Friday, November 7, 2014

Kuroshitsuji {Black Butler}

* first Historical Fiction anime series I've seen -- achievement unlock!
~~Contains Blood/Mild Gore 

On his tenth birthday, the Phantomhive manor went up in flames. Ciel Phantomhive survived, yet he faced a month of torture by his kidnappers. He returns to the manor as a young earl, with a seemingly loyal butler, Sebastian Michaelis.  

Black Butler will be on all or many fangirl lists of ... fandoms and fave series. Well, I wasn't able to ship (person x person) anybody nor Sebastian and Ciel.
 The artstyle pertains to Victorian England backgrounds; note the dark color contrasts and the body frames. Ciel Phantomhive is a very recognizeable character- partly or mostly because of the patch over his right eye which secretes Hell's symbol - a pentegram. Is Ciel a secretive person? Well, he doesn't leave the house much - he only leaves by the Queen's orders. Henceforth, he's like a chess player - he may show his strategic thinking, and he never tells. I loved every line ~ the young master says , "Etch the pain into me... It's proof I had a life worth living" and I'm just like,
Keep t-t-talking ~ I'm all ears here!
The script -- every bit of it -- is beautiful and clever, depending on who's speaking. Humor is rare in this series. There are actual London-England events such as The Great Fire of London; the main characters don't seem to be affected by this, but with the inclusion of the angels-and-demons, the Fire is bestowed by the heavens. I know, it wowed me , too.

There seemed to be a whole 5-7 episodes that involved a pretty barbaric angel, Angela/Ash and our favorite butler from Hell, Sebastian. I loved this mini Arc ~ not all angels are pure... of mind, yet his/her ideas about extinguishing uncleanliness in the world are legitimate.

Some historical figures and a few shady or seemingly inhuman characters.. There weren't any stupid or pointless episodes -- it was like a quilt. Watching it will make you feel fascinated by England's history of the 17th century. Tears? The ending forces your eyes to water; or at least, the show expects you to cry... yes, THE SHOW WILL EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN ^^

Couldn't come to terms with the fangirls ~