Friday, April 14, 2017

Masters of Sex S2

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What a nail-biting quarter for NLL's SaskRush vs. Toronto Stealth game tonight, for a first-timer. Suggested on Twitter for me, I decided to livestream it and, with a sold-out stadium.. I wanna be there. Attend a sporting event and join in the cameraderie of fellow fans. Close game 16-12, with Stealth's triple passes, approaching the front of goal, etc. strategic attempts. Now I know how to say Saskatchewan correctly. Ready to stream again on Twitter next week (4.15)!

2014 Showtime

Dr. Masters and Virginia Johnson take their sex study elsewhere, while engaging in an illicit affair themselves. Libby Masters reaches her boiling point with her husband's obsessive study and her own sexual frustration. An experimental subject copes with enhancing relationships with sex. 

Preferred Watching Sequence (PWS): 1, 2-6, 9, 10, 12
With Michelle Ashford's directional prowess, the acclaimed series presented complex, ambitious characters, sensual scenes, and a splash of gossiping. While the cameras continue to roll and focus on actors with the line, the show loses the juicy drama that surrounds Dr. Masters and his associates. It sounds logical that his controversial study took a few years to be accepted by the scientific community, but emotions run amuck this season. Adults can be reckless, too, and applause to Libby (arguably) for choosing satisfaction with her life by having made an immoral choice. (Look out, she knows, Masters!)

Now, there are fewer sex scenes than Season One because the study is under evaluation by peers. It's dormant activity, which may be one factor of Season Two losing steam halfway.
The first season had barely any African-American folks around- Coral (played by Keke Palmer), the Masters' babysitter/housemaid being the only active one on screen. However, with the study straining Virginia and Dr. Masters and once again, facing backlash from the scientific community, Masters took his business elsewhere. The black-dominated Memorial Hospital.

Alongside that, the time nears JFK's presidential inauguration, which is in 1961. Racial discrimination is highlighted; America was whitewashed where lice infestations were pointed at black Americans @Libby Masters. As it shows, something moves us all to break the walls of mere appearance. Even if it takes several years to resolve.  (JFK was the first Catholic president of the United States; he was assassinated on November 23, 1963. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a key step to achieve the Civil Rights Movement objective of reaching equality for black Americans)

Lizzy Caplan's rethoric and vocal tones were disputed criticism in the first season, but to get those curler-made curls, a finishing look takes at least six hours in the trailer! Michael Sheen speaks for the burly men who somehow get a gorgeous dame under their wing. A few accent slips, but Sheen is perfectly fit as Dr. Masters: everything (no male nudity in this series..yet?) Outstanding actor. Also, almost all the cast members are tall, but not lanky. I'll take time to appreciate those lankier characters some time.
I like this sleeve-cut.

SWEATPANTS: Masters of Sex S2
Ability to be Binged7
Theme Song/ Animation is Present8
Personalities Differ Among Characters7
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work9
Nice! There's Character Development7
Title 9
Suspense/ Surprise6

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