Saturday, August 9, 2014

Phantom Thief Reinya

12 episodes-3 minutes each
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Animated Shorts

Looking at the time, I don't know why I couldn't sleep; I was tired with the sleepy eyes hours ago! Apparently, I am soo mesmerized by Yakitate!! Japan; it's so freaking fast and it's, like, better than the kdrama , Heirs. Not that there's anything wrong with comparing anime to dramas, right?

So, because I ended up staying up, I just all of a sudden craved comedy or something from the genre. I didn't feel like watching endless seconds of talking in dramas, so anime was my last contestant.

This is an animated shortie series that is probably one of the bagel shorts- the everything bagel shorts. This is the story of the life of a cute cat thief and the police trio who also have their own problems. 

It's a balloon; that's how she flies away!!

She steals anything that's gold.
At least her goal is simple...minded. 

Damn. Maybe he's representing older peds; nothing wrong with that. I think.

Real life problems are presented throughout and then add some poses, funny faces, and you've got comedy..... I was really hoping that these two would get together with the power of love!! 

Even though the police are small, stupid, and.. funny, the storyline is still there. I mean, there are some animes that seem to skip around and focus on a problem rather than adding fire to the plot. Is this what makes you drop out? Maybe I'll make a list of Anime DOs and DON'TS. 

I liked the special moments - or , the intentionally-gonna-stand-out-from-this-episode scenes.. if you're bored, stay interested, get a couple chuckles and grins, and like a shortie for once. 

->GRADE: 7.5/10
Wished the series was extended. 

Reference to The Beatles, right? 

Just like drama  freaks or  show addicts,