Monday, August 4, 2014

Abunai Sisters

10 Episodes- 3 minutes each 
Genres: Ecchi, Comedy, Adventure

First Note: finding this series, then watching it is going to be quite difficult. I think there's a DVD that contains all eps. The DVD/series was released by 'the busty Kano sisters.' Looks like 'meh material' to me ~

The pair of sisters, Koko and Mika, are celebrities/agents who are also trying to teach the men of the world a lesson?? I forgot; the story seems to be very random and jumping around.  The art is a great representation that ugly doesn't need to be so damn ugly!! 

Nipple beepers and boob-bags? (airbags, as in.. car terms?)
It's pretty ridiculous. 

Now this is something almost the entire audience has accepted:
why is it an anime? The studio that brought you xxxHolic, Ghost in the Shell, etc. present you this bullcrap. 

Yes, you're welcome . 
I don't believe in "one work ruined me." As long as the company is known for several masterpieces, then it's a reputation to keep! 

The anime lacks sophistication and a well-set road of the story.
Grade: 1.2-2/10 
. The font's better than the whole thing .