Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season Two

22 Episodes
Supernatural  romance 

Katherine Petrova enters the scene , wanting a moonstone while on the run from an Original, powerful hybrid , Klaus, who has plans for breaking the Curse of the Sun and Moon. 

Elena (us, too!)  finally meets Katherine . Damon cares for Elena .
 New vampires - friends!  More werewolves - trouble's brewing in town.

    Ohmigod, I binge-watched the show... All in a day! (Aka TOday) Guilty for binge-watching this show again. No one in the house cares anymore because for three consecutive nights , after a 20-minute shower, I'm snuggled on the edge of my bed, watching this.. TILL 1 AM! (ALSO KNOWN AS... NOW!) My folks snoozed at synchronized times for the past nights. Why?!

In this Season, there's a lot of bargaining - people and objects. But it's not fangtastic if there's not blood, right? Episode 8 is the goriest episode which spotlights Elijah Mikaelson, an Original with a nice 'do. (Said Damon)

Elena is aware of the existence of supernaturals in little Mystic Falls . She's unraveling some surprising secrets about her birth and...
Just like the book's blonde It girl, SHE'S A TOUGH NUT TO DAMON ! I already have a feeling that Second Lead syndrome will truely be testing Elena's love . Stefan hasn't changed much, but he may turn off his humanity for the next season after the arrival of the Original brothers, Elijah and Klaus, who are older , British, wittier, and so much more powerful.

The story's focused on bargains and family secrets . There's just kills and newly turned vamps (or wolves). The Originals .. can't wait to watch the spin-off XD

THE Finale honors the death(s) of a few loved ones. But, it's the background narration that has taught me that death is unpredictable for loved ones. John Gilbert narrates - the content is heart-wrenching, if you've got a family or very supportive friends and folks. 

Grade:: 7.4 /10
Lacks tense atmospheres --

>>Suggested Watching Sequence<<
1-7 , (8 for the blood), 9-11, 13, 17- End

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Breaking Bad Season One

7 Episodes 
Genre: Realism

Walter White , a high school chemistry teacher, learns that he has a critical case of terminal cancer. He becomes inspired by the wealth that the drug industry reels in, so he produces the world's purest crystal methamphetamine with a business partner,  a high school dropout, Jesse Pinkman. 

I could've written this a month ago because at the time, I really couldn't find words to describe just this season. Well, now I do. Let's just get it out there ~~

Firstly, let me warn you this ::::::::::


 You could finish this season in six hours. Is that what AMC is doing with most of its series? I think The Walking Dead's first season had 7 eps, too.. maybe it's for budget management or audience preference research. 

So.. how'd this go? I admire some scenes - the angles or the setup. The meth manufacturing is cool and , for safety reasons and possibly humanity, the producers have faked a recipe. Neat-o. 
  Walter White has a dysfunctional family and his own conflict:: keeping his drug business away from his disabled son and (NOM) pesky , yet truthful wife. I love how he has problems - it makes him a symbol of hope and strength. 

But this old man ends up etching a new side of himself. He's used science to toxicate , but then he's forcing himself to abuse a dealer in a basement, et cetera. 

I enjoyed the secrecy. Jesse's heavy-hearted "Bey-otch!" voice message. Walter White and his lectures about plastic and acid (oh yes, Jesse. Never put acid in a tub . Tsk, tsk) 

I wasn't really surprised during  the Finale -  rather, I felt null.. insolent .
Buildup is fairly slow, but you will notice the personality shifts.

Grade: 7.6/ 10 
Good for Fridays or Weekends 
Caution: You may have a dry nose for the week -- sadly, it feels so real ... 

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Vampire Diaries !! Season One

It's finally off my watchlist!! The Vampire Diaries was an astounding dark story for the week ~ 

So you haven't seen it? Start planning and make this one of the teen dramas you should watch.

22 Episodes 
Supernatural  Romance with a Town's Historical Backdrop

Elena Gilbert's relationship with new boy, Stefan Salvatore, may be more than fate.... rather, a past that involves his past love who looks just like her and the small town of Mystic Falls is out to eradicate Them. 

Vampires are back!! It's stolen some Twilight franchise ideas, but the suspense is up to height with Grimm (I mean, Grimm has some tense relations) .  The series' first season began with an ickishly interesting high school girl and suddenly BABAM! Episode 7 or 10, the climax has definitely upped ratings and turned the tables!

Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert - lookalikes, possibly ancestral relatives. Ohhh no. Elena may not have matured much as a person, but she's holding onto hope and love all the time. And she hasn't been sacrificed yet!! (As in a person-for-person exchange)

I loved the characters, but being in a small town that brings in a lot of strangers for Founder's Day, they all have a connection to each other. The mayor takes action against the ancient returnees , even though -!!- he is of a supernatural genity himself ..... Stefan Salvatore (so bothered by that last name) is a bore, but I'm laughing at his brother's script. Damon Salvatore, I'd happily offer myself to you!!

[Damon seems to look older in some episodes and suddenly regains his youth... Well, that's just me sayin' that]

The episodes have everyday conversation (barely any vocab words, guys) , yet because of the deaths every other episode, you can't help but cry for lost characters ((or in the worst case, the pasts)). I cried for three episodes straight!!

The Finale adds a couple of questions about Mystic Falls and its rich, historic past.

Last note: the books. It was the first book that I was just.. addicted to. (Finished The Awakening and The Struggle in an hour and a half!) It lacks vocabulary and presents the diaries and viewpoints of blond, popular Elena and Stefan. Elena's a bitch and Stefan is incognito as a person. Everyone hates Damon .. sob sob!
 **The TV series is preferred by me over the books.

Grade: 7.8- 8.3 /10 
It's an Addicting Season :: I rewatched the Finale thrice and do not, I repeat, DO NOT look up any characters ... you will be ruined by spoilers!! Don't spoil this show -- it piles up so many feelings , emptiness, and deaths

Thursday, November 27, 2014


12 Episodes , plus 3 OVAS 
It began with a Mushi-shi feel, but dragged out the conversations. There's only one .. wise guy with spirits.

An ex-vampire high school boy collides with girls of fascinating issues, like being weightless or not being able to find her way home.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Friends (F·R·I·E·N·D·S) Season One

24 Episodes ("The One With..." - distinct, isn't it?)
~29 minutes per episode
Comedy Realism 
Aired: 1994 NBC
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox

I remember that I hyperwatched fanvideos of Jack Frost , from Rise of the Guardians, and the Big Four (apparently now, the Big Five 'cuz of Elsa and Co). I laughed at the voice cracks from Friends. I watched many scenes, most from the middle of the 10 seasons. Always spazzing at Ross' bagpipe performance. 

Anywho, where it all began.

Rachel Greene (Aniston runs from the altar and seeks out Monica Geller, the only high school mate that she knows living in New York. The six men and women face breakups and new relationships , all while having times in their lives as adults. 

Let's meet the friends!
Rachel (Aniston): She's been raised as a "spoiled princess" and , under the advice of her new girlfriends, takes on the challenge of living independently  .... She becomes a waitress at Central Perk, the coffee shop that the Friends dine at.
 Phoebe Buffet (Kudrow): A bubbly, hippie masseuse and guitarist. Usually the last-informed person of news. (She's my favorite gal of the group)
  Monica (Cox): She has had many relationships with men in her life, but hasn't found "the one." She's a chef .

  Ross (Schwimmer):  Monica's older brother . He learns that his ex-wife is pregnant with his child, and has a life partner. He has had a crush on Rachel since high school.
  Chandler Bing (Perry): The go- to guy for your love life, this man is taken up by money and ... seems to have his own life away from his friends. 
  Joey Tribbiani (Le Blanc): A theater actor who seems to be the comedian of the group. 
It's a memorabilia of America . I love watching reruns at 9 PM. It's got a light atmosphere and the jokes are usually smuggled into the episodes. Honestly, it's easy to understand . The cast will be forever in our hearts.
  Joey doesn't start out with a good 'do and his character doesn't have importance nor development, until about seven eps later. Late bloomer? Sure. I enjoyed most of the episodes. 

Best Watching Experience :
1-4, 7,10, 12, 13, 15-24

The Monica.
Uh-uh. Sorry, it's just those bangs..
    It's a slick show for the weekend . Just lay in bed or on the couch and marathon it. It's even better on TV.

Grade: : 7. 5 / 10 

The Flash is on tonight at 8/7 C on the CW! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Orphan Black Season Two

10 Episodes
Science Fiction 
--Best Watching Experience: start from Episode 3 

So, where did Season One leave us? Ah, Aynsley's death ; Kira and Mrs. S are gone; Helena is shot by Sarah. More questions arise after this season's finale. 

New character.
All over the place.
The first two episodes that begins from Sarah Manning crying out for Kira, who has been kidnapped somewhere. She's been kidnapped like, four times, and it's odd that only a small group know that Kira is kidnapped .. for a good reason or safety? Mrs. S seems to be more forceful when it comes to questioning . Paul's sexually good and tempted -- a too-easygoing guy?  In the halfway point, a lot of the show 's early characters come back into the Clones' lives and we see a check of new religious farmer people, cops, and... Kira's dad, whom all the Clones say is "hot." I find him better-Looking than that Hook guy in Once Upon A Time Season Two.

Too good for a pic? He's a sweet guy , who does computer commands and stuff! !

The series has killed about four people and someone's reborn (of course, in case you never hoped that she'd ever be alive). Helena likes food... she's expanding her food range, guys! And , as shown with Kira from Season One, she's gvood vith chilvren. It's a hell of a fact when she's in a farm laboratory that tries to make more clones. "To multiply is divine."

Everybody , except Cosima and Delphine, kiss. Paul became a slave for Rachel Duncan , but how? Rachel Duncan cries .  Donny and Alison have killed someone by their own hand - who and were they figured out? The season had a touching finale ;;  I WANT SEASON THREE NOW!!! Two more months, peeps !

I got lost in the first two episodes. At least I feel like I was.

Grade: 8.3/10 
Destruction of DYAD, yet?? I think we're all hoping. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nobunaga Concerto and I BAKED A CAKE

Hello , you miss me already.

  I've been skimping on kdramas!  I know, what a crime.
  I'm only watching Orphan Black Season Two and Pretty Little Liars Season Five.
  I'm struggling to start a series or season (it's been a month and I haven't seen season two of Breaking Bad or Once Upon A Time)

The recipe is Bea Vo's Apple Bourbon Pecan Cake from her pastry bakebook, Tea With Bea. I had to substitute the bourbon for 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract ,dried cranberries instead of pecans (don't, okay?), and Gala apples instead of Granny Smith. It has a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, holiday pie combination, so be aware.    

Check out the book - the recipes  pretty simple (if you have a well-stocked baking corner) I was able to pull this off without a mixer...

Okay, you can keep reading or look at that book! 

Nobunaga Concerto
10 Episodes

Saburo falls off a fence and somehow ends up in Japan's Warring States era. He takes the place and responsibility as Oda Nobunaga, who conquered (and or united) japan. 

I am currently watching the drama that's starring Shun Oguri (does he look better as a 30something playing a high school boy?) Anyway, I haven't seen the film nor have I read the manga that's ongoing. 
From Nobunaga Concerto jdrama

This Anime bored me. I had high hopes of a tense battlefield, a funny average kid, and a pretty realistic ending. Ha, no. Didn't get that at all.

I felt that the characters are shallow, except the elders and traitors in the Oda clan. The show may have been handsomely narrated by Shun Oguri himself, but the story isn't handsomely done.
All I can praise is the art and Young, the (black) baseball player from modern times. 
The eyes and Oda's wife are quite like those Asian drawings on paper fans. Just beautiful.

Look at those rain drops.
I did a fruit drawing of grapes with a few falling drops. It was a less-than-decent sketch.
Grade: 5.7 -6/10
I finished it, but I couldn't stay interested for the majority of the duration...

Above: Half and Half Pencil "Charcoal" Sketch original

This week, I am changing the reviews for 20s and Hope For Dating. Other shows that will have revised reviews are:
-My Love From the Star
-Secret Garden

These shows contain uncited pictures and lack a "critic"" review. These revisions are expecting to place better understanding of my opinions and may or may not persuade you to watch the show. 
Until the next,
K. H. L.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hentai Spree : Post One

Today , I went on a hentai spree. Wusses be disgusted, unless your first hentai was bitch basics. These Posts will be featuring the storyline and rating for several H-Animes. For amazing story and action, the show will be highlighted as an individual post, like >> Lover in Law.. future Hentai posts will be wrapped into one package.

1: Mother Daughter Donburi            ----       1 Vid
*6.7/ 10 (most points for lactation and or fat boobs) 

  A threesome between a big-breasted mother-daughter pair and a man. POV filmed.
Memorable Scenes: The Literal Boobfuck

2: Kowaku no Toki --- 2 Episodes
* 8.1/10 ::::::: ONE. CRAZY. ANIME. AND. I. CRIED. SO. MUCH.

Kyousuke has dreams of a girl who is constantly engaged in sex with a man. He comes across Yukino, who looks like the girl from his dreams. The fantasy dream world comes into reality in a tragic finale! 

Well, that's a first: crying during a hentai. Crazy me, right? Anyway, that's your h for the week-end.

Plans : Upcoming Reviews and Currently Watching, Honestly: 

  • Your Lie in April (Currently Airing Anime... it's pretty sucky, if you ask me and some musicians) 
  • Orphan Black Season Two
  • Web Therapy Season One
  • Crayon Shin Chan (78 episode anime)
  • PLANNING TO REWATCH AND EDIT "My Love From the Star" review... the best deserve the best possible reviews , whether acclaimed or not
  • PLANNING TO write reviews about children's shows by season
Biweekly posts ~ I'm hungry ..
Ciao while I'm getting a glass of soymilk 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GIRLS Season One

10 Episodes
Realistic Comedy
Starring Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver, .. 
Guest Starring: Andrew Rannells

Four twenty-something friends show the happenings in life from breakups to hitting-on-ya men to losing your virginity. 

Four women try to find who they are and the meaning of life.

I'm anticipating the next season, so I had to write this ASAP ! I like, just want to watch all the current seasons of this show in a couple hours. Of course, I've promised myself that every show or season that I have finished watching, gets a review . This is GIRLS: Season One .. playing . Now ...

  First of all, each episode is 30 minutes long. So, they're short and its a show that doesn't really have a story, a mystery, and doesn't need a second chance. You can give up on the show, but there'd be little reasoning in that!
  Four young women in... New York. Of all the places, it's better than a small town (ahem, PLL) , yet seems like it'll be like Gossip Girl (First season's so slow for me -- Lively, I'm recruiting a replacement!)

Meet the GIRLS: 
Hannah is a recent college grad whose professor -occupation  parents have decided to stop financially supporting her. She has an admirable writing style that hasn't been published to kickstart a possible carriere. She is sexually active with her doofus, goofy boyfriend.
  Marnie is Hannah's apartment roommate and has a relationship that she wants to keep, but can't satisfy her affectionate rocker boyfriend.

  Jessa is a Bohemian europeánne living in New York (like the others) with her American cousin , Shoshanna. A woman of an unpredictable spirit , she's the one all people want , as a lover. Caution: she may be slightly attracted to you at first sight. --Sexually tempted X)
  Shoshanna is Jessa's sunshiney American cousin who is a fan of the Sex and the City  franchise. She leads a life that new 20s adults face, as she is a virgin; yet, she enjoys life. 

It's raw, feminine light comedy . It's seemingly like a documentary, but not like The Office , with the individual interviews and stuff. I'm not in my 20s yet, but the show has uplifted my prediction about that life. Some of the girls are grads, but the college life isn't shown.. only parties and boyfriends from  past are "college mentions." 
  The girls have their own styles and personalities, as shown by the wardrobe and apartment interior design. On the other hand, these girls are sex-obsessed ; one of the reasons why this show seems to branch off Gossip Girl , just sayin'. There's always an all-over kiss in every friggin ep. Is the show being a little biased? Are these girls horny or just forced into these acts because of a scenario like "He groped me- what else was I supposed to do?!" 
  Speaking of biases, many critic reviews felt that the show is racially limited. The cast is all-white, there's only one Asian that actually says a line, party chicks are either Caribbean tans or white... WHERE ALL MY AZNS AT?? Maybe it's a critical ravine that brings down some points for HBO's show that is like Friends for women. 

Cautions and Warnings: 

The show contains some moments of (mild) nudity and mild cursing. (The only word they use is "fucking this and that!") Sigh. What's the use of cursing if you only scream one bad word in aggravation?

Grade:: 7.8/10 
It's a Shortie, and this show doesn't really need a second chance
 It's the characters that need a second chance in their lives. 

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi)

Genres: Comedy, Sports, Romance
Starring: Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, Toma Ikuta  
12 Episodes
2007 FujiTV

Ashiya Mizuki flies from America to Osaka Gakuen to make her idolized star high-jumper jump again. But, Osaka Gakuen it's an all-boys school! Incognito as a male, Mizuki is an in an unbeknownst love triangle.

So, I've seen the Korean adaptation, To The Beautiful You, and I've read the manga, a gem that lacked its ending, but the characters brought in more surprises. There are five adaptations: Taiwanese, 2007 Japanese, 2011 Japanese remake, Thai?, and the Korean drama. Today, I have finished the 2007 Japanese drama of 2007.

  The adaptation has won numerous (acting) awards.Honestly, I can't agree with the judging entirely because : First of all, it's a jdrama with some romance. The perfection of no interruptions splits the line between Asian and American dramas, in my opinion. The lack of arguing makes the Asian dramas either more tense and questions further development of the story or pushes the show as a gentle cast of characters. And secondly, is it just me or Japanese main female leads are usually.. hesitant ? In Hana Yori Dango, Tsukushi stutters when she talks to Rui (Second Male Lead!) because of her supposedly developing feelings for him - in the end, these feelings just didn't add up. :'( Maybe I should have said that characters in Romances are frequently hesitant. Better check with kdramas among others.

  Let me tell you, this version focuses mostly on comedy and sports. I know, right? It's a girl who idolizes a guy! (I'd rather say, "a person") Yes, but unlike Jae-In (To The Beautiful You), Mizuki actually motivates her idol often, and Jae-In , well, as rumours put it, has turned straight guys gay or homo.. You want more laughs? The 2007 Japanese Hana Kimi is recommended.
It's Mr. Wonka's hair!!

  And another thing that makes this hands-up better? There. Are. Kissing. Males. Multiply those kisses by a quantity of around six. Are these accidental? Or for reals? If you're anticipating a Mizuki x Sano kissu, there's only one and that's in the finale! Sob. Sano, I thought you were better than this!!
Mizuki's character isn't as clueless as shown in the manga. She forgets that she's a girl at times, but who can when she's surrounded by ikemens?? What I loved was that her identity was seen, or known, by four people, whereas in To The Beautiful You, the boys found out about her disguise after she goes unconscious.
**Sorry for the couple of comparisons between the 2007 jdrama and the 2012 kdrama
Grade: 8-8.3 /10 
Recommended and Loved by many
-Mizuki:: Not as Clueless as you Thought!-

Sunday, November 9, 2014


22 Episodes
Sci-fi 'Thriller' - Psychological

Akane Tsunemori is going to be an Inspector in the Public Safety Bureau! But, she holds feelings against the Sibyl System , which runs Japan, one of the most high-technological places in the world! A criminal also has similar feelings, but takes action to represent his case. Will Akane manage [as a weakling] in the police force? 

I would like to start off with the main character, Akane. She's a naïve and afraid "cutie." It's great that she got a 700 on a test , but choosing to fulfill a career on the police squad, and failing to handle an electronic gun , really disappoints me. I suspected that she was to have a dramatic character change. Well, I didn't care 'bout that because I ended up hating her for the whole series. I could spoil and rant, but then I'd be a little brat of a cockatoo ..

The police procedures are usually Kougami's daring , yet correct ideas. Kougami works under Akane, but desires to avenge a death and kill the murderer. He's a man of his own will - he looks like 28 , thankfully. Nice job, artists. 

It's thanks to Akane , who takes in shame just for Paralyzing him. Girl, your Dominator gun thingie was not on Lethal Eliminator mode! Hell, it's because of ridding a life that made a criminal be certain that he wouldn't be killed by her shaking hands! 

Enough of Akane and her hands, right? I'm sorry that this is seemingly mostly negative. I just found this series lacking logic, pace, and suspense. So maybe besides the characters, it was the story I couldn't enjoy. 

Umm... it's shocking that suicide never happened in such a chaotic world under a world. But the police seem to be strongly defensive, yet some are weaklings themselves! 

And, the Chief ... and the Sibyl System.
 All run its own secrets. 

Gah.. don't wanna say more. 

These are all my opinions, yet I'm not enjoying this puny discussion as the Anime bored me just as much every afternoon. 
Grade:: 5.6/10 
Start at Episode 5: Return of the Psychotic Prince. The first four eps were just, terribly introductory. 

The 100 :: Season One

13 Episodes 
A Teen Sci-Fi-/Post-Apocalyptic Romance drama 
An Easy Show -- easy to comprehend and go on a streak of like, 6 episodes at a time .... 
does that mean it's a good show??
Starring: Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Paige Turco, Christopher Larkin (wanting to see him in a kdrama or guest-star on Hawaii Five-O or something), and many others and 30+ Extras 

It's been 97 years after a nuclear war on Earth. 12 Countries have united to form the Ark, citizens of the world (about 4000) living in space. Chancellor Jaha decides that its time to launch 100 juvenile delinquents to the Ground. 

I read the book, The 100, by Kass Morgan, and it had a pretty astonishing climatic ending. Hopefully someone gave me the second book, Day 21, for my birthday today . 
Anyway, the show's Pilot was probably the most flawed episode . I mean, usage of green walls and sets are way too obvious, lighting brings down the intensity, and failed computer animations. But it holds most of the teen drama that is worser than cliché ideas. Clarke's quiet lover doesn't express his bottled-up-since-childhood feelings for her-! 

The romance seems to be intentional, but it's kind of hard to tell because some of these "shippable scenes" are meant to be for something survivalish, like building a bomb and two people are in the tent. It's too possible to ship everyone with anyone - yeah,
you can ship anybody x anybody (I was going to ship Octavia Blake and Bellamy Blake, but then he seemed like a dumpling that needed to be near other girls) !
This show made good use of...
Lens glares!
The script is composed of short, "typically, teens for life!" lines. The longest sentence is probably /Her blood sugar's low; that must be she hasn't eaten yet./ As for the script, its portrayers are slowly emerging as stronger characters by Episode 3 or so. But , you will want people dead and be thinking of Clarke Griffin as royalty of the Ground.

Death. Ha, it's obvious to perform surgery . Every. Single. Time.. I mean, a main anarchist/serial teen killer has been reborn like, four times after being stabbed,hit, punched at least eight times! Main point: so many rebirths , all thanks to the only doctor available : Clarke Griffin ~
She's doing everything for all you folks! Taught by her parents to care for others before herself - her beliefs start to fade halfway through the series or after she has *cough* the first sex on Earth.

Surgery, the people, romance problems. Check and covered. 
The ending... Well, seems like all your mummies are coming, kids. So much for doing "the hell we want," right? 
A show that feels like some things happened just after you binge-watched it. A show that is kind of like America's revolution : we got a Benedict Arnold here , I think. A show that can't decide who needs to die; that's why they're reborn ° 0 °

I felt that the technology used in the space Ark and on the Ground are too present-day or prehistoric. The ideas of life in space seemed to be taken too lightly. I mean, having a one-child rule still enables enough food packs and cosmetics for people. It's food of limited food - don't make me believe that the scientists or engineers are making everything or you ! Now I'm just confused.. brilliant, people. 

Grade: 7.5/ 10 
It's short, enjoyably ridiculous at most times, and its second season is currently airing on the CW. 
--Every episode begins with Clarke narrating the same lines: 
"I was born in space. I've never felt the sun on my face..."
--Contains a select few naïve peeps, IMHO

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kuroshitsuji {Black Butler}

* first Historical Fiction anime series I've seen -- achievement unlock!
~~Contains Blood/Mild Gore 

On his tenth birthday, the Phantomhive manor went up in flames. Ciel Phantomhive survived, yet he faced a month of torture by his kidnappers. He returns to the manor as a young earl, with a seemingly loyal butler, Sebastian Michaelis.  

Black Butler will be on all or many fangirl lists of ... fandoms and fave series. Well, I wasn't able to ship (person x person) anybody nor Sebastian and Ciel.
 The artstyle pertains to Victorian England backgrounds; note the dark color contrasts and the body frames. Ciel Phantomhive is a very recognizeable character- partly or mostly because of the patch over his right eye which secretes Hell's symbol - a pentegram. Is Ciel a secretive person? Well, he doesn't leave the house much - he only leaves by the Queen's orders. Henceforth, he's like a chess player - he may show his strategic thinking, and he never tells. I loved every line ~ the young master says , "Etch the pain into me... It's proof I had a life worth living" and I'm just like,
Keep t-t-talking ~ I'm all ears here!
The script -- every bit of it -- is beautiful and clever, depending on who's speaking. Humor is rare in this series. There are actual London-England events such as The Great Fire of London; the main characters don't seem to be affected by this, but with the inclusion of the angels-and-demons, the Fire is bestowed by the heavens. I know, it wowed me , too.

There seemed to be a whole 5-7 episodes that involved a pretty barbaric angel, Angela/Ash and our favorite butler from Hell, Sebastian. I loved this mini Arc ~ not all angels are pure... of mind, yet his/her ideas about extinguishing uncleanliness in the world are legitimate.

Some historical figures and a few shady or seemingly inhuman characters.. There weren't any stupid or pointless episodes -- it was like a quilt. Watching it will make you feel fascinated by England's history of the 17th century. Tears? The ending forces your eyes to water; or at least, the show expects you to cry... yes, THE SHOW WILL EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN ^^

Couldn't come to terms with the fangirls ~