Friday, September 26, 2014

Trot Lovers

Aired: 2014 KBS
12 Episodes 
Genres: Musical, Romance, Comedy, Family (Issues)
Starring A-Pink's Jung Eun-ji, Ji Hyun Woo, Shin Sung-rok, Lee Se-Young 

This drama has finished recently and it was kinda disappointing for a lot of us. 

Choi Chun Hee (Jung Eun-Ji) lives with her father and little sister. Even though her beloved mother died, life is still difficult as the poor family faces tax collectors on a daily basis. Later, Chun Hee rises to stardom with an uninterested-in-trot popular singer-songwriter and a young president who begin to have a romantic interest in her. 

First of all, was Jung Eun-Ji an appropriate candidate for the lead female? Well, maybe for the first half of the series. Korean trot has a nice, rustic feel but honestly, Eun-ji sounded like one of those elder Viet singers, like Khánh Ly- strong, but like coffee. 

The humor is kind of original, but in Episode 13ish, WHAT'S WITH THE SUDDEN DISNEY STORYTELLING? "The mermaid loved the prince, but he forgot her; so, another prince married her... blah, blah!" 

Oh, how ridiculous the last four episodes were!

Who's to like? What caused all the tension? Sorry for being negative, but this show probably had the most ridiculous final episodes as of this month ~

Wasn't it Soo In's mother and her high pride that tore everything apart? Yeah, well, I guess it happens in reality, too, but... was it really necessary for her daughter to become a person who instantly absorbs whatever she hears? Girl, you got a nice life already-! Just keep singing and competition? Puh-lease, everybody's a bad singer X0

I couldn't enjoy the whole thing overall, but one thing WAS for sure:: it had potential. A decent amount of potential. Thanks alot, amnesia (x2!?)

Well, I am gonna honor my first Asian Drama this week.... BOYS OVER FLOWERS !! (Yay~ ) Stay on the boat for that 

If you have a request for anime, manga, or a drama (From any country!!) , feel free to comment and I'll add it to my list!

Grade: 5-6.3/10

Fine->Getting bland->Whoa! That Kicked Me In The Face-> Damn. It. All-! -> Getting back to boring ->Away and Back ->I think my life got as slow as this