Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hey, Girl! Whatcha Doin'? New Girl

The heading must have been a mistake - it should be "Who Ya Doin'?" Oh, you..

24 Eps
20 mins each
Comedy | Romance 

Jessica "Jess" Day catches her six-year boyfriend cheating on her. She moves out into an apartment with three mates. The boys assist with Jess' struggle to forget her ex, while being men and doing nothing. -shrug-

I haven't seen 500 Days of Summer yet, so I have never heard Zooey Deschanel's voice. It's er, lower than expected. Deschanel portrays Jess, a quirky, freakishly honest girl. Let's face it : it's extremely common that such "freaks" are either avoided or appreciated by the do-gooders. Jess is somewhat down-to-earth. She isn't afraid to blurt out the truth or that advice that you just don't want to hear. That voice possesses Ms. Day and everyone listens to her --
So all eyes on her. Great. As the season progressed however, Jess lost her spotlight. The three men - a womanizer, a black guy, and a broken heart - open up their lives to us. Schmidt has nightly sex with Jess' one and only best friend, who's a model. Winston returns to his girl after two years and Nick, well, he's totally Jess' other half. OH, THE LOVE AND HATE! The trio are annoyed by Jess' odd habits of singing, impressions, baking desserts with sprinkles, etc. but come to terms with the fact that Jess has given them all courage to chase after love and romance. If only the show were that cutesy.

You wanna know what dominates the storyline? The little jokes and montages. This show seems to degrade a show before its time, so if I find such a show, I'll cite New Girl as a dupe. As for the thoughtful script, the casting has included several guest appearances:

This show mentions adult themes such as sex, relationships, and job roles. My sister, three years my junior, cracks up way too much at every episode, and is awaiting my appointment with Season Two because "ELAINE! (Taylor Swift)" That's gonna be mid-July, dear. I'll manage.

Taking away short-term guests and the jokes, it's a simple tale of acknowledgment.. of friends, acquaintances, and the ones you may love.

The second season better make me proud