Sunday, December 28, 2014

Friends Season Six

25 Episodes 
Aired: 1999 NBC
Humor, Humor ! 

Ross and Rachel - drunkenly married since Vegas! Chandler and Monica plan a wedding?

Ah - Best. Season. Yet! No headaches, boredom, or ignorance coming off this girl. Every episode is hi-lar-i-ous and is appealing every second. (Check out the Opening Credits for Episode One!)

Is it a CRAZY season? Do I know what kamikazes are? I think the only crazy thing is that mustache Richard is back for the last time in Episodes 24 and 25. All this time , I thought he was retiring or something. Why'd you come back, man? Whyyy - I choked at your little regrets to Mon.

Moving on, Chandler is MVP . Because, why not? I feel that, even though all six Friends are in every episode, there is a shining star in every season. Or the one who has changed a great deal -- Joey, lookin' good!
  Chandler's parents may have divorced, but that hasn't stopped him from proposing to a girl he loves. Unfortunately, the Geller-Bing wedding isn't the Finale. Bummer.

Phoebe also has prepped for her fortieth year of life. If she's single by that, she's got backup. And you might know who [they] are. I miss Gary the cop , though.

I never thought that an 00s show would include an Ezria couple 
(I do not ship the PLL fandom myself... it's just better to use as an allusion for "teacher-student relationships")

Extremely Enjoyable Entertainment 
That's what it's all about !
++ I'd say it's a chamber of the show 's heart of funny ++

Every episode is enjoyable, but I definitely disapprove of 
Dr. Drake Ramoray and his crazed fan, Rachel, who's living with him 
((Episode The One That Could Have Been)) 
If Monica didn't lose weight. If Ross.. well, what could he not do? 

Love ya and laughing at ya, Ross .

Grade : 9/10 (mostly because of the comedy)

Personal Taste (Kdrama)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Castle Season Three

24 Eps

Ohmigod, that Finale!!! An insufferable loss. Ooh, it was a rickety bridge season - scary, adventurous, and worn down feelings... Beckett and Castle have their first heated argument! Ah, so many firsts and new clues to Joanna Beckett 's murder, as well.

Guest stars, Ashley/Ashlee... the third season has reeled in homicides due to financial and "S/he might spill the beans" intentions. Tragic deaths? Eh... I mean, it seems like the producers didn't feel like setting up a death scene. Personally, it looked like they used a lot of dummies or mannequins. But the deaths are pretty cool like a drowning Houdini magician to a script writer , killed like a show character.

Time continues to run quickly as the detective work ticks at time very slowly. I usually am bored through the middle, but it's the last five or eight minutes that I enjoy the most.

How is a mystery show to be discussed? I'm pretty sure that this show doesn't feature tense moments (and apparently, deceasions) like The Good Wife. But, Castle seems to care about Beckett a little bit more and Alexis and Ashlee are going to Stanford? What will Papa Castle feel?

Is Ashlee cute?
Just glad that Alexis found someone like him. 
Speaking of Castle, there's a new debut author, Alex Conrad. And he admires Beckett ... or is it Detective Heat?

Those are muffins.

Grade: 8.8/10 
The Finale, the Finale, the Finale. 
Can't believe it. 

Hentai Spree : Post Two

Another Hentai Spree? It's been forever since the last ! Sadly, I haven't watched anime, hentai, nor have I been reading manga lately :((
For these "hentai sprees," about three series are watched. It's not much, but totals to about two hours of watching neko chicks. I have no idea what 'neko' is defined as, but it was in Kathy-Chan's Do You Wanna Watch Some Hentai? Frozen Parody.

Forget the daffies, let's get down to it. ((pun not intended))

First -
Yumi Kui: Tsrumiku Shiki Game
2 OVAs

A hentai voice actress loses her virginity to her producer, who, over time, depends on his relations with many women to gain wealth, women, status, etc.

It seems like a somewhat real life scenario , if you're in the industry. But what sucks is this guy is overconfident about his power as a man. He goes for it - or her, in this case. I'm not sure if being very sexually active with women is to present to the audience his greedy personality, or it's just for show. Well, he's going after sensitively horny women. As hentai has done, it always does.

Spocon! (Sportswear Complex)
2 OVAs

It's like Ezria, except Aria raped Ezra... who got aroused by her blowjob. 
And that happens in the very beginning. 

This features.... humour!! There's no comic relief character, but I guess it could be the masculine protagonist who is 
a popular candidate for coaching a sports club.

At least we see his face... 
And his abs!

It wasn't a stupid, cliche hentai (maybe because it's a harem?) 
Well, it is definitely a light, enjoyable watch for an hour of your day ((or night))


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Futurama Season One

9 Episodes - 20 minutes each
Sci-fi Living
Fry, an average guy living in the 20th century, somehow freezes himself in a cryogenic chamber for 1000 years and finds himself living in the future year of 3000. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friends Season Five

24 Episodes
Aired: 1998 NBC

Definitely one of Friends' best seasons, the laughs are back! (And more traveling)

I absolutely loved this Season. And so, below are the episode titles. If an episode has an asterisk (*) beside it, IT IS A FAVORITE!!

  1. The One After Ross Says "Rachel"
  2. *The One With All the Kissing
  3. The One Hundredth- The One With the Triplets 
  4. The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS
  5. The One With the Kips
  6. The One With the Yeti
  7. The One Where Ross Moves In
  8. The One With All the Thanksgivings
  9. *The One With Ross's Sandwich
  10. The One With the Inappropriate Sister
  11. *The One With All the Resolutions 
  12. The One With Chandler 's Work Laugh
  13. The One With Joey's Bag
  14. *The One Where Everybody Finds Out
  15. The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey
  16. The One With the Cop
  17. The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss
  18. The One Where Rachel Smokes
  19. The One Where Ross Can't Flirt
  20. *The One With the Ride-Along
  21. *The One With the Ball
  22. The One With Joey's Big Break
  23. *The One in Vegas, Part 1
  24. *The One in Vegas, Part 2
Okay, so maybe I didn't enjoy almost half of the season, but the Finale will make you question the ending like crazy. I mean, WHA, WHA, WHAT?

Now that I think about it, there wasn't much that happened ... just Monica and Chandler are hiding from everybody for a legitimate reason . I adore the couple as they aren't sex friends anymore (I'm pretty sure they were) and their feelings are becoming intimately amourous. 

   Ross has opened up his mind a bit . In The One in Vegas 1, he seems to think that a lonely [naked!] apartment inhabitant needs to break out of her isolation in the dark. And.. /////// Rachel and Ross might get back together after the crazy Ending!! 

Hey, at least you get to laugh more... every episode is out to get at least one chuckle out of you --

Grade: 8.8-9/10 

Happy Holidays and Buy Santa's Pants! 
And What Will I Be Doing? 

Watching Dramas and shows?  Puh-lease... as if I had never!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Castle Season Two

Police - Crime - Romance-ish (more  SEASON One!) 
24 Episodes

IN case you can't tell,
Left:: Castle and Beckett 's femme fetale

Ah! It's here. Castle and Beckett are back in my life. This season is better than the premiere: it's addicting, features steamy-kisser Castle, and more Alexis!!

This is where it all should have started. Beckett is starting to slightly  envy a mix of women from an actress to an FBI mom! But at least she's not a bitch anymore :) Her hair, makeup, and even her DRESSES are improved, and her observational skills have become sharper.
  On the other hand, Castle launched his Nikki Heat series. And he's laughing more - in an evil way.

The cases are truly a bad dream come alive. Cleverer and set-up for even better motives than the cliche girl fights, fear, and fear of exposure.

Oh, no, dearie. It is so much better than that. A callgirl in caramel, a poisoned comedian, a Nikki-Heat superfan serial killer.

Besides solving these bizarrely awesome murders, family is company. The audience gains a closer look into the life of an academically active senior Alexis, his mother... dressing up, dating a high school crush, and her acting/stage career, and finally, Castle concerning over boys around Alexis.

Speaking of Alexis, it seems that fate is not the reason of Castle 's daddy discussions with Alexis that is always the reason of solving a case. In short, if Castle is stuck on a case, talk with Alexis about her life.. brilliant! Hmm.. so someone cleaned up another's murder? I wonder.
Smiling in an interrogation by Beckett?
Huh, she won't let you past this one. 

And finally, the worst news. Humour isn't around a lot. Puns ARE intended. Comedy is conducted by Castle and his boys, Esposito and Ryan .
And did I mention that Castle and Beckett envy over exes and current statuses? Well, the jealousy is just for show, hopefully. I mean, it's gotta be too early for the two to be together! 

Grade: 8.5/10 
-in Episode 11, Beckett violated Amendment Four, right? If so, 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friends Season Four

So who did Ross say "hi" to? Friends brings back glorious comedy after a dreadfully bland Season Three. 

24 Episodes
Aired: 1997 NBC

Ah, Friends returns with more humor. The six become closer (close enough for two to go down in bed!) Rachel and Ross isn't even an issue in this Season , but Ross is getting married again! In London!

As much as I can't wait to visit Europe in a couple years, London has so many tall, concrete buildings and architectures. Do they really have maps with pop-up landmarks, like Westminster Abbey?

Everyone's got better lives - all frivolous and busy. Rachel wrote a 36 - page letter to Ross ("18 pages! Front and back!")  Phoebe becomes a surrogate and breaks her vegetarianism because "the baby craves/wants meat." I'd say that I'd be shamed, but for someone else's child[ren] , it may be, for that sake, an exception.

It's absolutely a very enjoyable watching experience . I love Rachel's attempts to hit on a guy and this game::

Who Knows About Them More?? "What is Chandler Bing's job?" 

There are funny love schemes by Rachel and Chandler and Joey like the same woman. Personally, I feel that Chandler mans up a little by making up for betraying Joey by ______________________________________.  Everyone else - one's going crazy over his English girlfriend, another is trying to hit on a guy, another is hated at the kitchen.

Grade: 8.6/10

I realized I've been all about Friends thrice! So, before January and the New Year falls upon the world, here's what's coming up!

  • The Vampire Diaries Season Five
  • Boys Over Flowers (kdrama)
  • Parks and Recreation (Seasons One and Two)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friends Season Three

25 Episodes
Aired: 1996 NBC

Scattered Sequence (you can watch the season in any order because there's not much story going on - just one detail: New Bf / gf)

>>Joey has a love-hate relationship with another actress? Ross becomes jealous of Rachel's co-worker at her new job at Bloomingdale 's. Monica might be marrying a millionaire businessman. <<

Aw... this season soiled the fun! (Maybe I should have said sanded) Now everyone's trying to be funny? Or is this the Time of the Sensitive Clowns? I bulldozed through the series, but I only enjoyed a small group

FAVORITE Episodes:: (j'adore ou c'est drĂ´le) 

7, 9, 13, 18, 20 

The show has a nice foundation of voiceovers (watch some cracks, people!) Yet, I have only a couple pet peeves, up to this season, so far. One of the items is "Relationships - Somewhat Realistic?" I mean, Monica has met like, 5 men (of which, three are in this season alone!)
Ross is always getting new girlfriends, yet Rachel is hanging on like a barrel monkey. I did feel that Ross wants a girlfriend because of two reasons:
  A) IN season one, he tells us that he's had a crush on Rachel since high school, who would also be at "two" weddings (I grew up knowing how the show ends) .
 B) He's a professor who's almost 30. Teaching and single (like Ezra
    >>  Mr. Fitz until he met Aria at the bar) . I may as well say that : he's lonely for more than 10 years, excluding his friends and sister

Sorry, Gellers, but I can't accept the ridiculous cycle of new girlfriends  men. At least Chandler had his ex and Rachel... has a plan to exterminate all those newbies! Tsk, tsk.

The season (and considerably, the show) does not really unite the friends, nor strengthening their friendship. It may as well be a milk carton. These boys and  girls haven't fought for anything as rivals, yet. Hmm... who will break out into rivalry, first? The men or the ladies? Les hommes ou les femmes?

Joey seems to have improved a hop in his acting. His facial expressions are overdone, but Matt LeBlanc is in Joey's shoes, no, as Phoebe has put it : "Her spirit is in me."

Grade ~ 7.4/10 
 - American football!
 -New girlfriends for Ross and a Millionaire for Monica
 -A chick and duck for Chandler and Joey !
 -Jealousy for Rachel 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Friends Season Two

24 Episodes
Aired: 1995 NBC

Rachel waits for Ross' return at the airport, who returns with more than luggage. Joey gets the role of a doctor in a fictional "Days of Our Lives"- this may be his breakthrough!
The Friends season that includes several  storylines 

Rachel and Ross will be together - rooting for Ross! When's the wedding- when is it? I'm really looking forward to it ^^

I used to be obsessed with The Big Four (Merida, Jack, Rapunzel, and Hiccup) until they added the Frozen girls.  Let's not start a flame... anyway, WHO HASN'T SEEN A VOICE CRACK VID? Omg, I love them. I have recently watched some TVD vids and I can absolutely point out that Friends' voiceovers were wayyy more hilarious.
Watch the show. Watch the cracks. It's all good.

Relationships bloom and crumble and reunite. Small amounts of humor in most of the episodes. A select number of tummy-crackers

Grade: 7.6-8.1/10
             (mostly due to the recognized FRIENDS and the comedy)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season Four

23 Episodes
Supernatural Romance (yep, the Romance flipped its switch back on)
Aired: 2012 TheCW

Elena is transitioning into a vampire because she died with Damon's blood in her. Her feelings and personality are magnified, but will her love be stronger toward Stefan or will Damon finally get the girl? 

Ah ~ Elena isn't a protective, warm-hearted Bella Swan anymore! She has about half her heart and gained a quarter of a brain... she's scheming a death mat for Katherine and regains her humanity at the sight of one senior boy. 

The producers had lots of ideas, yet I was still lost a bit. It feels like the story's branching out a lot of its own twigs. For example, as a Klaroline fan,

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, who's that? You wonder. It's Hayley, a werewolf who wants to locate her family. Heh, so.... if Klaus is in a room with a flirtatious eyebrow lady, he'd force a 20-second sex scene upon them. 
It's not even "hot," YouTube!
Why does Klaus feel like he needs to be loose with women? Sure, Hayley seems to have had an interest with the only other housemate, but is that worth 20 seconds of a possible child?? 
Uggg, I'm scarred for the week! ###############!!

Moving on-- Elena is a high school vampire. She wouldn't be skipping senior year *and* graduation, right? Thanks to the Salvatores, she's not. The brothers give this newbie vamp two options: animal blood (remember Stefan on squirrels??) OR "straight from the vein." I think I like Elena's lustful face :: no one's ever looked so hungry in class. 

Elena faces her own problems... we've all been waiting and now, YES! She develops a new her and you wouldn't miss the old Elena even once. 
But at least that version is deep down in her- deep down, there's someone we once were. 
I'll keep that in mind. 

Last note:: anybody remember Dean, the counselor, from PLL? His character on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals is Kol, an Original vampire. Little lad gamer is featured in four or five eps . 
Little gamer... how cute. 
I don't know if I am accepting that this happened to him:: 
(It's a //tiny// spoiler)

I'm crying now...
I am listening to Drake at the moment. 

A few new cast members:: Pastor Young (temp), April Young, Connor, Vaughn, Hayley, Kim (temp), Atticus Shane, and an Immortal,
Just to name a list

Does Elena whine? Thrice, approximately. 
Are some Originals reborn? I guess. Rebekah, Klaus, Kol, and Elijah are seen. 
Do one of the Salvatores leave town? Is it worth watching all the episodes? 

PWS !! (Preferred Watching Sequence)
1, 2, 4, 5, 7-9, 11, 12, 14-16, 18, 20-End

Grade: 8/10
"The Five" 
Jeremy is a Potential 
Did She Really Die? (not telling who's "who"!!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season Three -- Goodness Gracious, Girl!

22 Episodes  (Preferred Watching Sequence: 14 episodes) 
Supernatural , Romance
Aired: 2011 TheCW

Where did Season Two leave us? Ah, yes...

Jeremy sees his dead exes and Klaus wants his dead Original family back. HE WANTS HIS COFFINS BACK ~ With the development of popular TVD fandom relationships, witches are sought out and Alaric has a vampire-hunter alter-ego that may take over him. 

Well, I'm going to not that this was a brainpoker. Elena is either becoming more lost in her love life (Damon or Stefan? I don't care! I never did!) or she's just bossing around people because she'll never save herself- helpless damsel. Tsk, tsk. 
There were too many episodes that's extra thread ~ it's nice that it's there, but it's not needed: 

>>>>Preferred Watching Sequence:<<<< 
1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 11-15, 18-20, 22

The Originals are in town and now it's hunting time ~~ 
It's not a teary season (only cried once! Episode 11: First **Klaroline** interaction)
All the men are manned up and know what's going on while the 
new-year high school seniors are celebrating 18th birthdays and organizing dances (like, 3.)

The addiction level is, erm, invisible. I don't even feel attached to the show ~ now I question why I watch it. Obviously, it's not for Elena's sake and Nina Dobrev is right- Katherine was way more fun than Elena. Already missing that foxy Petrova -- where is she now? 

As for Elena, good luck with this:

As Alison DiLaurentis quotes, "It is immortality, my darling." Thanks to the Season Finale, I was born to always be intrigued by Season Three of any show. In what direction will Elena's love life grow? Are we gonna have more people resurrected.... again??

Enough questions, let's get to my favorite add-on:: More. NEW. Characters.

The Originals family and more peeps, but particularly....
Don't you mean....
Torrey DeVitto (Melissa Hastings) from Pretty Little Liars!!!!!! I hope to see her around the proceeding seasons.

Yay to new people and blooming relationships. Alert: Klaroline cracks the egg, Forwood are simply adorable, and Delena strikes a pose.

Klaus has such a ridiculous weakness that I scoff that he's the antagonist- a bad one at heart , sadly. I wanted to see more blood, but I guess a cruciferous torture is decent.

The story will drag if you watch all the episodes, not that it is perfectly normal to watch them all. However, the "unimportant episodes" are a waste of time and gives you one present: a small fact, detail, reawakening, etc.

Grade: 7.8 -8 /10 
Elena just got stupider... from falling in love with vampires.

"Not everyone has to be saved." - Stefan to Elena about responsibilities