moment

The DiLaurentises have complex morals that typical families just don't face. Sadly, one of them is A. Oopsie X)

Slow, slow, and quite a drag,
Loyalty, trust, and obviously, secrecy, are morals that viewers can learn from -
You don't have to trust a pretty girl, but keep some of your own secrets
_dirty or not.

Of course half or all of the most interesting characters left Rosewood -
Jenna, CeCe, Noel (where the HELL is he?) ..


5.5-6.3  ·°°°°°°°°°°· Feeling guilty, oh dear..

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Community Season One

25 Episodes. -19-22 mins each

A Spanish study group at Greendale Community College. The founder, suspended lawyer, 
Jeff Winger, tries to finish a degree, yet he ends up in the immature lives of his newfound friends. 

Community is in its final season in 2015 , so I made it a to-do to catch up to Season Six . 

The Pilot has shown the prominent capabilities of the show from a well-cast group to an opening song and Abed's many allusions . 
Don't dare to watch only one episode and wait until tomorrow. It's just not right! 

If you like Seasons Four through (perhaps) Eight of Friends, then you will definitely enjoy Community. In my opinion, the humor is spontaneously perfectly-timed in their lives. Who knew that paintball could be such

A tense sport??

These characters are very human-relatable. Scandalous intimacy, lying, bargaining, even going to extreme lengths to defend yourself
or to show that you're probably "not a buzzkill." 

With a diverse cast of an Asian Spanish teacher, an Indian geek, a couple blacks in the group (sorry, Troy!), and the blonde, there is someone to connect with on the show. 

I can't help but think of the Mane Six, humour from Friends, and Modern Family format. Community's equation right there. 

Every member of the group has different personalities and there are 
Three males, three females. 

Simply dashing for enjoyment and humorous entertainment, Community is an 


Enjoy, Darlings +~+

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Before any questions rise about SWEATPANTS (which are snuggly cozy, by the way), here is Archer: Season One!

10 Episodes (excluding an "Unaired Pilot")
Black Comedy Thriller

At the secret spy agency, ISIS, the place is a wreck with a bizarre, contrasting staff . All the while, Archer Sterling brings to you a complex man of immaturity. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bob's Burgers Season One

1 3 eps. || 21 mins each 
Family Humour 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reign Season One

22 Eps
Historical Fiction (apparently criticised as more fiction than truth, or even more honest, a historical fantasy)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenna, Lola, Aylee, Mary, and Greer
Mary , Queen of Scotland is off to wed the next King of France., yet with a prophecy that blames Mary for the King 's death unto marriage, prevents a wedding and makes Scotland or somebody more vulnerable for something. Set in the 1500s, the only accurate thing may just be the castes and the attire. 

It's been half a year since I watched half of Gossip Girl Season One. Strangely appealing to watch, Reign has a similar atmosphere with better actors. Mary, played by Teen Wolf's Adelaide Kane, is a girl that anybody would fall in love with- wild , beautiful (she looks like Anne Hathaway most of the time.. at least to me !) , smart, and powerful. For most of the season, Queen Mary schemes to help loved ones , but then gets drastically worried after somebody leaves and returns, as well as the death of a friend.

Is anybody relatable? Perhaps Mary's ladies. They all have different live life preferences that are quite enjoyable or adorable . It bothers me that these five ladies always gather and discuss Mary's struggles as she wonders of she should complete an alliance with France, as well as her own stress with a [side story] love triangle that hasn't gotten steamy yet.

Bash and Mary
Leith and Greer
Mary's not the main spotlight - the episodes pan around many sides of the kingdom from the bedchambers of the king to a girl living in the shadows of the castle, there's got to be someone's life that you'll be interested in viewing.

The fashioned dresses and loose shirts are a detail that the producers have obviously sought out precision. When someone's undressing, anyone but Kenna, there's a corset or nude undergarment. There is one moment of an attempted murder with a dress that makes one feverish that leads to collapsing. I'm not sure if this has been a method in ye olde Times, but if it was, --cool ~

 What bothered me was the lack of sex, but oh well, guess royals really are quite busy. Another annoyance was perhaps Mary's quick decision to wed her fiancee who had just returned over the bastard-born freespirit (hint:: Bash!)
Don't question the animated pic. Still working on my skills!

No one to despise yet, but nearly every episode is action-packed, or at least, somewhat of a tense environment.

Grade : 7.8/10 
Downfall of Excitement for show: Episodes 18-20

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

South Park Season 3

17 Episodes
Aired: 1999 Comedy Central

Every week is all about South Park?! Just a heads-up, I have also started watching the historical CW drama, "Reign." Season One, for a start. It feels oddly like Gossip Girl, but it is so much more compelling. Stay tuned for that post~~