Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bored to Death :: Season One

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8 Episodes
20 mins each

This title caught my eye on a list. . .

Jonathan Ames (funny thing is, he doesn't play as Himself) is due a second novel, but after his recent break-up, he lives his past life as an alcoholic pot-lover. And also, because of this writer's block, he decide to moonlight as an unlicensed detective on Craigslist. 

The script isn't big on its vocabulary, but the characters are so lively that YOU GOTTA LOVE 'EM. Jonathan Ames is puny (above), George Christopher is handsome for his white hair and hits on all women, and Ray's... well, Zach Galifianakis.
On this planet, there is definitely a little community of tempted drinkers and an even smaller community of pot people. But you wanna know which population has united all ethnicities? The lovebirds. Sex is universal, as well as the break-up between a man and a woman (or in the unnecessary, between a boy and a girl). We've seen shows of a break-up from a girl's perspective so many times that this little man breaks these barriers. With distractions all around him ,Ames throws interest into his life and for viewers, a life that you kinda want. 
There is an animated sequence. Choosing to dedicate yourself to detectiveship is either because of great deductive skills or idolizing another detective. For once, the Pilot of a show has shown importance to the rest of the season. In Bored to Death: Pilot, after his ex, Suzanne, leaves (she takes the shelves with her..) , Ames finds a copy of Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. And this partakes with the Craigslist thing. Back to the sequence, the book's words transition into the cast, a vehicle of New York, etc. It may provide to be inspiration for animation classes. I thought this, too. 

Most people have heard of public pranks. Some are in YouTube and features several known and... barely any in public for the public. Ames starts off his detectiveship by following and following... I'd say he's a decent one. Just know that you shouldn't focus on his moonlighting, but rather, on his personal life from going shopping with Christopher, wrestle training, and even meeting his next girl?