Sunday, September 14, 2014

School Days

School Days
12 Episodes 
Genres:: Romance, Ecchi

Makoto just got stupider.

I read the Manga first and I got a different reaction than those on YouTube . Or maybe I was the only one who sensed that something >big< was going to happen. And let me say that...

The manga is BETTER! Forget this piece of a monkey's butt.. I only enjoyed like, 3 episodes.
Makoto likes Katsura, a girl who rides the same train and is one classroom over. Will he ever confess or is he only able to admire her from afar (and on his phone)? With help from his close/best friend, Sekai Saionji, he'll be having quite the School Days.

 Is it interesting? Kind of-- I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a love with pictures and phones? And this chick is a cutie, but seems schizophrenic... wait, no... everyone seems schizophrenic!! 

The series had a cherry blossomy start. Literally. And the theme song is great for karaoke nights (or afternoons, which I did) . But, were the characters developing nicely? I had a HUGE problem with Makoto and Sekai. Makoto became  a douchebag and would pretty much fuck anyone and Sekai.. Well, she's got this world in her hands. Katsura and her onee-chan are probably the only people you can actually count as characters.

A difference between the Manga and the Anime is the cast. You'll note that they tried to give background stars more lines and threw in more Student Committee members.. as if a student-run council of 8 girls would make the show better.
The producers or whoever also altered some personalities. Like the ending, for example. They're somewhat similar, but if you need more gushing fluid, watch the final two episodes.because I think that'd be enough for the whole , snail slow series!
I want that. It's got sleek and that window pane effect. 
 The animation is like "Say I Love You." The way the tea cups are placed, it's not perfectly smooth, but has this familiar "We missed a few frames and pathetically apologize for that" movements.

I felt that this anime was trying to say something about us girls ((GIRLS, not women)) . Maybe it's because this is an ecchi ~~
Which anime show has the honor of the First Selfie??
Maybe it's the only good thing that came out of School Days.
Overall, in short:

     This is playing at slow speed. Each episode is about 20 minutes, if you skip the ED and a 4-minute scene or something. If you're encouraged to be pregnant just by watching, I wouldn't be surprised (okay, the bitch was probably faking it). #sigh# 
Just watch Episodes 1-9 & 11-12 or just 11-12. Yeah, you don't need to know what's going on.. just start on an interesting episode for your sake!

Grade: 6.3/10 
It was "boring, beige batter." -Sweetie Belle from the classic MLP.