Monday, April 20, 2015

Eye Candy : Season One

10 Episodes
Mystery - Romance

With a name unique like a certified username, this show does not have its own distinctive traits. An obvious case surrounding an MIT - dropout hacker and her missing sister who may be dead. 

The goal is perhaps, to be creeped out by an obsessed little boy "serial killer." (Apparently, the culprit has an obsession with finding 'real, perfect women') Anyway, the premise is awfully wacky and plainly stupid. 

The premiere introduces Lindy, played by Victoria Justice, and her sister, Sara. It is a rainy night and Sara needs a pit stop, so Lindy enters a fast-food car line. Sara exits the car and, moments later, is stalked and abducted! Lindy fails to exit all doors (stupid lamppost!) and we see Justice slither out a dripping car window. Yeah, there are no overhead shades at fast-food restaurants. The pilot had a Gossip Girl watching mode to it:: strange and even more strangely, amusing to the eyes. 

Lindy seems to have a quick, kickass mind, yet seems to always play "hard to get" when it comes to men. Several passionate kissing scenes throughout, but it's not as amazing as Shameless. Then again, MTV series are made for a teenage audience. 
The show has only two viewpoints:: Lindy's and police department. The show tirelessly satirizes American police forces, as Lindy and friends, even a former cop, lash out what is to be done, when, in truth, time has been passing! Do you know how long it takes for everyone to actually unveil the Flirtual (like Tinder and online dating medias) killer? 
Nine episodes. That's almost to the goddamn end! Slow, if I say so myself. I formed my hypothesis by the midpoint, and deduced it to two men. 

To tie it all off , what shines in Eye Candy? Justice displays much love for either her work as an actress or her role, but the role may be an understatement of her potential. Having seen a few VicTORIous episodes, most of Justice's roles are too novice for her capabilities. I'd love to see her guest-star on Castle or another mystery series. Counting my stars. 

Another likeable thing about the show is the most surprising character of all: the Flirtual Killer. He doesn't wait, he kills exactly on the day. It's snappy and probably saved too much time on the show . A few bloody scenes , but not eye-ripping. 
Is it bas enough that I ended up laughing at their foolish choicemaking? 

Better shows? The 100 and even though I haven't seen Veronica Mars or Teen Wolf, they seem fit to be much more entertaining than Eye Candy. 

Grade: 6.4 
Second Season Coming Soon... we're all expecting