Friday, April 17, 2015

Shameless Season 1

12 EpisodesLife | Comedy
**Contains Daily Cursing and Shots of Nudity
Stealing rolls of toilet paper because,
well, you know how it is in big families

Meet the Gallaghers:
Frank, the drunk
Fiona, the beautiful hard-worker who's also forced to be the "mother" figure of the family
Phillip "Lip", extremely knowledgeable and unresponsible kid of a big future
Ian, the closeted homosexual who's having an affair with his boss 
Debbie, the sweet Ginger
Liam, the only coloured son of Frank and ???
Prepare to see one of the best and craziest families of television ~

I saw the pilot out of boredom and I must say, the Gallaghers have quite a lifestyle. Everyone has such different personalities that obviously, there's a story- unique per person. To note, Ian is a closeted homosexual who's not erect for females and on another term, Lip questions what kind of love he has toward his best girl friend for [unprotected] sex. Even Frank, the man of the house, becomes an admired father figure to a new daughter, but then again, he's an alcoholic, whose alcoholism has forced his family to live this way - as hustling children in the mornings or bar girls at night, and still having a love life.

The pilot introduces the family members and therefore, the debut is riding on the story of Ian's sexuality being discovered by Lip and Fiona meets Steve, who has a life beyond "Mr. Nice Guy." It's simple entertainment ! If you want to enjoy the series- every precious second, start from
Preferred Watching Sequence: Start from Episode 3- "Aunt Ginger"
(Gloria LeRoy is such a sweet granny <3)

Lots of stealing - a purse, meat, toilet paper. The family joins forces and really takes care of each other. Maybe it's a little too perfect. The acting performances from the adult and child actors are superb (I mean, Liam's debut in Episode 7 is just adorable)

The script should be the standard for all scripts. It's not so conversant like Modern Family and features a seducing Fiona (even though Rossum's voice is questionably pitchy, she's excellent with all her romantic/intimate scenes) There isn't humor in the script (after all, the children are the little comedians here), but the actions taken to skimp out on a trip to the grocer, playing dead for money, etc.
Mickey (after Kash, above, shoots a bag of air-popped chips):
It was a frickin' Snickers bar!

While it is not forcefully humorous, the show is a super entertainment bundle. Unless you prefer funnier subjects, then this may be like The Office for you (if you thought that was overrated)

An absolute gem that needs a larger audience!
It's got everything and fake blood from punches!
Grade: 8.7