Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Family Guy S5

Who knew how much fun the past was?

18 Episodes
Aired: 2006 FOX

Sunday, September 27, 2015

the offices

 Ricky Gervais or Steve Carroll?
These two versions have their differences .. . .. . ..

6 Episodes (UK and US) 
Comedy Mockumentary

Slough Trading Estate and Dunder-Mifflin have hypocritical, socially awkward [regional] managers who treat their employees as either ghosts or family. 

Ricky Gervais shines with his charisma and wonderful facial expressions. Also a producer for both English versions of The Office, Gervais is a man who deserves recognition as a film leader (director is a better term, but I don't know if he ever directed any works.. perhaps). Portraying David Brent of Slough Trading Estate, his character is well-described through script and actions, as with most of the other employees in the UK version.
Here's the thing about being an American and watching the original English version:: I am greatly struggling to comprehend most of the jokes. For example, what does it mean when you call a lad a 'cock?' Is he a dick or a chicken-bird? I'm not sure. For certain, there are irrelevant jokes and a couple references to celebrities of the British culture. The jokes, the characters, and the realistic bored-depressed-frustrated attitudes are carried into the US version four years later. Between both English versions, the networks aired have obvious contrasts : censorship. Oh, you, BBC. Gore, Science, News. Damn, you got it all.

I have never seen a British comedy and I sincerely did not enjoy Gervais and his co-stars ,much to my disappointment. However, it was well-structured to bring Dunder-Mifflin to life. It's as if the White House was originally a mansion and then the War of 1812 forced a rebuilding which kept the mansion aspect, but added governmental headquarters .

My first impression was Gervais' suave voice.It didn't sound heavy or chipper. He displays an ability to be immaturely adept at vocality. From squeaky noises to sets of laughter in hysteria, the boss' voice outdoes Carroll. The only other thing that I noted was that Martin Freeman costars as Jim's equivalent.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to beat::

  • Michael Scott 
  • Dwight Schrute's quotable quotes
  • Amy Adams in "Hot Girl" 
  • The Basketball Game
  • Jim's Pranks (stapler in jello!) 
  • More screen time of more than four people 
  • Jim's commentary
  • Pam's script 
  • Attempts of feminism
  • Cutest TV Couple: 
  • The company name, Dunder-Mifflin
  • Michael Scott's hospitality with his employees
  • Mindy Kaling
  • The World's Best Boss

UK: 6.7-7.2
US: 7.5

Don't abandon your past favorites. I am extremely laidback when listening to hours of R&B and some Rap from classics like Eminem, Nicki Minaj. For the past couple weeks, I've been falling asleep to Classical Music for Sobbing. Less than five minutes and I'm snoozing. But, my mornings -- it was not into the past one and a half weeks ago that I realized that my mornings weren't as great as it normally was. I slowed down my yoga activity.. the books -- not reading as often. 
Two is a magic number for me:: it's all you need. Two choices, friends, sisters, favorites. I'm not worn-out from classical music, but at least, I got something to just listen to this weekend. 

I'm going to close this with a little talk on --claims.-- 
I STOPPED playing piano. I CAN'T do my splits anymore because of my age. It is so flawed that I CANNOT EXPLAIN it. 
I know only about three people who are entirely or nearly completely honest. They don't use these claims. When you blank out, you need a plan. Nowadays, I'm always panicking on math quizzes. I have never been so bombarded by a silent clock right before my eyes that's bound to explode any second. I learned that a Big Goal Needs a Plan. (How to Take People With You -- David Novak]] This week, prioritize , plan, and practice. 

Long for something. This breaks the claims. Splits? Stretch and start small. Soccer? There's bound to be an appropriate age- group for you.  Most claims are false. If you doubt yourself so highly, fix it. This is why there are so many folks who complain about life. I want to encourage pensive practices -- daze and think about how important your little life on earth is - how precious is it ?does it matter? Make your life lead to a death with barely any regrets. Leonardo da Vinci has a quote, "While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die"
In every mind, there's at least a hint of positivity (Scar may have seemed sinister, but motivation is too positive for a villain, so he has a vial of positive thought). I wonder how many generations will it take to find a generation of kids who have never seen The Lion King. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Miracles ain't free . . . . . . . . .
Most high school grads and current students can answer this question (though experience speaks better for itself) :
What year(s) did you struggle with the most? 

English 1 -- I foresaw my first report card grade letter. Before the first summer novel quiz, I predicted a B would fall. Language Arts -- I take myself for an editor and maybe a little bit of a writer than a reader. When I read any book, I am most likely criticizing or adding my own revisions in ny head. A reader or a writer -- is there an unequal balance of self-entity, responsibility, and even difficulty? I would like to agree. 

In my city's little high school system, the classes teach the same curriculum (which changes every other year, I believe) , but spend the class time differently. For example, Mr. A and Ms. C . C spends most of the time with a slideshow of notes and asks her pupils to write down some things. Mr. A does so as well, but, inserts a halftime mini debate/discussion, etc. I have Mr. A. 

The first novel for the year is Ayn Rand's Anthem . Petite and somewhat inspiring, the book is of a dystopian genre. One of the class scenario was: 

In a primitive city, a man invents a stick that supplies 20 years of electricity. This would replace ancient "it" candles and are sold at $100. 
Should the man sell and produce or toss it? 

I'm not sitting around, but I prefer to speak when I simply cannot restrain myself or no one's volunteering (option B -- I don't do in English because my mind is blanker than an empty room). Anyway, I am called on rarely and today was one of those days. I answered that the man should dispose of it because it would lead to riots, strikes, and a state in worser condition. 
Mr. A wants to know why should the inventor pity his own people? He has become rich, so why? 

Aired: 2011
12 Episodes
Psychological Fantasy

Madoka Kaname and her friend, Sayoka, witness a fight between a Magical Girl and some Familiars. The three become friends and Sayoka and Madoka convince themselves to be as heroic. 

Cute? Sure. Panty power? Barely. What's so bad bout it?  Much. 

You ever get your mind astounded by the simplest everyday topics? 
Why are cows treated better than the slaves of the 19th century? I love learning such basic viewpoints. I, myself, don't consume livestock anymore, but the damn cat's right.

Simply put, Madoka Magica is a show that has grim plot twists that establishes a sense of hatred for the girls and the cat. What most don't realize is that this is why we live out from violence or superiority. The queens of Europe permit explorers to discover new lands. Americans fought against his own brothers in the Civil War. It's not controversial, but the truth.
I got the impression that the Magical Girls are a conspiracy. Something is the heart, the explosion that exposes magic molecules in the air. 
Magical Girls are more important to the series than the fact that the world is oblivious to the presence of these giant-ass rifle shooting girls. So, it's not your typical Sailor Moon and fairy fighter girls.
It's all disputes for fun. 

To be a Magical Girl, you need just one wish and you are in.
Finally, Time is a notable factor of a show! 

Unfortunately, these eighth grade girls.. 
The idea was disastrous from the start. Madoka and Sayoka freaked at their goddess' death, but na├»vely become Magical Girls to avenge Mami. 
Oh my god, stop right there..

PWS:: (Preferred Watching Sequence)
Start from Episode 4

Dub-Approved ~

Grade:: 6.8

This year is all about A PLAN FOR A BIG GOAL. I am discovering my interests (science and psych) , facing the worst PMS symptoms to date , and am a poor time manager. I have goals for the year::

-Improve as an English student
-Commit myself to independent study
-Pass the Open Exam for Biology Olympiad (or get as close to the cut off grade of 5" because no freshman has passed the first test in our school history)
-Critic Reviews -- put more time into it
-Columns - specifically, health advice for a limited audience
-Advance as a musician (how do you squeeze in Violin practice??)
-Be more organized
-Help Yourself or Help Others?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Winx Club Season 3

New villain lures the girls by threatening to "kidnap their boyfriends...."
Valtor stands out as one of the most persistent archenemies of the Winx.... 

26 Episodes

Friday, September 11, 2015


Timed writing prompts. Sometimes, you feel so empty-minded and have no idea what you're writing. 
See if an incognito Becky Botsford (aka WordGirl) can throw some mighty words your way!!

Aired: 2007 PBS
27 Episodes

I grew up on PBS cartoons -- from Angelina Ballerina to Martha Speaks, this network was my life. I [still] claim that I attained so many facts and tidbits of knowledge from the channel alone.
    I decided to go back to my roots after our little jumpstart story -- writing tests. I'll be sure to display my poor essay next time.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Girl Season Two

There are a couple halls with couples, couples everywhere in high school. New Girl has an emerging couple from the home front ~~

25 Episodes

Sometimes, I feel that displaying all my freshman work on here is worth any kid's while. Who wouldn't want to know how different 9th grade is from middle school? (Goodness, those years have lied to me!)

The past Friday sent butterflies to my stomach during an end-of-the-day writing assessment. What's great is that if you don't finish or write poorly, you can get a grade of 60 at the minimum. I figured that I probably got a70+ because I was kinda bored through the summer novel and everything that I thought I knew about Watergate was partially foggy. I thought Nixon's dirty work was tapping into American telephones!

So, I've begun to have Goals of the Week (or prolonged). This week, those goals are:
·Don't be afraid of English class
·Finish a goddamn novel! (Currently: Forsyte Saga 3-in-1 and The Art of Talking to Anyone)
·Read more often
·Piano songs.. concurrently start some projects! (Maybe for starters, The Well-Tempered Clavier?)

That's enough about lately. Jess Day is rockin' with a new man (or men, in several cases)

She has definitely matured (mostly) as a woman who can say "no." From finally admitting her feelings to gently dropping a relationship that could've had it all, Jess is able to stand up for herself. Even if she's on and off with work, she knows how to have a life (well, *tries* to). Enjoyable as always,  she is. She's also going with some new looks ..

How about the mates? This time, they're out for sex. Whether these experiences of the difficulty of finding a condom or having your first time with a prostitute are relevant, the cameras are giving the boys more spotlight, and it was a fine choice. Winston is still under-rated, though.

And something big is happening toward the well-crafted final four episodes...

This season , love is in the air. With so many college flashbacks with Schmidt and Nick and a little bit of CeCe and Jess as teens, the show still relies on its skits for humor. And now, the numerous references are everywhere in the script.

Preferred Watching Sequence
1-8, 13, 14, 16-19, 21-25

grade: 6.8

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Angel Beats! //

"Everyone cries at the ending..."

13 Episodes

This is an anime that has a fine reputation through mouth. I've heard bits and bits over the years and I've finally taken some time to watch it.

A kid named Otonashi finds himself in the afterlife and fights alongside Yuri Nakamura, who believes that God has given everyone a cruel fate. 

The Afterlife. A place that many are looking forward to -- a sanctuary where you can truly put all your past behind you. Unfortunately, your past identifies you; there's a story behind his loneliness, her constant laughter, their hairstyles .. uuuu. In Angel Beats, Yuri's SSS army has a huge desire to lift the fact that all their life, it has been cruel.

And who else to blame than God? It may not be one of the greatest questions to ask, but sometimes, I want to step out on a dredging day and shout out like one of those females in chick flicks or something. Who knows if it might help with blood pressure and all that anger?

Angel Beats features a cast of typical characters; I could discuss this, but why read about characters that just don't stick out as its own? Yet. their appearances are very close, palette-wise. Light pink, magenta, a royal blue, and white hair.

The show centers around the missions that Yuri carries out to destroy a reserved introvert . So, don't judge people... at least, "Angel's"' got an infliction tolerance on her.

It's full of fluff because you've got an obsessed activist. Yuri has fought for a long time and, 
5 EPISODES OF FIGHTING is just too much.

Preferred Watching Sequence : 
Start from Episode 3 or 5; skip 10-11

There's barely any comedy, so if you want an action funny, this shall not be your pick of the something!  

It bored my living soul from Earth to the Afterlife. 

Grade::: 6.1