Saturday, September 20, 2014

Masters of Sex: Season One

12 Episodes 
Genres: Science, Medical, Romance, Drama
Aired: 2013 Showtime
Starring: Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, Nicholas D'Agosto, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Teddy Sears, ... Cole Sand (Austin & Ally's Nelson
++Based on a Thomas Maier's biography about Masters and Johnson 

#####Contains Nudity , Sexual Activity, and Language (cursing) 

The pilot knocked my socks off! And when the animated theme song (with sexual everyday items X)) came in Episode 2, I was even more mind-blown. The cast is brilliant and it just keeps getting tenser and tenser each episode! 
Set in the 1950s/60s era, the series revolves around a great doctor/ obstetrician, Dr. Michael "Bill" Masters and his secretary,  Virginia Johnson. The two conduct a revolutionary study of the sexual human responses, while facing challenges of America and its lack of knowledge of sex and approval for funding and conduction. But, will there be a spark along the way?

 Oh. My. God. The cast was so.. perfect that... YOU MUST SHIP ANYBODY WITH ANYBODY AND IT WILL HAPPEN. Seriously... now Writers, I love wuuu . The show is its own rarity; I mean, sure, you've got the shows with sex, but about it??!! I'm absorbed into this era. The music has the right rhythm and feels and the fashion has more than hints of vintage. So, what's not to like??

      The drama seems almost so.. perfect. I laughed, I cried. I died laughing at some douchebags , but this is unforgettable! How America came to love and even seeing some new flowers bloom is a bit more comfortable than fanservice. (no offense... SHOWS.)

The first 8 episodes were all amazing, but the last four were just tense and... confusing. Okay, so maybe there are some loopholes , but the story's still out there! 

Everyone's got pretty noses, tuxedos -- boys, you're all rockin' it!, and maternity dress models?? 
Damn ~ I just... I'm speechless and it's so beautiful . 
I laugh at the sex scenes for some reason ....

Okay, ladies.
Please, please, PLEASE! Can you not see that he's like,
taking all the women on the show??

Yes, watch just to see Michael Sheen cry ~~
Loved it 
I was disappointed in the Season Finale, but I wanted the episode to be prolonged a greater length, so.... that means...

All in all, the struggles were sympathetic crevices. Now, the biography is on my to-read list. The lead lady, Lizzy Caplan (from Mean Girls, bitches!!) is so femininely tough and beautiful -- she's like a big-eyed diva! B) I loved shipping people and Dr. Langham is getting on my nerves and Ethan's got problems with women and.... blah, blah, blah.

JUST WATCH IT ~ I know that there are some better shows out there, but THIS IS ORIGINAL OF THE SORT. 

Grade: 8.6/10