Sunday, April 12, 2015

Go On

22 Episodes (axed by NBC.. sad face?)
Comedy Starring Matthew Perry, Lauren Benanti, Tyler James Williams, John Cho, and others and guest stars such as Bob Costas and Terrell Owens

Ryan King (Perry) hosts the popular sports radio show, The Ryan King Show. While he prospers into a good life of sports cars and furniture changes, he shields his emotions over his deceased wife, Janie. His boss and best friend, Steven (Cho), requires that he attend several sessions in a therapy group. 

Let me just say that Matthew Perry is one of my favorite actors in comedy. From his well-known role as Chandler in Friends, he's portraying a person who is involved in the business rather than an audience member (Joey's foam finger, remember that?) Perry displays another sarcastic (and kind of
satirical) character. I can't detect sarcasm very well unless it's ridiculously obvious. So, if you can hear some sarcasm and find the humor in the content, then I'm jealous ~

This show centers about a hard-working, unemotional man who claims to have gotten over his beloved. For most, those feelings make no sense. And then comes the therapy group led by Lauren,
a woman who is considerate and seemingly uncertified (still confused by this..) In this group of a cat lady, a cussing lesbian, a Mexican grandma, a dandy-happy man, a gaming college grad, an apocalypse believer, a blind man, and a party planner, that is quite a bunch to figure out who's gonna be your favorite.

Each episode presents a problem of Ryan's and usually a [comedic] scheme from someone in the group. The sketches grow more absurd or crazier each time that you just don't want to say goodbye to these lovelies.

There were no moments of boredom as a viewer, but I grew worrisome about Ryan's love life - how is it that he finds himself ready to have sex with a younger woman who , in my eyes, just can't replace his wife? I love how Ryan sees his wife's 'ghost' and communicates with her frequently. If only everyone believed that there is the Earth and a good place up there- heaven, the afterlife, a sanctuary. Maybe then, all the gods would grant all of us egotistical bastards that everyone deserves the following:
love and or friendship.

All in all, the show displays the changed mind of Ryan King with touches of funny here and there, sprinkled with a diverse-racial cast and is perfect when you have nothing to do. You are going to mindlessly stretch the corners of your mouth at least twice, hopefully ;;

Grade: 7.4/10
This show deserved a better ending- I am interested to see what road Ryan's life will take afterward
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