Sunday, December 21, 2014

Futurama Season One

9 Episodes - 20 minutes each
Sci-fi Living
Fry, an average guy living in the 20th century, somehow freezes himself in a cryogenic chamber for 1000 years and finds himself living in the future year of 3000. 

It's a cool, quirky world in 3000. But, it seems too modern and there's not that many new futuristic household items. To differ, the only scientific idea presented is that space-travel in a spaceship is absolutely positive and our dreams since childhood has come true ::

Tubes for transportation!!!!!!! And a robot friend, Bender!!

There are so many reviews that compares The Simpsons and Futurama. Matt Groening is the creator of both shows, I believe. I am hoping to watch The Simpsons soon, so I'll see.

Back to Futurama... I love the references that have great use on space objects. A TETRIS wall, a pile of Bart Simpson dolls, and the Beastie Boys rap with just their heads! (You'll get it once you get to Episode 9)

The show is very morale. Greediness pushes away your common sense. 
Know what you're getting into when involved with drugs and shit. 
(Another reason why you should know how to play a legitimate instrument) 

FRY (to Leela, cyclops girl) Do you know how to play the violin? 
LEELA: No, but I can play the drums. They're pretty much the same thing. 

Leela, a purple-haired Cyclops is that friend who wants to be obedient and hardworking. She just wants to get the job done! Well,
that's great, but I don't really like her 
usual monotonous tone . It's like she's never
joking or depressed! 
She's always serious. 

I wonder what it'd be like to jump out of my time and live in the future -

Grade: 8.3/10