Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reign Season One

22 Eps
Historical Fiction (apparently criticised as more fiction than truth, or even more honest, a historical fantasy)
LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenna, Lola, Aylee, Mary, and Greer
Mary , Queen of Scotland is off to wed the next King of France., yet with a prophecy that blames Mary for the King 's death unto marriage, prevents a wedding and makes Scotland or somebody more vulnerable for something. Set in the 1500s, the only accurate thing may just be the castes and the attire. 

It's been half a year since I watched half of Gossip Girl Season One. Strangely appealing to watch, Reign has a similar atmosphere with better actors. Mary, played by Teen Wolf's Adelaide Kane, is a girl that anybody would fall in love with- wild , beautiful (she looks like Anne Hathaway most of the time.. at least to me !) , smart, and powerful. For most of the season, Queen Mary schemes to help loved ones , but then gets drastically worried after somebody leaves and returns, as well as the death of a friend.

Is anybody relatable? Perhaps Mary's ladies. They all have different live life preferences that are quite enjoyable or adorable . It bothers me that these five ladies always gather and discuss Mary's struggles as she wonders of she should complete an alliance with France, as well as her own stress with a [side story] love triangle that hasn't gotten steamy yet.

Bash and Mary
Leith and Greer
Mary's not the main spotlight - the episodes pan around many sides of the kingdom from the bedchambers of the king to a girl living in the shadows of the castle, there's got to be someone's life that you'll be interested in viewing.

The fashioned dresses and loose shirts are a detail that the producers have obviously sought out precision. When someone's undressing, anyone but Kenna, there's a corset or nude undergarment. There is one moment of an attempted murder with a dress that makes one feverish that leads to collapsing. I'm not sure if this has been a method in ye olde Times, but if it was, --cool ~

 What bothered me was the lack of sex, but oh well, guess royals really are quite busy. Another annoyance was perhaps Mary's quick decision to wed her fiancee who had just returned over the bastard-born freespirit (hint:: Bash!)
Don't question the animated pic. Still working on my skills!

No one to despise yet, but nearly every episode is action-packed, or at least, somewhat of a tense environment.

Grade : 7.8/10 
Downfall of Excitement for show: Episodes 18-20