Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

13 Episodes
20 mins duration 

I've never played the CD-ROM game, but the show is a great adventure already. Hop around (mostly in Europe) and stop Carmen's heists.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bored to Death :: Season One

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8 Episodes
20 mins each

This title caught my eye on a list. . .

Jonathan Ames (funny thing is, he doesn't play as Himself) is due a second novel, but after his recent break-up, he lives his past life as an alcoholic pot-lover. And also, because of this writer's block, he decide to moonlight as an unlicensed detective on Craigslist. 

The script isn't big on its vocabulary, but the characters are so lively that YOU GOTTA LOVE 'EM. Jonathan Ames is puny (above), George Christopher is handsome for his white hair and hits on all women, and Ray's... well, Zach Galifianakis.
On this planet, there is definitely a little community of tempted drinkers and an even smaller community of pot people. But you wanna know which population has united all ethnicities? The lovebirds. Sex is universal, as well as the break-up between a man and a woman (or in the unnecessary, between a boy and a girl). We've seen shows of a break-up from a girl's perspective so many times that this little man breaks these barriers. With distractions all around him ,Ames throws interest into his life and for viewers, a life that you kinda want. 
There is an animated sequence. Choosing to dedicate yourself to detectiveship is either because of great deductive skills or idolizing another detective. For once, the Pilot of a show has shown importance to the rest of the season. In Bored to Death: Pilot, after his ex, Suzanne, leaves (she takes the shelves with her..) , Ames finds a copy of Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. And this partakes with the Craigslist thing. Back to the sequence, the book's words transition into the cast, a vehicle of New York, etc. It may provide to be inspiration for animation classes. I thought this, too. 

Most people have heard of public pranks. Some are in YouTube and features several known and... barely any in public for the public. Ames starts off his detectiveship by following and following... I'd say he's a decent one. Just know that you shouldn't focus on his moonlighting, but rather, on his personal life from going shopping with Christopher, wrestle training, and even meeting his next girl? 


Friday, June 19, 2015

Hentai Spree: The Third Entry

For the past couple of months, I was able to stave off of hentai and porn, but now that summer has kicked in tons of hours......

Guilty as charged again!

Hentai Cliches: Part Two is a work in progress.. I just love how I have readers that reads everything and then I have a little Hentai community here. Thank you, everyone... we're all similar folk here

Today, or tonight rather, I'm going to discuss some hentai series that I've seen in a session and will include snappy thoughts , as well as ratings.

I tried to watch a variety of hentais because everyone knows that hentai has framed numerous cliches and copies storylines and sex positions. I hope that you will find something to watch whether it be an h-anime or another TV series on the blog. Let's get to it--
This is the order in which I spreed through the night...

1) Dekakute Ecchi na Ore no Ane  4.3 , 2 OVAS
Brother, we have an unknown disease and, to cool down this heat, WE NEED YOUR SPERM

2) G-Spot Express 6.8 , 2 OVAS
TV "lady," my ass. Gropers on a train.

3) Nee Summer! 7.4 , 2 OVAS
A brother and sister begin a passionate incestuous relationship after the sister teases him about his "perverted self."

4) Mesu Kyoushi Injoku No Kyoushitsu 7.8, 2 OVAS 

One kid is the mastermind rapist... doing it all under an unexpected motive.

5) Itadaki! Seikeki 8, 1 OVA
HOTTEST GANGBANG EVER..  includes comedy

Whoo,  my eyes feel  stung by fatigue.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Secret Diary of a Call Girl : First Brit Show

How many industries are invested in aesthetics?

Have you given thought to the prostitutes and call girls?
Most of you already know that in Dramaland, I don't stick to just one language.

Which countries have I seen productions of?

·United States
· South Korea

Adding to this little list is the Showtime series, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Out and about in London!

8 Episodes
21 mins each
Prostitution | Life

By day, and to friends and family, this pretty lassie is 'Hannah.' Her occupation is a Call Girl named Belle, who claims that her lives are properly separate.

The series is based off a book ,  The Intimate Adventures of a London call girl. I haven't read the book , but it's on my to-read shelf.

The show... it provides a viewpoint that many shows have never highlighted. Game of Thrones and others have the whores and strippers at the occasional bachelor[ette] party. The idea of dressing like vixens draws questions of the purpose and the business itself. Does the person enjoy doing this activity? Is (s)he doing this only for the money?

Belle enjoys her work. She loves sex and being in complete control of her financial accumulations, but her friendship with her only friend, her best friend, Ben, falls silent after he discovers her second life.

Oh my stars, the sexual tension between these two... that IS going to happen next season, no?

Belle is a mademoiselle who really knows her area of expertise. I don't know what awards the show received or was nominated for, but I would totally expect a win for Best Hot and Heavy Depictions.
Who wants to see some buttocks?

Aiyo, I'm bored and don't wanna say more.

Shaky camera work, suave French-style background music, and Belle's work.


Younger - Season One

12 Episodes
20 Mins Each!
Romance, Comedy
**TVLand has released news about Season 2 ~~

"Isn't life just one big confidence game?"

Modern tales of long-term fake identities and disguises already appeal to an audience ...

Liza Miller is a divorced single mother who's ready to get back to working in the literature world. Entering a world of social media 20somethings, this 40-year-old decides to play as a tall, 26-year-old, under the advice of her friend. 

Sutton Foster, who portrays Liza, is 40 IRL. So, this must have been great times for someone who could actually live out this life. It's like an experiment that's filmed. Abed would be proud for this 'mocukmentary.'

Foster is a lovely lady with height and kind, almond eyes. Her character has a hipster-in-NY wardrobe, as well as the occasional date-night dresses because she's got friends who keep setting her up with other divorcees. Anyway, this Dartmouth woman has a quick tongue and uses her recent going-ons-in-life to pull off plausible excuses. One reason to have a daughter studying abroad...

Taking the phrase "a 20-year-old in a 40-year-old body" to reality, Liza adapts to tweeting, Craigslist, and shots! shots! shots! Speaking of, everyone knows that bars are a social frenzy. In the pilot, Liza and her oldest lesbian friend, Maggie, go to a bar after the 40-year-old identity fails to find a job in a day. There, His Royal Cuteness laughs at her shoe-waving tactic to get the bartender's attention.
Relationships with such a vast age difference is known to be a turnoff, but these two look so ahdorable together.

Charismatic characters with an abundance of wit and the crazy questionable things we do for attention (#ToplessTuesday ??) , this show is entertaining every rolling second. 
Also included: the intimate, match-in-heaven couple of Liza and Josh  (JIZA)

Another power couple? The affair of an editor (played by Hilary Duff!) and Swedish author guy...

Goodness, foreigners sure love making great use of any time they've got.

The series is based off the book, "Younger" by Pamela Redmond Satran
I read a sample and the show nails Liza's personality from the book and if she were a real person..

grade: 7.4
The finale leaves all of us viewers content with what we saw in Season One. 
And that leaves us being not so greedy for Season Two. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Community : Six Seasons Done!

The past few weeks marked the days after my eighth grade year. In a few more months, this little fish is going to high school as a freshman. It's too bad I'm not so hyped like I should be. Why become so hectic after weeks of reading, writing, working, etc? I'm not a control freak, so I believe that I'm gonna stand firmly on my emotions and just go with the flow . 

**Shout outs to incoming freshmen of high schools and university levels! 

Has it tempted me to attend a few years at a community college? I hope to take on that challenge someday. 

From Day One, Community has promoted the hashtag, #SixSeasonsandaMovie . It is a great accomplishment when anybody reaches their goals, but bonus points for long-term mindsets. 

13 Episodes
Produced and Re-Aired by Yahoo! 

27-40 minutes each

Shirley, Pierce, and Troy have left the nest , but the fun doesn't stop until the arrival of CFO, Frankie, who has banned alcohol, among a listful of items, on campus. 

This season definitely forced the remaining group members to stick to similar beliefs and this proves to be beneficial for everyone's previous persona. Annie values her friends and sticks up for Chang, Britta and Subway or whatever his new salesman name is, and Abed finds himself working for the dark side (Frankie).

Originally, the comedians were Dean Palton and the gang, but minor characters, like Garrett and Leonard, get a bit more talking time. Garrett and his incestuous wedding ((blushing inside))...

Aside from the sudden appreciation of each other, Abed seems to have his spotlight this season. From several montages to being willing to be Arnold Benedict for Frankie. Unfortunate ly, everyone has seemed to easily persuade him. Hmm, people change, right?

It may be the final season, so take in the goodness that Yahoo! returns to the small screen. 
The Finale kind of makes me regret watching the series. Abed, your Season Seven pitch of the characters' personalities makes everybody on the show more cliche than they were before!! But, he does bring up a point...

Grade: 7.7-8.2 

I'll close with my opinion of six seasons. I think it's enough. The originality and joy of the show has diminished and I fear that the show would lose everything that it has worked up all of its viewers. A movie? I want to allude the  "Veronica Mars Movie" into this, but I haven't seen anything.. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Master's Sun

17 Episodes
One hour, four minutes duration 
Romance ((PICK YOUR SHIP--s--)) | Comedy | Horror
2013 SBS

 Oh my, what a great love story. Well, for once, I actually *love* all the characters of a kdrama. Finally - it's been on my Asian Drama Scavenger Hunt for some time-- lol ^^

Tae Gong Sil had an accident three years ago and, awakes from a coma, to find herself with the ability to see ghosts . While this sounds like an amazing ability, Gong Sil is like a cat and finds her "shelter" in the arms of (heartless) and money-obsessed  Kingdom Mall CEO , Joo Joong Won. 

This is a Hong Sisters production and received awards for script, acting, and best storyline , somewhere along those lines. The messages that each line delivers has inspired me to consider pursuing a small repertoire of rough scripts. It's a dream to direct -- maybe if I start working soon, I'll post the script as a weekly series. . . Hmm 

The script grows into the work of two lovers and makes you eager to see ghosts or find a great relationship in a Mr. CEO of today's world. 
The characters are quite personally insecure about their pasts and the camera work runs each episode like a movie. 
A teary movie about life 

Gong Sil may seem enormously afraid of ghosts and all, but she is definitely a feminist figure with a wise mouth and persistent personality. 
She doesn't push around to get what she wants (she doesn't have many desires - shrug -) , but she doesn't stand around, flirting with everyone like many kdrama clones. 
Do you believe in hope? I pronounce Gong Sil as a living beacon. 
A three-year coma, being able to have [an envious] love life with handsome men, and seeing ghosts. 
Bravo, bravo

 Alongside from romance, there's MILD horror and heaps of laughs... and twins - the Alison DiLaurentis kind .

Firstly, horror. Has something ever been waved in your face, at an unsuspecting time, that you yelped or reacted horribly? If you're brave, watch the first episode and watch how you react to the ghosts that Gong Sil sees. Did you enjoy the thrill of chills or no?

Mr. CEO 's hand gestures provide some entertainment and guess who's the jester here? Leading lady !!

Who doubts the love between a wealthy businessman and a woman from off the streets? Mr. CEO has a job for Gong Sil and it's not to be a lover. His flashbacks to his teenage self remind him to retrieve his dead mum's necklace that's worth 10 billion Won.. and his first love has to know where it is, but there's a twist that may fire the CEO 's Secretary Kim.

Grade: 8.4 
  A watch-if-you-can suggestion for all kdrama and Asian Drama
  A lovely OST of kpop love songs and simple dynamic piano suspense...
L (Myungsoo from Kpop group, Infinite) is young Mr. CEO

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Modern Farmer

20 Episodes
Comedy | Life 
2014 SBS
Hardcore Dramatic Acting , beware 

A million-dollar debt leads Min Ki to drag his bandmates of Excellent Souls into rural living. If you degrade the country life, this drama is definitely going to transform your thoughts. 

Who's tired of duplicated kdramas? Raising. Arm. 

We are all in luck as Modern Farmer is hilariously crafted into a very realistic depiction of the hardships of life. That being said, the catch of the series is that "Life is like growing cabbages." 
  From first love to financial woes to thievery, the four young men appeals to a vastly age audience. The storyline incorporates the queer business of growing cabbages which could represent the questions that stirs much confusion about life. Why must we live in one manner? Is etiquette an option for everyone? To answer, I will stand on former Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, and his quote, "What we call 'public opinion' is generally public sentiment." The world is run by intellectuals that has a kingdom of millions of average folks. Is it harsh enough that humans are becoming more selective than nature? Under what circumstances will humans depend upon an innovative plan of, I don't know, positive anarchy or a place of greater power of the people? 

Wow, I have never asked myself so many things. I guess I am becoming more philosophical by the days! How many optimistic people do you know? Modern Farmer presents to you the dominion of insistent , stubborn civilians over despairing, panicked men. What's funny is that Min Ki and his friends are all optimists and is a rare group of cooperative men. Even if there is a an argument, their lives are in good-hearted men. They're all romantics... Well, except for Ki Joon , who has a severe case of denying a romantic  relationship. A girl can forgive her boy crush if he gives her and another male acquaintance a mask of noodles, right? Aigoo, Ki Joon.. you have taken imagination to a high level of "Ohigod, I just did that." Crazy avatars -- shrug--

Family affairs tie in and may provide a scenario for single parents and the fact that their son or daughter may not know their mother or father. I'm not a huge fan of staying true to the clan, but aish! these family matters make me teary-eyed. HOW DARE YOU LET GRANDPA'S CHOCOLATE BAR FALL TO THE GROUND!!!

She's the mom from either My Love From the Star or
that crossdressing musical series ft. Park Shin Hye 
A reunion of familiar actors, actresses, such as former Miss Korea, Honey Lee. ((She insults herself, haha, it's funny for her tough woman character). Cackling skits and misunderstandings.. finally, a comedy that is comedy!

7.4 - 8.4
The ending ... 
Did not see the failure of a musical debut.. pitied , once again