Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mad Men Season One

13 Eps - 43-51 mins
Historical Fiction , Business, Drama

In 1960s New York, the elite businessmen (or more specifically, advertising staff) are known as "mad men." Don Dealer is a chief exec at Sterling Cooper and Partners.

The End of this great era (perhaps, in competition with the 90s on my list)  closes in May 2015. So, how did the first season of this AMC popular turn out?

For starters, it is a sophisticated cast comprised of Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, Alison Brie, among 60some others. ((It took me ten episodes to finally realize that Pete's wife, Trudy, is portrayed by Brie))

Passionate and superb acting is one thing, but something is missing from each episode. The only must-watch episodes are Episode Six and Finale . The first "sex scene" is perhaps at the midpoint, but Draper provides us with a handful (or a mouthful) of kissing scenes, displaying himself as a womanizer.

The setting is in 60s Manhattan-New York. With apartments, boutiques, and [advertising] companies. I haven't been able to find anything out of era, but the props show pure effort and passion to imitate the period from black-and-white motion pictures, television sets, and the first PowerPoint presenter.

It's a nice setting, yes. But... what's up with the draggy episodes? Now and then, there's a moment that will make you react heavily. But it's
only for a moment. 
My favorite episode is the midpoint: Episode 6 "Babylon" because of Don's Depression flashback. Backstory of Draper is in "The Hobo Code," 
another beautiful episode of trust and friends with strangers. 

I support only two couples in the show, as of this season:: 
Roger Sterling and Joan Holloway
Betty Draper and Air Conditioner Salesman (or Glen... friends kid.. 
I have a horrendous mind? Heh, then you don't know me)

Get some glasses for water , coconuts, or shots. It's at a slow-rolling pace, so DO SOMETHING IN THE MEANTIME

7.2 / 10
*Opening Sequence with Cello accompaniment!! 
(I don't play the cello, but it is a very dramatically affected item)