Friday, February 27, 2015

South Park Season Two

18 Episodes
((Note: I didn't watch the pilot for this season))

Surprisingly, besides being the series' longest season, there's

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

South Park Season One

Immature Comedy with the Occasional Gore

13 Episodes (CAUTION:: cliffhanger finale) 
22 mins each

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

About a Boy Season One

Comedy (mentions adult themes, like relationships and money, frequently)

------13 Episodes - approximately 23 minutes each episode

Will Freeman lives a wealthy, free life after writing a hit Christmas song. He learns about life when a single vegan mum and her son move in next door. 

This series can make you laugh. That's great for a mostly-family show. This series is on my weekend watchlist and I enjoy it no matter how many times I rewatch .

Please note that the characters are optimistically happy. A couple who appreciates the experience of parenting. The belief of happiness through hard work. It's all in one positive atmosphere.. Well, except for the fact that Marcus is the new kid and is picked on.

I think it's because of the vegan stereotype. I would love to ask that before you judge on Fiona (the vegan mum portrayed by Minnie Driver) ,
Make a vegan dish. They're all so easy - nobody's got time to cut bloody chicken :p

Each episode presents a life moral . From money to being YOU-nique, everybody has learned something. It's not 22 minutes of waste at all! At least it's better than what your counselors try to present. If only watching an episode of About A Boy was an assignment, I already have my pen out (I took notes when rewatching, lol). 

Lastly, like most shows, there are a couple flaws of the show. Will is seen sleeping with women on a daily basis in the opening of the series. Marcus is curious about childbirth for his own interests. Mild cursing. 
Is it slightly unrealistic? Having a somewhat-known neighbor? A bachelor who's still attracted to younger women? Having poker night? About a Boy presents life as something to learn from, all while being immature and neighbors. 

Grade:: 7.5/ 10 
Enjoyable at least :) 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Modern Family Season One

24 Episodes
[Forced] Comedy , Family, Drama

Three unique, related families and their lives.
Family and life lessons in a seemingly everyday conversational script.

Each episode is approximately 20 minutes in duration. A camera pans back and forth between an argument and I'm dizzy. Is this show truly a Modern Family?

Doesn't seem like it. The first half was able to stay relevant and has the most humor. It's not as knee-slapping as say, Jimmy Fallon or something funnier than Friends, but watching these different families has helped me realize that it's hard to be alone. For example, the eldest daughter of Phil and Claire Dunphy, at fifteen, Hayley still asks for permission for everything.

I'm a very independent person - silent at dinner, picking my lifestyle with daily workouts exceeding a forty-minute session, and blogging-rather, reviewing...
Hayley.. I can laugh at her now, but looking at myself, I wonder if I will be the one who'll be left without support in the future, as I don't even ask for anything from anybody.

My favorite episode was Episode Four. Hayley has a senior boyfriend, who sings and plays the guitar in a school rock band. Hear out his song -
It has cracked me up - "Maybe / Baby /..." and I'm choking seconds later.

Are the characters naïve? They've all made several mistakes , all with the similarity, fear. Fear of the consequences, his/her spouse, embarrassment, etc. Nobody has grown on me yet, so I'm hoping for more laughs and a grown-up Lily (the adopted Vietnamese baby).

For the last bit, why not know who's who?
   Dunphy family:: "the straight family"
  Phil (Mr. Dunphy), Claire/ Mrs. Dunphy, Hayley, Alex, Luke

  "The gay family" 
  Mitchell (the ginger, sorry..), Cameron, Lily

  Dunphy family: "The Multicultural Family" 
  Jay, Gloria, Manny 

Once again,

Grade: 7 . 3 / 10
Enjoyable, but lacks humour
Not to offend, but is the show promoting obese/overweight actors to show that they might start to workout? When I see young Manny and Cameron, I get very concerned. Or maybe that's just obesity getting the best of me. ┐('~`;)┌

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friends Season 10 : Series Ending­čśó :'(

18 Episodes
Aired: 2003 NBC

Monica and Chandler have a surrogate. Rachel's job in Paris. And Ross has a reason to ask that she stay - and we all thought that he'd leave her to move on with his life. And one wedding. A beautiful , wintry one.

~It ended, but not on comedic terms.

Charlie and Ross. Were they meant to be? Since Charlie had shown interest in Ross, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, only two groups of women are drawn to him: strays or average. Intellectual as a lover? Checked off. 

Joey and Rachel are a broken relationship, as well. Poor Joey... I was hoping that he'd live a good life after this season. Well, maybe he did with his fictional DOOL(Days of Our Lives) character and The Joey Special. 

Phoebe... the quirky, odd, funny lady. One of my favorite Friends, she has taken on life. I love all of Pheebs' spotlight moments. From changing her name [temporarily] to a lovely wedding ceremony [Gunther's there!],
Phoebe is a person that I just have to meet. 

And finally, the strongest could of all of them-
Chandler and Monica. So much has occurred in their lives from 
Chandeliers crazy job name to a surrogate! What's even cooler is the fact that: 

On Friends, Monica says the very first line of the show , 
"There's nothing to tell!" 

And Chandler closes Friends with the sarcastic remark, "Sure... where?" before a panning of an empty Geller-Bing apartment 

They FINALLY used the peephole. That thing could've saved everybody from so many dilemmas. 

So many memories in 10 years. This season ascended with great episodes,  but the Finale... was it aiming for realism? 
It ends with a door. The show slowly closes upon us, the audience, 
the sea of viewers!

One last thing: 
You can never have enough Friends!

Grade: 8/10 
The Finale still bothers me, though... 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Futurama Season Two

20 Episodes
Presenting... more comedy in the universe!

What's to say about Futurama? Said to surpass the classic cartoon, The Simpsons, this show is immaturely enjoyable.