Tuesday, February 17, 2015

About a Boy Season One

Comedy (mentions adult themes, like relationships and money, frequently)

------13 Episodes - approximately 23 minutes each episode

Will Freeman lives a wealthy, free life after writing a hit Christmas song. He learns about life when a single vegan mum and her son move in next door. 

This series can make you laugh. That's great for a mostly-family show. This series is on my weekend watchlist and I enjoy it no matter how many times I rewatch .

Please note that the characters are optimistically happy. A couple who appreciates the experience of parenting. The belief of happiness through hard work. It's all in one positive atmosphere.. Well, except for the fact that Marcus is the new kid and is picked on.

I think it's because of the vegan stereotype. I would love to ask that before you judge on Fiona (the vegan mum portrayed by Minnie Driver) ,
Make a vegan dish. They're all so easy - nobody's got time to cut bloody chicken :p

Each episode presents a life moral . From money to being YOU-nique, everybody has learned something. It's not 22 minutes of waste at all! At least it's better than what your counselors try to present. If only watching an episode of About A Boy was an assignment, I already have my pen out (I took notes when rewatching, lol). 

Lastly, like most shows, there are a couple flaws of the show. Will is seen sleeping with women on a daily basis in the opening of the series. Marcus is curious about childbirth for his own interests. Mild cursing. 
Is it slightly unrealistic? Having a somewhat-known neighbor? A bachelor who's still attracted to younger women? Having poker night? About a Boy presents life as something to learn from, all while being immature and neighbors. 

Grade:: 7.5/ 10 
Enjoyable at least :)