Saturday, August 23, 2014

Candy Boy

11 Chapters in 2 Volumes

I made an anime review for this somehow popular, known manga series. I'm just gonna say this, but, THIS SERIES IS BELOW LIGHTHEARTED!/

If you haven't seen or heard of the series ,it's about a college-high school girl,Kana(de), who has feelings for her twin sister, Yuki. She's dying to confess, but fears a dispute because they're related?? 

Yes, I can understand the fear of liking someone so fucking much, but why did this story seem to have a lot of random shizz??! There's a lot of forcefulness, which should be a problem for anyone who's reading manga. In American novels, this is almost never an issue because of publishers and "product previewers."

I guess in short,it's "I Love My Younger Sister," with the whole cast as women.. except the parents, but only the mom is mentioned

Those tears...
Not even close to what I've seen before~ 

Was it as shitty as the Anime? I didn't like the Anime , just its music. I'd say the Manga is way better (and a tad more appropriate in length.)

So, I am quite negative about this franchise, series thing.. Well, it sadly is my opinion after all. Too bad the world can't accept it . This manga is crazier than the Anime... yay, I love crazy things. Like roller coasters? Well I was sick for a week and got nosebleeds every afternoon. Apparently, blood can enter your stomach. :///

Sorry for the crappy cropping.
Still working on it!

I will be that person! 

..LOL, I'd sleep on a little cushion if I had to.. 

Grade. 5.2/10
Just decent.