Sunday, December 28, 2014

Personal Taste (Kdrama)

Genres: Romantic Comedy, Sexuality/Gender
16 episodes
2010 MBC
-also known as Personal Preference

The Gist:
Park Gae-in, a sloppy, kind klutz dated a man, Chang Ryul, for so many years not knowing that he was just there for her happiness. Then, out of nowhere, he breaks up with her and vanishes. She is invited to a wedding... of her 'good' friend, Kim In Hee and the groom? Her ex-boyfriend.
Heartbroken, Gae-in becomes determined to never date again until architect, Jeon Jin-ho asks to move into her hanok (traditional Korean house), Sanggojae, designed by her father, a top architect in Korea.
  However, Jin-ho had intentions when moving into Sanggojae and pretends to be gay to be Gae-in's roommate (since gay people understand both genders really well, according to Gae-in's friend who advises her to say yes to Jin-ho's request).
Simentaneously, Jin-ho's bidding project director, Choi --, is actually gay and finds himself attracted to Jin-ho. How long will Jin-ho keep up with being straight and what happens when Gae-in, who believes her roommate is gay, and Jin-ho, a guy pretending to be gay, develop feelings?

The Review:
  The beginning is like a long intro; the only surprise to expect in this is In Hee's wedding and Gae-in practically crashing it. To me, there were some parts where In Hee wasn't clear if she was doing something to please Jin-ho, but who cares what a bitch does anyway?
As Gae-in's childhood is unveiled as the drama moderately progresses, I pity her now. (her mom's death is quite guilty and understandable-ish)... Ah, yes, and then Jin-ho's friend also pretends to be gay, but Gae-in's actual loyal friend, already knows... I guess both men could point out to us that being "gay" is fun.

So, hate In Hee until the end-- the ending was like one of those "alternative endings-" something else could have happened, but the writers stuck with one of many endings-- like Clueless or something like that. I'm not sure if I like the casting for some characters... but, I love the silliness of this series :)

In conclusion, this drama is for the brokenhearted and jealous... no, make that this series is for a funny friendship and how family/ relations are used for business.