Saturday, April 4, 2015

Community Season Two

24 Episodes (including another tense, deceptive paintball game!)

Last season, the debut of Community, the study group has passed Spanish 101. In the second season, the focus class is their anthropology class taught by Professor Duncan who may or may not have been drinking lately.

New season, anything new? The group is still debating if Chang should be in the group and in the end, the season has introduced at least three candidates . It makes me wonder if everyone at Greendale knows about the group, or at least Jeff- that guy's such a hotshot.
   Speaking of attention, Pierce Hawthorne and Abed gain dominant powers- I did not know that film-making in production around you is such an awe-worthy moment. I've never had the opportunity to be an extra, but for all those who have, you are lucky :) :)

This season has had some stand-out characters (Jeff lost most of his leadership control;
 he's living fucking freely--
maybe he's become less important that he may as well be the bystanding child)

You should already know that Community has quite bizarre storylines per episode. Well, guess what?
They're giving you more crazy events and less humour. Sad face.

Now this is where you must watch for the following stand-outs:
-SeƱor Chang (HINT: has strong, anxious feelings about being a potential father)
-Pierce Hawthorne (a very significant character this time - he's relatable to modern-day people because he's questioning which group to join or if he should dare to be an empressario)
-Annie Something (um... her paintball badassness?) [I don't even know how to define a badass anymore, but I 
admire Annie's competitiveness)

This show is great for those days when you just don't want to sleep so soon 
Gosh, I really need help with sleep nowadays. ... 

Grade: 7.6
           less humour... WHYYYY??
           Bonus: Troy's plumbing skills are back in time for paintball! 

Happy April 

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