Sunday, November 9, 2014

The 100 :: Season One

13 Episodes 
A Teen Sci-Fi-/Post-Apocalyptic Romance drama 
An Easy Show -- easy to comprehend and go on a streak of like, 6 episodes at a time .... 
does that mean it's a good show??
Starring: Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Paige Turco, Christopher Larkin (wanting to see him in a kdrama or guest-star on Hawaii Five-O or something), and many others and 30+ Extras 

It's been 97 years after a nuclear war on Earth. 12 Countries have united to form the Ark, citizens of the world (about 4000) living in space. Chancellor Jaha decides that its time to launch 100 juvenile delinquents to the Ground. 

I read the book, The 100, by Kass Morgan, and it had a pretty astonishing climatic ending. Hopefully someone gave me the second book, Day 21, for my birthday today . 
Anyway, the show's Pilot was probably the most flawed episode . I mean, usage of green walls and sets are way too obvious, lighting brings down the intensity, and failed computer animations. But it holds most of the teen drama that is worser than cliché ideas. Clarke's quiet lover doesn't express his bottled-up-since-childhood feelings for her-! 

The romance seems to be intentional, but it's kind of hard to tell because some of these "shippable scenes" are meant to be for something survivalish, like building a bomb and two people are in the tent. It's too possible to ship everyone with anyone - yeah,
you can ship anybody x anybody (I was going to ship Octavia Blake and Bellamy Blake, but then he seemed like a dumpling that needed to be near other girls) !
This show made good use of...
Lens glares!
The script is composed of short, "typically, teens for life!" lines. The longest sentence is probably /Her blood sugar's low; that must be she hasn't eaten yet./ As for the script, its portrayers are slowly emerging as stronger characters by Episode 3 or so. But , you will want people dead and be thinking of Clarke Griffin as royalty of the Ground.

Death. Ha, it's obvious to perform surgery . Every. Single. Time.. I mean, a main anarchist/serial teen killer has been reborn like, four times after being stabbed,hit, punched at least eight times! Main point: so many rebirths , all thanks to the only doctor available : Clarke Griffin ~
She's doing everything for all you folks! Taught by her parents to care for others before herself - her beliefs start to fade halfway through the series or after she has *cough* the first sex on Earth.

Surgery, the people, romance problems. Check and covered. 
The ending... Well, seems like all your mummies are coming, kids. So much for doing "the hell we want," right? 
A show that feels like some things happened just after you binge-watched it. A show that is kind of like America's revolution : we got a Benedict Arnold here , I think. A show that can't decide who needs to die; that's why they're reborn ° 0 °

I felt that the technology used in the space Ark and on the Ground are too present-day or prehistoric. The ideas of life in space seemed to be taken too lightly. I mean, having a one-child rule still enables enough food packs and cosmetics for people. It's food of limited food - don't make me believe that the scientists or engineers are making everything or you ! Now I'm just confused.. brilliant, people. 

Grade: 7.5/ 10 
It's short, enjoyably ridiculous at most times, and its second season is currently airing on the CW. 
--Every episode begins with Clarke narrating the same lines: 
"I was born in space. I've never felt the sun on my face..."
--Contains a select few naïve peeps, IMHO