Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friends Season 10 : Series EndingšŸ˜¢ :'(

18 Episodes
Aired: 2003 NBC

Monica and Chandler have a surrogate. Rachel's job in Paris. And Ross has a reason to ask that she stay - and we all thought that he'd leave her to move on with his life. And one wedding. A beautiful , wintry one.

~It ended, but not on comedic terms.

Charlie and Ross. Were they meant to be? Since Charlie had shown interest in Ross, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, only two groups of women are drawn to him: strays or average. Intellectual as a lover? Checked off. 

Joey and Rachel are a broken relationship, as well. Poor Joey... I was hoping that he'd live a good life after this season. Well, maybe he did with his fictional DOOL(Days of Our Lives) character and The Joey Special. 

Phoebe... the quirky, odd, funny lady. One of my favorite Friends, she has taken on life. I love all of Pheebs' spotlight moments. From changing her name [temporarily] to a lovely wedding ceremony [Gunther's there!],
Phoebe is a person that I just have to meet. 

And finally, the strongest could of all of them-
Chandler and Monica. So much has occurred in their lives from 
Chandeliers crazy job name to a surrogate! What's even cooler is the fact that: 

On Friends, Monica says the very first line of the show , 
"There's nothing to tell!" 

And Chandler closes Friends with the sarcastic remark, "Sure... where?" before a panning of an empty Geller-Bing apartment 

They FINALLY used the peephole. That thing could've saved everybody from so many dilemmas. 

So many memories in 10 years. This season ascended with great episodes,  but the Finale... was it aiming for realism? 
It ends with a door. The show slowly closes upon us, the audience, 
the sea of viewers!

One last thing: 
You can never have enough Friends!

Grade: 8/10 
The Finale still bothers me, though...