Thursday, July 23, 2015


12 Eps
55 mins each

TV's most notorious serial killer... 

This is a striking visionary. The blood spatters and the props amp the setting of Dexter Morgan, a man who controversially wants justice in Miami, Florida. I have read Darkly Dreaming Dexter and it's part of a small selection of books that have exceptional humor. I like how Dex jokes about the lifestyle and, like his victims, he's selective about his women. He's not a womanizer (but his handsomeness denies this), but he's loyal to "a damaged" wife, Rita, and her two children.

Showtime is known for its scripts, but Dexter holds to the authenticity of a Spanish city. With Spanish phrases throughout episodes, the Miami Police Department comes to life through these dialogues. Besides an exposure to linguistics, Dexter 's first season pierces its audience with the inclusion of complex relationships from a husband in prison to "Father Knows Best."

 I am not so keen on family affairs , so I'm really proud of this show - to be able to console and aggress the intimacy and punishment of family at times. I've learned a couple things.

Dexter is a fostered, no, adopted, kid. His li'l sis, Debra, is absolutely the best character . Such a dedicated , ambitious lady.  She, along with everyone else on the show, has captivating acting performances. Hands-down captivating.

Finally, the show can't just be about a man who kills and lives a double life. Dex is a blood spatter analyst of the Police force. A particular serial killer has captured Dexter s eye... the Ice Truck Killer. With clues from Dexter 's own childhood, the events build into a shocking finale--- which I totally felt satisfied, by the way.

A bit hindering in the first four episodes, but Episode Eight-- whoo!

Don't forget to join the community of fans... so many mentions everywhere, Dex.

No slicing / murder scenes, just bloody graphic! ::)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kuitan -- The Hungry Detective

Disappointment is the name... no food porn in these ten episodes. 
Now, who wants to practice their detective skills and be surrounded by lovable characters? 

10 Episodes
45 mins
Comedy, Mystery
2006 Nippon TV

Seito Takano is constantly famished. With another hobby of standard deduction abilities, he becomes the leader of a broke private-eye agency, Holmes Agency. He's solving cases just for the food, by the way. 

I love shows that are centered around food. I may not have a large appetite or a foodie's heart, but there's something about food whether it be kneading dough or salivating at the  mere shaved chocolate pieces on a cake that adds a sense of positivity and gathers a group of cooks or detectives, in our case.

 Do you know an extreme foodaholic? Meet Seito Takano.
Watch Episode 4 or the Cake Mystery to find out!

   How many series have lovable characters? Eliminate most romances and police shows... The show includes a small police party consisting of Inspector Ogata, a stern woman who just wants the job done, Igarashi~, the Chief, etc. When Takano the Kuitan becomes a daily asset, everyone begins to enjoy his company. Only then is this realized in Episode 8. To what extent must we deny a simple friendship status?

What else is a favorite factor? Comedy skits and chopsticks. I don't know if Forks and Chopsticks are still at war, but who knew that the pair of two sticks could be displayed in such manners? I mean, Takano's pair can intercept bullets, have telepathic powers, and even cuts through thick Asian packaging. Sugoi!

Well-brushed characters. They seem as if they all live such lifestyles as a foodaholic, a policewoman, and lazing-around detectives. Sometimes our daily lives are too ordinary and these cases may drag with the eating scenes and random alternating views. All the more reason to start at Episode 3. 

Handsome lead? I think he's dashing and adorable.

There is a second season... 

I've been noticing ...
I still write something every week, so that's great. First year into high school is a month away and I've had a schemeful summer, so far. Two families under one roof... housing some  cousins who are living and seeing America for the first time. I could talk smack (because I have thoughts), but who knows how long it may take for any of them to find me. Anyway, I hatched THE DROUGHT. Most homes have routers or a WiFi source.. my family, Family A, has been able to compromise a schedule for most of the day. When does the house get WiFi? The weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. from 10 in the morning to 11 at night. As for scheduling , I can't wait for Appiom to be launched.. for once, I appreciate something technological.
So, it's because of this beautiful DROUGHT that has slowed down my viewing progress. Finally, I'd like to invite you to my GoodReads. I've been reading on a daily basis and am enjoying reading more and more with every growing day.

----->GoodReads (I am not so concentrated on book reviews, so... )

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

It's been on my watch since '09...
High school and vampires, what a life!

12 Eps
45 mins
1997 Warner Bros Network

Buffy Summers, sophomore at Sunnydale High School and The Chosen One, the Slayer.

The supernatural fan community is one of the most notable folk with plenty of fanfics (which I gave up on.. for another genre), table talks, and one of the ways to get your bloody fix, Fantasy and Magic is its own branch of fairy tales. Because a desperate witch is more appealing than Cinderella's stepsisters and their toes and heel. As for Buffy, I like her. Everyone seems to love badass chicks, but looking at Emma Swan and some Marvel rockettes, I can't seem to fully agree. Buffy Summers is a passionate and definitely, tough girl. Her fighting tactics involve gymnastics and mostly karate.
  Each episode depicts several sources of sprouting out an evil self. From vengeance to being possessed, the cases are insightful. Take a mother's witchcraft and her desire to "live out [her] golden days" in high school again. Her dedication to the cheerleading squad took them to a national competition or something. Years later, her daughter doesn't seem to satisfy her mum's genes, so the mother takes matters into her own hands. Or rather, her daughter. Someone dies in very episode, but there's not a drop of blood, usually.
This show has shown to be as bold as little Buffy. Now I wonder if they'll really kill off so many introduced characters, or maybe take it to an extremity, and bulldoze Buffy to her grave.. after all, she has a less-than-adequate GPA.
  So Buffy lives out her other life over doing schoolwork. Hey, their school days maintain a fair balance between lectures and killing sprees. Praying mantis attracts its prey. Put that spirit in Miss French. Or fall to your knees and do the dirty work of a computer Lord in a computer..

Has everybody heard of the Scoobies? That's right. Buffy doesn't resource herself- she's got a gang of a librarian, a hacker, and a kid who can't seem to find his confessional words of his love for Buffy. The group is said to expand over the years.. She's got useful, considerate friends. I live the trio.

As for the rest of her high school life, boy problems? A little love triangle, but it's currently being worked out. (I say that Xander ought to get the girl) Episode 6---- eeep!!
She skips classes, leaves school property, and did I mention that she got kicked out from several schools previously? The show 's premiere season has left several plot holes and questions, but maybe these will 've answered later on.

The script is character-fitted with some jokes thrown in, but they may be trying a bit too hard with the wording of The Master. I love watching this at moonlight. The moon's so dashing and mysterious , all alone up there. I love staring at the moon before I sleep. It's like peppermint.

Watching Sequence:
You could start at Episode 6, unless you want to learn about Buffy... well, you'll learn more about her anyway..

You will like the charcters and ridicule the vampires' masks and cosmetics.. they stand out away from the Mystic Falls citizens in The Vampire Diaries ( ah, it's turning into a lengthy story like Fifty Shades Darker.. you had to go for 500 pages, James.. I seriously need to amp my book selecting ability ; GoodReads says that this year, the average rating for my read novels was 2.97)

Grade: 6.9
The script, or something.. needs more pizzazz

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hey, Girl! Whatcha Doin'? New Girl

The heading must have been a mistake - it should be "Who Ya Doin'?" Oh, you..

24 Eps
20 mins each
Comedy | Romance 

Jessica "Jess" Day catches her six-year boyfriend cheating on her. She moves out into an apartment with three mates. The boys assist with Jess' struggle to forget her ex, while being men and doing nothing. -shrug-

I haven't seen 500 Days of Summer yet, so I have never heard Zooey Deschanel's voice. It's er, lower than expected. Deschanel portrays Jess, a quirky, freakishly honest girl. Let's face it : it's extremely common that such "freaks" are either avoided or appreciated by the do-gooders. Jess is somewhat down-to-earth. She isn't afraid to blurt out the truth or that advice that you just don't want to hear. That voice possesses Ms. Day and everyone listens to her --
So all eyes on her. Great. As the season progressed however, Jess lost her spotlight. The three men - a womanizer, a black guy, and a broken heart - open up their lives to us. Schmidt has nightly sex with Jess' one and only best friend, who's a model. Winston returns to his girl after two years and Nick, well, he's totally Jess' other half. OH, THE LOVE AND HATE! The trio are annoyed by Jess' odd habits of singing, impressions, baking desserts with sprinkles, etc. but come to terms with the fact that Jess has given them all courage to chase after love and romance. If only the show were that cutesy.

You wanna know what dominates the storyline? The little jokes and montages. This show seems to degrade a show before its time, so if I find such a show, I'll cite New Girl as a dupe. As for the thoughtful script, the casting has included several guest appearances:

This show mentions adult themes such as sex, relationships, and job roles. My sister, three years my junior, cracks up way too much at every episode, and is awaiting my appointment with Season Two because "ELAINE! (Taylor Swift)" That's gonna be mid-July, dear. I'll manage.

Taking away short-term guests and the jokes, it's a simple tale of acknowledgment.. of friends, acquaintances, and the ones you may love.

The second season better make me proud 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Winx Club Season One

26 Eps
18 mins each
Fantasy , Romance

We are the Winx, we are the Winx (Come join the club)
We are the Winx!