Saturday, August 23, 2014

Initial D: Second Stage

Aired: 1999
13 Episodes
Manga Chapters Approximate Duration: ~100-147 
Genres: Sports, High School Life + Problems 

Wow, why was this series half the span of the first Initial D?

Well, there's not much to say because I didn't take many shots!! How unfortunate. So, we were left with Ry' s defeat in a downhill battle with the Eight-Six and Natuski/Natalie and Takumi in autumn. How did the Second Stage pick off ?

Again, the second the episode starts, you will be welcomed by a 1.5 minute theme song ; yay. This series was all about races and relationships- of Tak' s and Itsuki' s. There is no way I could ever ship the two. Yep, never.

It's almost exactly like the Manga chapters, but you know what? I'll just spoil this for the comparison' s sake..

"Good Luck with the Mercedes guy." 
Okay never mind! I'll just clue in a scenario. Have you ever gotten a mysterious phone tip about someone or something in your life? Well, Tak did and he ain't happy to hear it. Here's a Hint: sex The anime lowers the intense word for its viewers. I found another example of this in Yakitate!! Japan manga . Please wait for the Manga:anime review. :)

The story seemed a little slower than the First Stage , but the opponents are pretty much big-ass high staff members of reputatious racing teams. Uggg... there's not much to say bout this Stage. So,it's less heartpounding and together.. so what? The most memorable thing that happened (besides Itsuki' s New LOVE), was..

 Manly crying!!!
So much , motherfuckers!! 

Ooh, not the best quality pic. Sorry, guys.

Don't expect much from this Stage; it's just more epic than the Manga. The races, I meant.