Friday, September 26, 2014

Trot Lovers

Aired: 2014 KBS
12 Episodes 
Genres: Musical, Romance, Comedy, Family (Issues)
Starring A-Pink's Jung Eun-ji, Ji Hyun Woo, Shin Sung-rok, Lee Se-Young 

This drama has finished recently and it was kinda disappointing for a lot of us. 

Choi Chun Hee (Jung Eun-Ji) lives with her father and little sister. Even though her beloved mother died, life is still difficult as the poor family faces tax collectors on a daily basis. Later, Chun Hee rises to stardom with an uninterested-in-trot popular singer-songwriter and a young president who begin to have a romantic interest in her. 

First of all, was Jung Eun-Ji an appropriate candidate for the lead female? Well, maybe for the first half of the series. Korean trot has a nice, rustic feel but honestly, Eun-ji sounded like one of those elder Viet singers, like Khánh Ly- strong, but like coffee. 

The humor is kind of original, but in Episode 13ish, WHAT'S WITH THE SUDDEN DISNEY STORYTELLING? "The mermaid loved the prince, but he forgot her; so, another prince married her... blah, blah!" 

Oh, how ridiculous the last four episodes were!

Who's to like? What caused all the tension? Sorry for being negative, but this show probably had the most ridiculous final episodes as of this month ~

Wasn't it Soo In's mother and her high pride that tore everything apart? Yeah, well, I guess it happens in reality, too, but... was it really necessary for her daughter to become a person who instantly absorbs whatever she hears? Girl, you got a nice life already-! Just keep singing and competition? Puh-lease, everybody's a bad singer X0

I couldn't enjoy the whole thing overall, but one thing WAS for sure:: it had potential. A decent amount of potential. Thanks alot, amnesia (x2!?)

Well, I am gonna honor my first Asian Drama this week.... BOYS OVER FLOWERS !! (Yay~ ) Stay on the boat for that 

If you have a request for anime, manga, or a drama (From any country!!) , feel free to comment and I'll add it to my list!

Grade: 5-6.3/10

Fine->Getting bland->Whoa! That Kicked Me In The Face-> Damn. It. All-! -> Getting back to boring ->Away and Back ->I think my life got as slow as this

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Masters of Sex: Season One

12 Episodes 
Genres: Science, Medical, Romance, Drama
Aired: 2013 Showtime
Starring: Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Nicholas D'Agosto, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Teddy Sears, ... Cole Sand (Austin & Ally's Nelson
++Based on a Thomas Maier's biography about Masters and Johnson 

#####Contains Nudity , Sexual Activity, and Language (cursing) 

The pilot knocked my socks off! And when the animated theme song (with sexual everyday items X)) came in Episode 2, I was even more mind-blown. The cast is brilliant and it just keeps getting tenser and tenser each episode! 
Set in the 1950s/60s era, the series revolves around a great doctor/ obstetrician, Dr. Michael "Bill" Masters and his secretary,  Virginia Johnson. The two conduct a revolutionary study of the sexual human responses, while facing challenges of America and its lack of knowledge of sex and approval for funding and conduction. But, will there be a spark along the way?

 Oh. My. God. The cast was so.. perfect that... YOU MUST SHIP ANYBODY WITH ANYBODY AND IT WILL HAPPEN. Seriously... now Writers, I love wuuu . The show is its own rarity; I mean, sure, you've got the shows with sex, but about it??!! I'm absorbed into this era. The music has the right rhythm and feels and the fashion has more than hints of vintage. So, what's not to like??

      The drama seems almost so.. perfect. I laughed, I cried. I died laughing at some douchebags , but this is unforgettable! How America came to love and even seeing some new flowers bloom is a bit more comfortable than fanservice. (no offense... SHOWS.)

The first 8 episodes were all amazing, but the last four were just tense and... confusing. Okay, so maybe there are some loopholes , but the story's still out there! 

Everyone's got pretty noses, tuxedos -- boys, you're all rockin' it!, and maternity dress models?? 
Damn ~ I just... I'm speechless and it's so beautiful . 
I laugh at the sex scenes for some reason ....

Okay, ladies.
Please, please, PLEASE! Can you not see that he's like,
taking all the women on the show??

Yes, watch just to see Michael Sheen cry ~~
Loved it 
I was disappointed in the Season Finale, but I wanted the episode to be prolonged a greater length, so.... that means...

All in all, the struggles were sympathetic crevices. Now, the biography is on my to-read list. The lead lady, Lizzy Caplan (from Mean Girls, bitches!!) is so femininely tough and beautiful -- she's like a big-eyed diva! B) I loved shipping people and Dr. Langham is getting on my nerves and Ethan's got problems with women and.... blah, blah, blah.

JUST WATCH IT ~ I know that there are some better shows out there, but THIS IS ORIGINAL OF THE SORT. 

Grade: 8.6/10 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

School Days

School Days
12 Episodes 
Genres:: Romance, Ecchi

Makoto just got stupider.

I read the Manga first and I got a different reaction than those on YouTube . Or maybe I was the only one who sensed that something >big< was going to happen. And let me say that...

The manga is BETTER! Forget this piece of a monkey's butt.. I only enjoyed like, 3 episodes.
Makoto likes Katsura, a girl who rides the same train and is one classroom over. Will he ever confess or is he only able to admire her from afar (and on his phone)? With help from his close/best friend, Sekai Saionji, he'll be having quite the School Days.

 Is it interesting? Kind of-- I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a love with pictures and phones? And this chick is a cutie, but seems schizophrenic... wait, no... everyone seems schizophrenic!! 

The series had a cherry blossomy start. Literally. And the theme song is great for karaoke nights (or afternoons, which I did) . But, were the characters developing nicely? I had a HUGE problem with Makoto and Sekai. Makoto became  a douchebag and would pretty much fuck anyone and Sekai.. Well, she's got this world in her hands. Katsura and her onee-chan are probably the only people you can actually count as characters.

A difference between the Manga and the Anime is the cast. You'll note that they tried to give background stars more lines and threw in more Student Committee members.. as if a student-run council of 8 girls would make the show better.
The producers or whoever also altered some personalities. Like the ending, for example. They're somewhat similar, but if you need more gushing fluid, watch the final two episodes.because I think that'd be enough for the whole , snail slow series!
I want that. It's got sleek and that window pane effect. 
 The animation is like "Say I Love You." The way the tea cups are placed, it's not perfectly smooth, but has this familiar "We missed a few frames and pathetically apologize for that" movements.

I felt that this anime was trying to say something about us girls ((GIRLS, not women)) . Maybe it's because this is an ecchi ~~
Which anime show has the honor of the First Selfie??
Maybe it's the only good thing that came out of School Days.
Overall, in short:

     This is playing at slow speed. Each episode is about 20 minutes, if you skip the ED and a 4-minute scene or something. If you're encouraged to be pregnant just by watching, I wouldn't be surprised (okay, the bitch was probably faking it). #sigh# 
Just watch Episodes 1-9 & 11-12 or just 11-12. Yeah, you don't need to know what's going on.. just start on an interesting episode for your sake!

Grade: 6.3/10 
It was "boring, beige batter." -Sweetie Belle from the classic MLP. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Holy Battle in Couleur de Rose - The Future is in Our Hands!

6 Episodes
2011 Asahi TV

Well, this is quite a late post. I feel so guilty :::::

       A 30-year-old housewife feels hopeless after her hardworking husband answers that he sees her as a mother and a wife, not (or rather, never..) a woman. She decides to pamper herself for a chance to be a professional model. 

Your first thought will definitely be this from Day One:
Her husband's a cheating asshole jerk!

Mona Vanderwaal with less makeup? 

Our antagonist begins to be manipulative because of an accusation without evidence.. not sure what this action is called -- "the finger of blame." But, because our femme fatale is a model who gained popularity after a long hiatus, her schemes range from catfight starters to those involving business! (oh yeah, it's given in to quite chaos).

If you're a housewife, you should be able to relate to our tall, out and about mom , who's kind of forcing herself to be a model. I mean, in America, there aren't "amateur model" ads in the zines. You can't just believe that you're perfect just after reading something that may suit you. I got a church orchestra audition this weekend, so... good luck to my bestest. ;) 

I felt that this drama was kind of feminist . Like, women are strong-willed and pretty much weak when it comes  keeping your mind on straight. I'm not doubting my gender, but I'm just blurring out the truth.

Says the guy with a girly top and that scarf. 

This show has taught me a lot about time and people.. and family. (I'm hoping  my dad's wrong about me missing home if I'm in college... I said IF!) It's 40 minutes of fashion designers , walking lessons, and family fights!! 

The speed of the story is variant , as every episode features different fashion issues from a torn dress to ... a clumsy catwalker.

Grade: 6.7-7 /10

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: Season Two (Squat Celebration)

25 Episodes (Halloween Special! is Episode 13)
Genres. Mystery, Romance
Features events from Unbelievable, Book 4 of Sara Shepard' s Pretty Little Liars book series

Today is the day that I finally got to this anticipated Finale! So, to celebrate, I've been doing 10 squats every hour or so. God, my knees and thighs hurt, but the burn feels painfully hot.
Jason be like Vampire Drama Pose! 
I can tell you that this season succeeded the series' First Season (that glumly had a slow buildup of events). For succeeding, suspense and story-wise, kudos to dat. The girls find that Ian Thomas was not Alison's killer, and find that A plants so much in their lives! They begin to be a little more open and honest to each other, as they uncover more secrets and A's identity. 
Episode 13 - End

The Liars discuss a lot more about A compared to the last season, where A was basically a sidestory idea. Spencer suggests that A could be a group of people (apparently "The A Team") because A knows oh, SO MUCH! I was able to cross off a lot of people who could be "A" and was quite shocked (and meep!-y) when watching the Finale. Fuck this police squad! Are they gonna be more shady throughout the next seasons?

I don't have any theories, because: 1) I'm not a huge fan of this show, and so I don't really pay attention to everything. 2) Um... who wants to think??! 3) What if my facts aren't what they seem to state? Like I said, A plots so much in Season Two. 
     Emily Fields       Aria Montgomery       Hanna Marin       Spencer Hastings       Melissa Hastings       Mrs. Veronica Hastings       Mr. Hastings       Maya St. Germain       Mona Vanderwaahl       
Caleb Rivers       Jason DiLaurentis       Mrs. DiLaurentis       Ezra Fitz       Toby Cavenaugh       Jenna Cavenaugh       Wren, the Doctor ("Dr.?")       

Emily can cook! 
At least we get to see A's association with dolls. (hint-hint: "Follow me, end up like me.") I somehow like how A [bribes] and uses children. So cute already ~

The Halloween special gives us a great insight of Alison and how she was a victim of A. It's the first episode (besides the Finale) that comes to mind of this season. Alison's actually a little weaker than we see her, yet she can still be witty when it comes to spying.

Eric Steinberg
Thanks for the diversity of cast members, Director King!

Dat hair X)
Love lives are on and off for two of our little Liars, Spencer and possibly Aria. And then we have characters who come and goes in and out of town, which heightens my questioning of who A really is.

Wrencer. No, just no. 

This Season has got me speechless. There are more surprises (and visits!) and unraveling the secrets of the past is bizarre. I love surprises in this show, and if you want to start on this series, but haven't... start from Season Two or the Halloween special. :)

How long until A is found out? At least SEVEN SEASONS' WORTH!

The Finale is almost exactly like Unbelievable, and I still cried when I saw both. It was unexpected for me!!

Grade: 8.4/10 
"Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done..."  -Toby to Spencer (Finale episode)