Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GIRLS Season One

10 Episodes
Realistic Comedy
Starring Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver, .. 
Guest Starring: Andrew Rannells

Four twenty-something friends show the happenings in life from breakups to hitting-on-ya men to losing your virginity. 

Four women try to find who they are and the meaning of life.

I'm anticipating the next season, so I had to write this ASAP ! I like, just want to watch all the current seasons of this show in a couple hours. Of course, I've promised myself that every show or season that I have finished watching, gets a review . This is GIRLS: Season One .. playing . Now ...

  First of all, each episode is 30 minutes long. So, they're short and its a show that doesn't really have a story, a mystery, and doesn't need a second chance. You can give up on the show, but there'd be little reasoning in that!
  Four young women in... New York. Of all the places, it's better than a small town (ahem, PLL) , yet seems like it'll be like Gossip Girl (First season's so slow for me -- Lively, I'm recruiting a replacement!)

Meet the GIRLS: 
Hannah is a recent college grad whose professor -occupation  parents have decided to stop financially supporting her. She has an admirable writing style that hasn't been published to kickstart a possible carriere. She is sexually active with her doofus, goofy boyfriend.
  Marnie is Hannah's apartment roommate and has a relationship that she wants to keep, but can't satisfy her affectionate rocker boyfriend.

  Jessa is a Bohemian europe√°nne living in New York (like the others) with her American cousin , Shoshanna. A woman of an unpredictable spirit , she's the one all people want , as a lover. Caution: she may be slightly attracted to you at first sight. --Sexually tempted X)
  Shoshanna is Jessa's sunshiney American cousin who is a fan of the Sex and the City  franchise. She leads a life that new 20s adults face, as she is a virgin; yet, she enjoys life. 

It's raw, feminine light comedy . It's seemingly like a documentary, but not like The Office , with the individual interviews and stuff. I'm not in my 20s yet, but the show has uplifted my prediction about that life. Some of the girls are grads, but the college life isn't shown.. only parties and boyfriends from  past are "college mentions." 
  The girls have their own styles and personalities, as shown by the wardrobe and apartment interior design. On the other hand, these girls are sex-obsessed ; one of the reasons why this show seems to branch off Gossip Girl , just sayin'. There's always an all-over kiss in every friggin ep. Is the show being a little biased? Are these girls horny or just forced into these acts because of a scenario like "He groped me- what else was I supposed to do?!" 
  Speaking of biases, many critic reviews felt that the show is racially limited. The cast is all-white, there's only one Asian that actually says a line, party chicks are either Caribbean tans or white... WHERE ALL MY AZNS AT?? Maybe it's a critical ravine that brings down some points for HBO's show that is like Friends for women. 

Cautions and Warnings: 

The show contains some moments of (mild) nudity and mild cursing. (The only word they use is "fucking this and that!") Sigh. What's the use of cursing if you only scream one bad word in aggravation?

Grade:: 7.8/10 
It's a Shortie, and this show doesn't really need a second chance
 It's the characters that need a second chance in their lives.