Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: Season One

22 Episodes: 43 mins each
Genres: High School, Life, Mystery, 

Confession: I did  not hear about the series until I played a Name That TV Show

game with strangers my age in 2011. I mean, four soiled girls in dark makeup? One sign that I did not  watch that Much TV in the day. Nowadays, I'm just watching all kinds of shit- good and bad. X)

I think I'm getting into American dramas. After all, I was born in The States. Even as an Asian American, I find that American dramas are like Americanized Taiwanese dramas; sort of. 

Okay, so I'll be reviewing Pretty Little Liars Season One today!
Lucy Hale .. Aria Montgomery
Ashley Benson .. Hanna Marin
Troian Bellisario .. Spencer Hastings
Shay Mitchell .. Emily Fields
Ian Harding .. Ezra Fitz
And more people!! 

I have finished Sara Shepard' s Pretty Little Liars and Flawless. In case you didn't know, the teen drama , currently airing on ABCFamily, is based off the ongoing series by Sara Shepard, who has also written The Lying Game. Wanna read that! 

After a  clique' s Queen Bee disappears, four fatefully bonded best friends reunite to uncover their own kept  secrets while facing family and love issues and a mysterious "A" who sure knows how to get a game of hide-&-seek  / cat and mouse started. 

If you've read the books, I'd suggest starting at Episode 9/10. The beginning seemed like a cheap cup of coffee or joe. Well, I mean, it was pretty slow and all I waited for was  the end.  Also, I think I was able to identify one thing about A. S/he is close to a Little Liar. 
I love how each episode ends with a little clip of A. Too bad they're aren't previews!  
Anyway, A is quite a character in this series, but s/he wasn't a total bitch  in this series at  all! I mean, there were times when I  cheered for The A Side. 

This season focused on the love lives more than A. A was a side story! But thanks for stepping up  your game, A. So, this was  a pretty slow one. At least the acting was superb since Episode One.  

Anyone else like black and white movies? 

I also want to take note of the music. Most of the songs are from light pop artists or those artists that aren't big names, but has nice music. The music is quite abstract and diverse. 

I'm gonna add my faves of this season. Firstly, my favorite characters: Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Lucas, Toby, and Ms/Mrs. Marin.
Thank you for Spencer and Toby!! <333 until it ends.
So, it was as slow start, but there romances are great. The Finale wasn't pretty ,  but..I still can't wait  for Season Two. Hopefully, more A. 
Grade: 6 /10


Hanna  to  Lucas: I already have a boyfriend..  
Lucas: And I think you deserve a better one.

Toby: (taking Spencer's hand) :  I'm going with Spencer.....

Mrs. Marin after hearing Caleb' s story: I saw myself . 

Possible Spoiler! 
Another Note, somehow I was more comfortable towards Emily's gayness than Aria and Mr. Fitz' s student-teacher relationship. Actually , I think I hated it. But at least he doesn't have a low  grisly voice like some/most of the male characters.