Friday, April 24, 2015

Shameless (US) Season 2

12 Episodes 
Once Again, It's Drama Time!

Shameless is a show that has led me to appreciate the gift of 'fun and delight' in life, as well as individualism. The family may be a menace to others, and even among themselves, but no one knows their lifestyle. The show displays real world-life situations of prejudice, teenage irresponsibility, and love, sprinkled with some flakes of comedy.

In Season Two, the show is high on drama. There is a huge lack of humor and even the superior acting performances can't cover up the despairing well that the Gallaghers are in. It's not debt-filled, but one of the Gallaghers has returned-- the mother of [most] of the six sons and daughters.

Obviously, the family holds different thoughts about Monica -- hatred or somewhat supportive. While Monica is one of the three issues of the season, in the end, she leaves again. There was too much drama for me to actually enjoy the show like the first season, so I had to plow through this thick cornfield. 

Season Two:
Major Storylines
  1. Monica Returns
  2. A teenage pregnancy - whose baby, according to Lip, is more defective than abortion
Unless the producers were trying to explain that the Gallaghers' schemes aren't always successful, 
a few obstacles have sprung up here and there. Good for them because I almost feared that this show would be a little too perfect. Then again, I haven't seen Arrested Development yet. 

No fake funerals or fighting, it's all about the growing anger inside everyone. Most of the younger (Lip, Debbie, Karen, Ian, etc) characters collide with regret, achievements, or even, passivity. 

Fiona, Ian, and Lip, start new relationships only to find that the right one was with them all along.
Except in Ian's case, he may have slept with someone's dad...
(Steve's dad that is)

Steve has another life behind him -- an elitist life. I don't understand why he wouldn't tell Fiona, but
I guess that's just another thing about couples. Debbie reveals all to Fiona, which leads to why she decides to start up a new relationship.

Shameless drama. So. Much. So headachingly much..
Don't touch this season unless you want to bore your eyeballs out.
Was it just me or the script seemed to ask that everyone mutter, mutter, mutter . . .

Grade: 5.6
Inferior to Season One 
When is National Looney Tunes Day? Classic one , that is.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Eye Candy : Season One

10 Episodes
Mystery - Romance

With a name unique like a certified username, this show does not have its own distinctive traits. An obvious case surrounding an MIT - dropout hacker and her missing sister who may be dead. 

The goal is perhaps, to be creeped out by an obsessed little boy "serial killer." (Apparently, the culprit has an obsession with finding 'real, perfect women') Anyway, the premise is awfully wacky and plainly stupid. 

The premiere introduces Lindy, played by Victoria Justice, and her sister, Sara. It is a rainy night and Sara needs a pit stop, so Lindy enters a fast-food car line. Sara exits the car and, moments later, is stalked and abducted! Lindy fails to exit all doors (stupid lamppost!) and we see Justice slither out a dripping car window. Yeah, there are no overhead shades at fast-food restaurants. The pilot had a Gossip Girl watching mode to it:: strange and even more strangely, amusing to the eyes. 

Lindy seems to have a quick, kickass mind, yet seems to always play "hard to get" when it comes to men. Several passionate kissing scenes throughout, but it's not as amazing as Shameless. Then again, MTV series are made for a teenage audience. 
The show has only two viewpoints:: Lindy's and police department. The show tirelessly satirizes American police forces, as Lindy and friends, even a former cop, lash out what is to be done, when, in truth, time has been passing! Do you know how long it takes for everyone to actually unveil the Flirtual (like Tinder and online dating medias) killer? 
Nine episodes. That's almost to the goddamn end! Slow, if I say so myself. I formed my hypothesis by the midpoint, and deduced it to two men. 

To tie it all off , what shines in Eye Candy? Justice displays much love for either her work as an actress or her role, but the role may be an understatement of her potential. Having seen a few VicTORIous episodes, most of Justice's roles are too novice for her capabilities. I'd love to see her guest-star on Castle or another mystery series. Counting my stars. 

Another likeable thing about the show is the most surprising character of all: the Flirtual Killer. He doesn't wait, he kills exactly on the day. It's snappy and probably saved too much time on the show . A few bloody scenes , but not eye-ripping. 
Is it bas enough that I ended up laughing at their foolish choicemaking? 

Better shows? The 100 and even though I haven't seen Veronica Mars or Teen Wolf, they seem fit to be much more entertaining than Eye Candy. 

Grade: 6.4 
Second Season Coming Soon... we're all expecting 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Shameless Season 1

12 EpisodesLife | Comedy
**Contains Daily Cursing and Shots of Nudity
Stealing rolls of toilet paper because,
well, you know how it is in big families

Meet the Gallaghers:
Frank, the drunk
Fiona, the beautiful hard-worker who's also forced to be the "mother" figure of the family
Phillip "Lip", extremely knowledgeable and unresponsible kid of a big future
Ian, the closeted homosexual who's having an affair with his boss 
Debbie, the sweet Ginger
Liam, the only coloured son of Frank and ???
Prepare to see one of the best and craziest families of television ~

I saw the pilot out of boredom and I must say, the Gallaghers have quite a lifestyle. Everyone has such different personalities that obviously, there's a story- unique per person. To note, Ian is a closeted homosexual who's not erect for females and on another term, Lip questions what kind of love he has toward his best girl friend for [unprotected] sex. Even Frank, the man of the house, becomes an admired father figure to a new daughter, but then again, he's an alcoholic, whose alcoholism has forced his family to live this way - as hustling children in the mornings or bar girls at night, and still having a love life.

The pilot introduces the family members and therefore, the debut is riding on the story of Ian's sexuality being discovered by Lip and Fiona meets Steve, who has a life beyond "Mr. Nice Guy." It's simple entertainment ! If you want to enjoy the series- every precious second, start from
Preferred Watching Sequence: Start from Episode 3- "Aunt Ginger"
(Gloria LeRoy is such a sweet granny <3)

Lots of stealing - a purse, meat, toilet paper. The family joins forces and really takes care of each other. Maybe it's a little too perfect. The acting performances from the adult and child actors are superb (I mean, Liam's debut in Episode 7 is just adorable)

The script should be the standard for all scripts. It's not so conversant like Modern Family and features a seducing Fiona (even though Rossum's voice is questionably pitchy, she's excellent with all her romantic/intimate scenes) There isn't humor in the script (after all, the children are the little comedians here), but the actions taken to skimp out on a trip to the grocer, playing dead for money, etc.
Mickey (after Kash, above, shoots a bag of air-popped chips):
It was a frickin' Snickers bar!

While it is not forcefully humorous, the show is a super entertainment bundle. Unless you prefer funnier subjects, then this may be like The Office for you (if you thought that was overrated)

An absolute gem that needs a larger audience!
It's got everything and fake blood from punches!
Grade: 8.7 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Go On

22 Episodes (axed by NBC.. sad face?)
Comedy Starring Matthew Perry, Lauren Benanti, Tyler James Williams, John Cho, and others and guest stars such as Bob Costas and Terrell Owens

Ryan King (Perry) hosts the popular sports radio show, The Ryan King Show. While he prospers into a good life of sports cars and furniture changes, he shields his emotions over his deceased wife, Janie. His boss and best friend, Steven (Cho), requires that he attend several sessions in a therapy group. 

Let me just say that Matthew Perry is one of my favorite actors in comedy. From his well-known role as Chandler in Friends, he's portraying a person who is involved in the business rather than an audience member (Joey's foam finger, remember that?) Perry displays another sarcastic (and kind of
satirical) character. I can't detect sarcasm very well unless it's ridiculously obvious. So, if you can hear some sarcasm and find the humor in the content, then I'm jealous ~

This show centers about a hard-working, unemotional man who claims to have gotten over his beloved. For most, those feelings make no sense. And then comes the therapy group led by Lauren,
a woman who is considerate and seemingly uncertified (still confused by this..) In this group of a cat lady, a cussing lesbian, a Mexican grandma, a dandy-happy man, a gaming college grad, an apocalypse believer, a blind man, and a party planner, that is quite a bunch to figure out who's gonna be your favorite.

Each episode presents a problem of Ryan's and usually a [comedic] scheme from someone in the group. The sketches grow more absurd or crazier each time that you just don't want to say goodbye to these lovelies.

There were no moments of boredom as a viewer, but I grew worrisome about Ryan's love life - how is it that he finds himself ready to have sex with a younger woman who , in my eyes, just can't replace his wife? I love how Ryan sees his wife's 'ghost' and communicates with her frequently. If only everyone believed that there is the Earth and a good place up there- heaven, the afterlife, a sanctuary. Maybe then, all the gods would grant all of us egotistical bastards that everyone deserves the following:
love and or friendship.

All in all, the show displays the changed mind of Ryan King with touches of funny here and there, sprinkled with a diverse-racial cast and is perfect when you have nothing to do. You are going to mindlessly stretch the corners of your mouth at least twice, hopefully ;;

Grade: 7.4/10
This show deserved a better ending- I am interested to see what road Ryan's life will take afterward
Did you like the ax on this series? Comment on!

Baking materials seem to last longer than canned, processed, and other ingredients. 
Go bake something!

Cool your cookies for at least 20 minutes.
Let the cake cool before frosting.
Use full-fat coconut milk for sauces. (I don't know when to use coconut cream)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mad Men Season One

13 Eps - 43-51 mins
Historical Fiction , Business, Drama

In 1960s New York, the elite businessmen (or more specifically, advertising staff) are known as "mad men." Don Dealer is a chief exec at Sterling Cooper and Partners.

The End of this great era (perhaps, in competition with the 90s on my list)  closes in May 2015. So, how did the first season of this AMC popular turn out?

For starters, it is a sophisticated cast comprised of Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, Alison Brie, among 60some others. ((It took me ten episodes to finally realize that Pete's wife, Trudy, is portrayed by Brie))

Passionate and superb acting is one thing, but something is missing from each episode. The only must-watch episodes are Episode Six and Finale . The first "sex scene" is perhaps at the midpoint, but Draper provides us with a handful (or a mouthful) of kissing scenes, displaying himself as a womanizer.

The setting is in 60s Manhattan-New York. With apartments, boutiques, and [advertising] companies. I haven't been able to find anything out of era, but the props show pure effort and passion to imitate the period from black-and-white motion pictures, television sets, and the first PowerPoint presenter.

It's a nice setting, yes. But... what's up with the draggy episodes? Now and then, there's a moment that will make you react heavily. But it's
only for a moment. 
My favorite episode is the midpoint: Episode 6 "Babylon" because of Don's Depression flashback. Backstory of Draper is in "The Hobo Code," 
another beautiful episode of trust and friends with strangers. 

I support only two couples in the show, as of this season:: 
Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway
Betty Draper and Air Conditioner Salesman (or Glen... friends kid.. 
I have a horrendous mind? Heh, then you don't know me)

Get some glasses for water , coconuts, or shots. It's at a slow-rolling pace, so DO SOMETHING IN THE MEANTIME

7.2 / 10
*Opening Sequence with Cello accompaniment!! 
(I don't play the cello, but it is a very dramatically affected item)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Community Season Two

24 Episodes (including another tense, deceptive paintball game!)

Last season, the debut of Community, the study group has passed Spanish 101. In the second season, the focus class is their anthropology class taught by Professor Duncan who may or may not have been drinking lately.

New season, anything new? The group is still debating if Chang should be in the group and in the end, the season has introduced at least three candidates . It makes me wonder if everyone at Greendale knows about the group, or at least Jeff- that guy's such a hotshot.
   Speaking of attention, Pierce Hawthorne and Abed gain dominant powers- I did not know that film-making in production around you is such an awe-worthy moment. I've never had the opportunity to be an extra, but for all those who have, you are lucky :) :)

This season has had some stand-out characters (Jeff lost most of his leadership control;
 he's living fucking freely--
maybe he's become less important that he may as well be the bystanding child)

You should already know that Community has quite bizarre storylines per episode. Well, guess what?
They're giving you more crazy events and less humour. Sad face.

Now this is where you must watch for the following stand-outs:
-SeƱor Chang (HINT: has strong, anxious feelings about being a potential father)
-Pierce Hawthorne (a very significant character this time - he's relatable to modern-day people because he's questioning which group to join or if he should dare to be an empressario)
-Annie Something (um... her paintball badassness?) [I don't even know how to define a badass anymore, but I 
admire Annie's competitiveness)

This show is great for those days when you just don't want to sleep so soon 
Gosh, I really need help with sleep nowadays. ... 

Grade: 7.6
           less humour... WHYYYY??
           Bonus: Troy's plumbing skills are back in time for paintball! 

Happy April 

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