Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RH Plus

RH Plus 
13  Episodes
Genres: Vampire-Fantasy, comedy, Life Lessons
  • Miura Yuu as Nogami Makoto
  • Tochihara Rakuto as Seto Ageha
  • Ojima Naoya as Tamura Masakazu
  • Takano Hassei (高野八誠) as Kiyoi

Achievement: FIRST VAMP DRAMA!! It was a decent one, sadly.

Follow the life of a group of four vampire ikemens under one roof. Living like a family, Makoto discovers his past and learns to love every moment of his life.

··Please beware that the first half features some Shounen-ai scenes.

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  There were some bland, unnecessary episodes that suddenly muted the potential of the story. Many can agree that this had some potential, but there were too many weaknesses of the whole. Anyway, want to enjoy this series?
 Episodes to watch-- 1-3, 5-7, 9, 11-End

The cast has some (handsome?) features , but does not come close to Lee Jong-Sun men. The acting is fine, but the worst suddenly-average-beginner acting was found in the last two episodes. The Finale (or Last Blood) was too weak for me , even though it was the most gruesome overall.

Makoto is a character that I couldn't really connect with his present self. I found myself falling for the kid him rather than him Now. I find that the guy's weak and is hesistant about trusting others.

The added-New Introduced characters add some more sparkle to the whole interactions thing. So, Konoe, keep getting the ladies.

The comedy is found in a mass timing in  the first three episodes. Kiyoi,Eternal Moon Manor' s caretaker  and that of the  three vamps,..seems like the only  cliche of a 'butler.'(Black Butler, expect in a month--- !!)

What I Can Do, Konoe Does Damn [Cooler]! Episode 3

<<Responding to a Wine Spill>>

I felt that the writers could have chosen stronger, more meaningful lines as each one had a very simple meaning. It's nice to know that these "seductive" vampires don't have reflections and possess strength when they're beyond a century of Life!
((I liked Makoto' s dad!! $poiler))

Let's tie up a decent package. 
Grade.. 6.4/10

Thanks for the white/European Japanese priest--
Not writing that for offense. 

Decent language-lines, acting.. supposedly ikemens?
Vampires need to give us tingle , less tickle! ?