Friday, April 24, 2015

Shameless (US) Season 2

12 Episodes 
Once Again, It's Drama Time!

Shameless is a show that has led me to appreciate the gift of 'fun and delight' in life, as well as individualism. The family may be a menace to others, and even among themselves, but no one knows their lifestyle. The show displays real world-life situations of prejudice, teenage irresponsibility, and love, sprinkled with some flakes of comedy.

In Season Two, the show is high on drama. There is a huge lack of humor and even the superior acting performances can't cover up the despairing well that the Gallaghers are in. It's not debt-filled, but one of the Gallaghers has returned-- the mother of [most] of the six sons and daughters.

Obviously, the family holds different thoughts about Monica -- hatred or somewhat supportive. While Monica is one of the three issues of the season, in the end, she leaves again. There was too much drama for me to actually enjoy the show like the first season, so I had to plow through this thick cornfield. 

Season Two:
Major Storylines
  1. Monica Returns
  2. A teenage pregnancy - whose baby, according to Lip, is more defective than abortion
Unless the producers were trying to explain that the Gallaghers' schemes aren't always successful, 
a few obstacles have sprung up here and there. Good for them because I almost feared that this show would be a little too perfect. Then again, I haven't seen Arrested Development yet. 

No fake funerals or fighting, it's all about the growing anger inside everyone. Most of the younger (Lip, Debbie, Karen, Ian, etc) characters collide with regret, achievements, or even, passivity. 

Fiona, Ian, and Lip, start new relationships only to find that the right one was with them all along.
Except in Ian's case, he may have slept with someone's dad...
(Steve's dad that is)

Steve has another life behind him -- an elitist life. I don't understand why he wouldn't tell Fiona, but
I guess that's just another thing about couples. Debbie reveals all to Fiona, which leads to why she decides to start up a new relationship.

Shameless drama. So. Much. So headachingly much..
Don't touch this season unless you want to bore your eyeballs out.
Was it just me or the script seemed to ask that everyone mutter, mutter, mutter . . .

Grade: 5.6
Inferior to Season One 
When is National Looney Tunes Day? Classic one , that is.