Sunday, November 9, 2014


22 Episodes
Sci-fi 'Thriller' - Psychological

Akane Tsunemori is going to be an Inspector in the Public Safety Bureau! But, she holds feelings against the Sibyl System , which runs Japan, one of the most high-technological places in the world! A criminal also has similar feelings, but takes action to represent his case. Will Akane manage [as a weakling] in the police force? 

I would like to start off with the main character, Akane. She's a naïve and afraid "cutie." It's great that she got a 700 on a test , but choosing to fulfill a career on the police squad, and failing to handle an electronic gun , really disappoints me. I suspected that she was to have a dramatic character change. Well, I didn't care 'bout that because I ended up hating her for the whole series. I could spoil and rant, but then I'd be a little brat of a cockatoo ..

The police procedures are usually Kougami's daring , yet correct ideas. Kougami works under Akane, but desires to avenge a death and kill the murderer. He's a man of his own will - he looks like 28 , thankfully. Nice job, artists. 

It's thanks to Akane , who takes in shame just for Paralyzing him. Girl, your Dominator gun thingie was not on Lethal Eliminator mode! Hell, it's because of ridding a life that made a criminal be certain that he wouldn't be killed by her shaking hands! 

Enough of Akane and her hands, right? I'm sorry that this is seemingly mostly negative. I just found this series lacking logic, pace, and suspense. So maybe besides the characters, it was the story I couldn't enjoy. 

Umm... it's shocking that suicide never happened in such a chaotic world under a world. But the police seem to be strongly defensive, yet some are weaklings themselves! 

And, the Chief ... and the Sibyl System.
 All run its own secrets. 

Gah.. don't wanna say more. 

These are all my opinions, yet I'm not enjoying this puny discussion as the Anime bored me just as much every afternoon. 
Grade:: 5.6/10 
Start at Episode 5: Return of the Psychotic Prince. The first four eps were just, terribly introductory.