Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Unit

12 Episodes (YES, 12!
Genres. Mystery, Comedy,Sci-Fi, Romance
2014 tvN

Hee Chul from the kpop boy (no offense, but,shouldn't it  be ahjussi?) group, Super Junior 
Lee Soon Jae 
Lee Cho Hee (or Eunji from A Pink) 
Lee Ki Woo
Byun Hee Bong
Jang K/Gwang
  And about twelve+ Others!

I just noticed that I don't have drama genre tags! Boohoo. But that won't stop me from talking!
What do you get when you have four handsome men involved with the Police Department and strange water? (Strange Clouds by B.O.B?) Well, after one dip, almost all of these detectives became grandpas, but their minds still sharp. They unravel a link of a party called Goldfish to clients and try to retrieve an antidote. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RH Plus

RH Plus 
13  Episodes
Genres: Vampire-Fantasy, comedy, Life Lessons
  • Miura Yuu as Nogami Makoto
  • Tochihara Rakuto as Seto Ageha
  • Ojima Naoya as Tamura Masakazu
  • Takano Hassei (高野八誠) as Kiyoi

Achievement: FIRST VAMP DRAMA!! It was a decent one, sadly.

Follow the life of a group of four vampire ikemens under one roof. Living like a family, Makoto discovers his past and learns to love every moment of his life.

··Please beware that the first half features some Shounen-ai scenes.

Get the Best Watching Experience::
  There were some bland, unnecessary episodes that suddenly muted the potential of the story. Many can agree that this had some potential, but there were too many weaknesses of the whole. Anyway, want to enjoy this series?
 Episodes to watch-- 1-3, 5-7, 9, 11-End

The cast has some (handsome?) features , but does not come close to Lee Jong-Sun men. The acting is fine, but the worst suddenly-average-beginner acting was found in the last two episodes. The Finale (or Last Blood) was too weak for me , even though it was the most gruesome overall.

Makoto is a character that I couldn't really connect with his present self. I found myself falling for the kid him rather than him Now. I find that the guy's weak and is hesistant about trusting others.

The added-New Introduced characters add some more sparkle to the whole interactions thing. So, Konoe, keep getting the ladies.

The comedy is found in a mass timing in  the first three episodes. Kiyoi,Eternal Moon Manor' s caretaker  and that of the  three vamps,..seems like the only  cliche of a 'butler.'(Black Butler, expect in a month--- !!)

What I Can Do, Konoe Does Damn [Cooler]! Episode 3

<<Responding to a Wine Spill>>

I felt that the writers could have chosen stronger, more meaningful lines as each one had a very simple meaning. It's nice to know that these "seductive" vampires don't have reflections and possess strength when they're beyond a century of Life!
((I liked Makoto' s dad!! $poiler))

Let's tie up a decent package. 
Grade.. 6.4/10

Thanks for the white/European Japanese priest--
Not writing that for offense. 

Decent language-lines, acting.. supposedly ikemens?
Vampires need to give us tingle , less tickle! ?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yakitate!! Japan manga AND anime

焼きたて!! じゃぱん
69 Episodes ; 242 Chapters/ 26 Volumes
An Everything Series :
Baking, Comedy,
 Ecchi, Romance (one-sided+Newfound), Sci-fi (a touch of it),Suspense, Action (with food ?? Lol), you should get the idea.

Oh my, what  a tale!
Azuma Kazuma is 16 and up to this point, has created many versions of du pain (studying French, anybody?) to make his ultimate Ja-Pan(because almost every country has its own, apparently.) He takes up breadworld chain, Pantasia' s Newcomers' Test/Tournament. 

I have no idea how this got onto my Watchlist, but it just did!I mean, how often do we see babyfaced boys? Who are in high school? ?

I loved the characters.. no, every. Single. Person, Animal, Ingredient. The anime episodes were really fast - after 8-9 minutes, it's halftime already! And did I mention we got puns? Japanese puns?? They'd make more sense if you understand the language; I've learned some, and I kind of grasped it, but then I don't.

Those eyes..
From an American cartoon?

The reactions from a sensitive taste judge were hot. No, not like sexy hot, but breathtaking (the only sexy thing Kuroyanagi pulled off was this) .

Lots of abs and hunk, ladies. They're comin'.

 Some reactions point references to other animes like Dragon Ball and Gerimaru, politicians, and Asian pioneers (like the founder of the Roumen/ Ramen? method), and animals.

I'm gonna complain, but the ending with the idea that Azuma' s bread saved the world from global warming and a surprise villain... was really a stop to the goodness of the whole series.
Oh, yeah.
That totally happened.
Guy bitchin' on us??

I mean, that was a mangaka' s suicide note! "Dear readers, as I am getting older, my life is fading, too. I shall insert a depiction of the future in the Manga' s world." Let's call this Ending One. It was confusing.
  This mangaka has lived a joyous , silly life. In some volumes, he talks about goings ons in his life.. Well, I enjoyed reading them. :)

The anime has like, four arcs and was exactly as the Manga until episode 26-ish. --You can find the eps on YouTube. --
Let's Compare!! 
    Censorship- In the Manga, in a near-naked battle of sweet, never ever boring bread, Pandora' s Box featured Bandous. Whereas, the Anime used diapered Chinese cabbages. Creepily cute?

Okay, kids.
Please caution yourselves with the Manga! 

I'm gonna slack on organizing. ..
Both versions have many mentions to their own manga and are quite aware that they're being watched (anime). These mentions are in the final arc and last five to ten chaps.

Daammmmmmnnnn.... that was a lot .
I got more pics, but you weren't here for those, right?

It's a great , smooth story with many lessons for life and baking!
However, the ending #1 and anime was too light to eat up. Ending #2 (3 years later..) is a nice final statement.

Grade! 8.4- 9.3/10 
Great and Amazing! Could've had more flaws and losses, but high class opponents will have to do. 
Americans are blond(e).

Get ready to bring out all those emotions ~!

Candy Boy

11 Chapters in 2 Volumes

I made an anime review for this somehow popular, known manga series. I'm just gonna say this, but, THIS SERIES IS BELOW LIGHTHEARTED!/

If you haven't seen or heard of the series ,it's about a college-high school girl,Kana(de), who has feelings for her twin sister, Yuki. She's dying to confess, but fears a dispute because they're related?? 

Yes, I can understand the fear of liking someone so fucking much, but why did this story seem to have a lot of random shizz??! There's a lot of forcefulness, which should be a problem for anyone who's reading manga. In American novels, this is almost never an issue because of publishers and "product previewers."

I guess in short,it's "I Love My Younger Sister," with the whole cast as women.. except the parents, but only the mom is mentioned

Those tears...
Not even close to what I've seen before~ 

Was it as shitty as the Anime? I didn't like the Anime , just its music. I'd say the Manga is way better (and a tad more appropriate in length.)

So, I am quite negative about this franchise, series thing.. Well, it sadly is my opinion after all. Too bad the world can't accept it . This manga is crazier than the Anime... yay, I love crazy things. Like roller coasters? Well I was sick for a week and got nosebleeds every afternoon. Apparently, blood can enter your stomach. :///

Sorry for the crappy cropping.
Still working on it!

I will be that person! 

..LOL, I'd sleep on a little cushion if I had to.. 

Grade. 5.2/10
Just decent. 

Initial D: Second Stage

Aired: 1999
13 Episodes
Manga Chapters Approximate Duration: ~100-147 
Genres: Sports, High School Life + Problems 

Wow, why was this series half the span of the first Initial D?

Well, there's not much to say because I didn't take many shots!! How unfortunate. So, we were left with Ry' s defeat in a downhill battle with the Eight-Six and Natuski/Natalie and Takumi in autumn. How did the Second Stage pick off ?

Again, the second the episode starts, you will be welcomed by a 1.5 minute theme song ; yay. This series was all about races and relationships- of Tak' s and Itsuki' s. There is no way I could ever ship the two. Yep, never.

It's almost exactly like the Manga chapters, but you know what? I'll just spoil this for the comparison' s sake..

"Good Luck with the Mercedes guy." 
Okay never mind! I'll just clue in a scenario. Have you ever gotten a mysterious phone tip about someone or something in your life? Well, Tak did and he ain't happy to hear it. Here's a Hint: sex The anime lowers the intense word for its viewers. I found another example of this in Yakitate!! Japan manga . Please wait for the Manga:anime review. :)

The story seemed a little slower than the First Stage , but the opponents are pretty much big-ass high staff members of reputatious racing teams. Uggg... there's not much to say bout this Stage. So,it's less heartpounding and together.. so what? The most memorable thing that happened (besides Itsuki' s New LOVE), was..

 Manly crying!!!
So much , motherfuckers!! 

Ooh, not the best quality pic. Sorry, guys.

Don't expect much from this Stage; it's just more epic than the Manga. The races, I meant.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Eat

16 Episodes - 50+ mins each
Genres: Food, Suspense, Lawyers, Comedy, Romance (appropriately built up late)
2013 tvN
**Opening Song at Start


  • Lee Soo Kyung as Herself
  • Yoon Doo-Joon as Koo/Goo Dae Young
  • Shim Hyung-Tak as Kim Hak-Moon (asshole.. heehee)
  • Yoon So-Hee as Yoon Jin-Yi
  • A Pomeranian pooch as Barassi!! 
  • and more people! 

Ah, it's been months since I have seen a kdrama. I'm not an ultimate fan of kdramas; I'm just there for the story -- and the stunts. Anywho, this is my first foodie drama.

The drama is centered around divorcee, Lee Soo Kyung (portrayed by the lady herself as herself) , and her independent life-- Even though she lives alone, this argumentative woman loves food. However, after a neighbor has an accident with a live octopus, Soo Kyung must watch her back when she's living life alone. And did I mention that there is a mysterious man lurking in the dark alley just beyond the door? 

Nowadays, or at least up till a week ago, there was the arise of the "Nuna and Me" loves- from A Witch's Romance (haven't seen , gahh!!) to Can We Love? (review coming up!), I firmly believe that this drama started the whole trend idea. It was nice to have a strong, justified woman as our main protagonist- and within a lawyer firm, it's nice to see how lawyers interact with themselves and their clients. (Okay, so because this is a drama, I am sure that they cover a lawyer's life fairly well, but then again, please note that these are actors and actresses.)

The first 8 eps were life stories - of our main female. But, the suspenseful twists are found in the preview. That's how I stayed with the drama until its finale, which was quite a shocker.

There was no need for comic relief/ a forceful laugh as the comedy seemed cute and natural. Points to the writers :)

And let's end on a note of development. I loved Soo Kyung's character as she learns about having [better] friends, life, and love. *SPOILER?? Too bad her college-to-date lover never got her in the end. This is why the boss is always coolheaded!

This drama contains food porn. Watch when eating, unless you're dieting. DO NOT WATCH PAST MIDNIGHT. YOU WILL STARVE!!! 

It's perfectly sewn, but could've added more suspense per ep. It's a fun watching experience, so feel free to see Episode 1.

GRADE? 8.3/10
" I love Mr. ShikSha, not Dae Young! "

Thursday, August 14, 2014

School Days

12 Chapters: 2 Volumes
-Short Read- (for an hour or Less)
GENRES. Drama, Romance, Ecchi

Based off an h-game (hentai game, mwah ha!)

Okay, who has seen the Anime adaptation? I haven't, so.. that'll be upcoming. I can't wait?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ramen Fighter Miki

12 Episodes-24 mins each
Genres. Comedy, Action, Food-ish
--based off the manga

As the name suggests, we got broken bowls for ramen, violent not bloody challenges, and a girl named Miki, who qualifies as The Red Riding Bitch. She does wear a red skirt with a white apron over it, as a matter of fact.

Onimaru Miki is a poster girl for her mother's Chinese restaurant, Onimaru Restaurant. Making deliveries and taking orders, this Itazura Na Kiss clone lives out repeating days of doing this ans that. With a short temper and a strong fighting spirit, Miki detours and fights her enemies. 

I don't eat a lot of ramen anymore , but when I see Missus (Miki' s middle-aged mother) cutting up noodles or cabbage, I just wanna make it!! We also learn that "good ramen makes her smile." It  has to be good, or even better, perfect.
If you can't  stand prissy, easily aggravated characters, then just watch the second half of this short series. I found that the second half was the better - there was more comedy, unthinkable situations, and maybe less fighting. 
Logic. It exists.

From the very beginning, Miki was angry already, so I was  about to drop the series, bout decided to see how the ending would turn out. Boy oh Boy, I was disappointed. It's am ending that I had to make a statement for it: "And so, their adventures continued." 
The  art is a mix of shoujo and shounen- take the white blond guy, for example.. Animation is sandpaper-smooth and rough at some places. I'm just gonna complain about the opening a bit; you know those songs where you hear a voice being overpowered by instruments? Sadly the song is like that until the chorus. OP and ED aren't bad.

Other viewers have said that this is the baby of Azumanga Daioh  and Dragonball  Z. Haven't seen those yet, but  they're on my waiting list. 
If you want character development, this wouldn't be what you're looking for. The only things that the characters  change about themselves is how often they smile, or having an ego when drunk. 

I guess the cast is  made for comedy, but does comedy make a character lack self-development? If you want the best of this series, start from Episode 4+. The anime received a 6/10  . Decent, with a unique story. 

"She's drunk! She's  clearly drunk!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

30 Sai No Hoken Taiiku

12 Episodes- 10-12 mins each
Genres: Sex Ed, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance??

The series is based off a novel/manga adaptation, a guide for 30 year old  virgins. Anywho, on his 30th birthday, Hayao Imagawa is visited by a God of Sex, the brothers, Daigoyou  and Makaron. On the other hand, a 30 year old librarian, Natsu Ando, has had two sisters be her teachers for losing "it."

The comedy was nice and there's  a censored and uncensored version. I ended up watching the scribbly censored version. Each episode contains 6-8 Lessons.. from making eye contact to be seen as a potential lover/partner to timing your confession, the tips are visually supported and can be handy for those who have trouble in love. 

Probably one of the most beautiful censorship bars I'll ever  see. 

I had a problem with the outline lines. The art is a mix of basics and cute, whimsical color combos.. like the fashion  which shows that pink and  black are compatible. But the lines  that outline the characters made me feel as if I were watching an American cartoon. 

Some episodes were laggy, but the ending was like a statement and conclusion. Be sure to watch after the ending song otherwise, you'll miss the ending! I know, I don't like situations like that , too. 

In my watching experience, and a cliche list, I think I had a better lesson from hentai than these 10 Minute scenarios. I think the animators went overboard with the whole God thing - they've got their own tricks up their sleeves. 
There were a couple random scenes , but I guess they were  inserted just to kill time. 

Grade. 6.5-7/10

UPDATE 1: Thanks to anyone who has commented on any of my posts. :) Love us already ! Anyway, I'm going to announce that I am striving to be a personal Youtuber. So, I can't wait to define the types of anime viewers 

This Anime is a bean sprout. Eat it when you're bored. :) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: Season One

22 Episodes: 43 mins each
Genres: High School, Life, Mystery, 

Confession: I did  not hear about the series until I played a Name That TV Show

game with strangers my age in 2011. I mean, four soiled girls in dark makeup? One sign that I did not  watch that Much TV in the day. Nowadays, I'm just watching all kinds of shit- good and bad. X)

I think I'm getting into American dramas. After all, I was born in The States. Even as an Asian American, I find that American dramas are like Americanized Taiwanese dramas; sort of. 

Okay, so I'll be reviewing Pretty Little Liars Season One today!
Lucy Hale .. Aria Montgomery
Ashley Benson .. Hanna Marin
Troian Bellisario .. Spencer Hastings
Shay Mitchell .. Emily Fields
Ian Harding .. Ezra Fitz
And more people!! 

I have finished Sara Shepard' s Pretty Little Liars and Flawless. In case you didn't know, the teen drama , currently airing on ABCFamily, is based off the ongoing series by Sara Shepard, who has also written The Lying Game. Wanna read that! 

After a  clique' s Queen Bee disappears, four fatefully bonded best friends reunite to uncover their own kept  secrets while facing family and love issues and a mysterious "A" who sure knows how to get a game of hide-&-seek  / cat and mouse started. 

If you've read the books, I'd suggest starting at Episode 9/10. The beginning seemed like a cheap cup of coffee or joe. Well, I mean, it was pretty slow and all I waited for was  the end.  Also, I think I was able to identify one thing about A. S/he is close to a Little Liar. 
I love how each episode ends with a little clip of A. Too bad they're aren't previews!  
Anyway, A is quite a character in this series, but s/he wasn't a total bitch  in this series at  all! I mean, there were times when I  cheered for The A Side. 

This season focused on the love lives more than A. A was a side story! But thanks for stepping up  your game, A. So, this was  a pretty slow one. At least the acting was superb since Episode One.  

Anyone else like black and white movies? 

I also want to take note of the music. Most of the songs are from light pop artists or those artists that aren't big names, but has nice music. The music is quite abstract and diverse. 

I'm gonna add my faves of this season. Firstly, my favorite characters: Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Lucas, Toby, and Ms/Mrs. Marin.
Thank you for Spencer and Toby!! <333 until it ends.
So, it was as slow start, but there romances are great. The Finale wasn't pretty ,  but..I still can't wait  for Season Two. Hopefully, more A. 
Grade: 6 /10


Hanna  to  Lucas: I already have a boyfriend..  
Lucas: And I think you deserve a better one.

Toby: (taking Spencer's hand) :  I'm going with Spencer.....

Mrs. Marin after hearing Caleb' s story: I saw myself . 

Possible Spoiler! 
Another Note, somehow I was more comfortable towards Emily's gayness than Aria and Mr. Fitz' s student-teacher relationship. Actually , I think I hated it. But at least he doesn't have a low  grisly voice like some/most of the male characters.