Thursday, September 17, 2015

Winx Club Season 3

New villain lures the girls by threatening to "kidnap their boyfriends...."
Valtor stands out as one of the most persistent archenemies of the Winx.... 

26 Episodes

Let's all start out knowing that the Trix are breaking out of hell. Their presence about the Winx just isn't their luck. Since last season, those witches love using amulets -- especially those given to them from "powerful wizards." This season's villain has shown that man loses power -- from the near-death of a kingdom to actually losing your spells and abilities. 

Have I gone weak before? I'd be an egotistic if I proudly answer, barely. But, yes, I have. My greatness weakness nowadays is silence. It is the barrier of volunteerism and a fine conversation that one misses out on. 

The Winx girls all gain their Enchantix forms, thus being way stronger in endurance and ability. Valtor was exiled in the Magic Universe's harshest penitentiary, the Omega Dimension. It's a wintry glacial area. And guess who else was imprisoned in such a cold place? The Trix!

The first six or so episodes proudly introduce the advanced-level wizard and Valtor steals artifacts and magical treasures for the sake of being invincible by his enemy, Bloom (to learn why, start from the halfpoint). If a thief robbed for the sole purpose of domination and was successful, is it something to worry about? Valtor knocked out any monkey in his way. As for the thief, I don't feel very pro-police force. Even if you were to guard the Louvre, Carmen Sandiego has a way. 

Everyone gets a better slice of the pie as the boys show up more often (talking about girls is all they do, no offense), the villains have legitimate information and tells the under-10 viewers the plan (which has helped a sibling of mine understand the purpose of henchmen), and the girls are fighting everyday. New monsters, new villain, new wings. 

Animation is a bit flawed, but I love the 4Kids dub (early 2000s for me on Cartoon Saturdays was a 4Kids dub of Sonic, Winx, and other shows --  that was the life) . 
The season is a mix of the growing intensity between heroine and archvillain, the lovers, and tons of spell-casting. Especially Convergence spells

Better script, Bloom 's not so sarcastic, and all is well . The producers went down New roads from trying out a "plot twist," adding new monsters, etc. I hope to see more introduced elements . 

Grade: 7.6