Friday, April 28, 2017

Rebounding to Productivity

It's been a weary week and what's kept me breathing is the little-lived hope of carefree days in the future. For the time being, I make it my will to free up some time to be in a different dome- the outdoor realm, a serendipitous, melodious performance for myself, or being immersed in the safe haven preparatory studies for practicality. Those moments will become more frequent each day, I imagine it to be.

How to Get Back on Track
It's not about building habits. At the heart of it all is stupidly enough, willpower. 

Make a small to-do/to-not-do list. From "nap" to "4x30mins study/workout/etc. sessions." Note that not every task is going to be happening in a day. 

Change up your surroundings. Unless it's "too late" to be acquainted with anybody else, test out other people circles. Listen to a new genre of music. Dare to read that risqué mag. You can step out of your comfort zone; "the biggest risk is not taking any risk." 
Go oldschool. Wear an analog watch, read a real page-turner, go check out the new movie theatre, drive out to an amusement park with some mates. Live a little.. out in the real world. 
Monitor your health. If absorbing info from three textbooks is overwhelming, go outside, take a shower. Be careful with naps, though. Don't let a planned 20 minutes become six hours.
Drink up! An extension on caring for your body.
Time management, in the slightest. Do not fill up your calendar with something happening everyday; surprise circumstances can happen. Carry a planner or scribble down what's sure to happen today. Take note of deadlines, timeframes, and allow room for some flexibility. 
Discipline yourself. Check emails after eight o'clock? Spend a half-hour with your sibling(s)? Watch TV after finishing that scientific paper? These are not promises-these are your own rules.
Stop snoozing. Pick yourself up and walk there. 
Monthly challenges for motivation. Build your character, appearance, and don't forget, inner spirituality. 
Switch up your speaking. Ask more questions, throw in a new word, pretend to be highly knowledgeable of the sport. Easily put what you say to paper. 

Read it again. Some say that there are legends who can read the chapter once and score high marks on an assessment the following day. Oddly enough, I have yet to find a flock of such gifted folks. Seriously, read the material again. Just one more time; for once, having slept on the subject, save your cred by not missing a simple question (that was straight off the notes!!)
Swear by repetition? Sketched everyday for a summer, it was easier to imagine proportions. High weight, low reps or high reps, low work- I don't have the expertise to advise anything along those lines. Watched economics vids, gathered invaluable knowledge and expertise on the subject for a rookie. 
Breathe deeply. Especially with envelopes. I never know what my crazy aunt has got to say this time.

A short list for the time being. I don't even think I mentioned the most basic advice at all.
  Truthfully, time management does not run smoothly on a day-to-day basis for me. But I can get up and eat, unlike some bums I've witnessed. Anyway, my weekend's 50% preoccupied for academic presentations and 50% free (includes a few power naps, if that happens). Been feeling sluggish and rhinitis is kicking in! 
Take care of yourself and keep your head up,

Monday, April 24, 2017

another hentai spree- eat it up

May is around the corner and, though the days lug on, it's the high ends within the day that we tend to remember. For a Monday, finished the 2014 film, "Whiplash" for motivation, napped, had a latenight dinner... that's why I took the nap in advance.
The following are all oppai series. Still on the lookout for repping smaller chicas out there. . . Better get around to oldschool shows and songs; I've been occupying an unfamiliar shell lately..

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Slowly Reaching for It

Everything at once? That'd be quite a lifestyle...sometimes, poco a poco is the way to go.

So many months ago, I planned a bloated comparison post for a couple of medical dramas, from the East, West, and in-between. This weekend deserved to be eventful and I missed out. (Missed yesterday's NLL stream-dammit!) I said the wrong things, I've been untimely, and don't get me started on a reality check.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hentai Spree: VII

What a night out...

Friday, April 14, 2017

Masters of Sex S2

withheld a week later...
I am a sinner, who's prob'ly gonna sin again!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dizzy in Dallas

This past weekend, I went to Dallas/Fort
Worth. The trip was sightseeing envy, but being on a tight timeframe, I was unable to participate in a lot of hands-on activities. But, the trip kept me on my toes and apparently, a brighter-looking appearance, but still, dread loomed over me.

For too long a time, I've longed for a change of scenery. I found my stay in Maryland quite pleasant last year and North Carolina, keep my hopes up because I'm comin' for ya. Speaking of which, another worthy win from North Carolina for this year's March Madness tournament (yes, I watch occasionally).  Dallas is architecturally aesthetic- sophisticated and pleasing to the eye. Fort Worth city planning is adequate, but the weather in this area is never too hot.

Got an hour to finish a packet of free-response questions and outlining a review for Masters of Sex S2. No matter what time of day it is, stay hydrated and piss. I learned that I am dazed and confused often. However, I won't announce my confusion because I'd feel like a prim, uptight backseat rider. I try to uphold an image

When was I dizzy on this trip? For one, I overestimated my coordination skills when it comes to heights. I went rock-wall climbing, maybe 20 feet. My estimation skills are never up-to-par. The feeling of everything collapsing in emerged after two pulls. Yet, I kept climbing.. and began to pant and panic. I could do the splits, but I didn't dare use flexibility in my round. Eventually, I hit the buzzer. But I didn't let go, on my way down. My hands were shaking even after the harnesses were taken off.

  A gentle rainy morning on Sunday called for a reflection. So I did. Stared out the window on the charter bus, put on my hood, and put on some hiphop heartbreak songs. I put this on for a desired vibe.. soothe melancholic episodes. I have had no emotional consequences yet. I immerse myself by singing along and I imagine.. a warm embrace, an improvised road trip, fulfilling Justin Timberlake's vision in "My Love," one happiness that's been only in my dreams. Another being my 'dream birthday party' for next year or so. And that's where I go crazy- there are things that I struggle to accept as a part of reality, but do I still have time to grow? Yeah, we all do. I wept for a few minutes. It's all in my thoughts.