Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

It's been on my watch since '09...
High school and vampires, what a life!

12 Eps
45 mins
1997 Warner Bros Network

Buffy Summers, sophomore at Sunnydale High School and The Chosen One, the Slayer.

The supernatural fan community is one of the most notable folk with plenty of fanfics (which I gave up on.. for another genre), table talks, and one of the ways to get your bloody fix, Fantasy and Magic is its own branch of fairy tales. Because a desperate witch is more appealing than Cinderella's stepsisters and their toes and heel. As for Buffy, I like her. Everyone seems to love badass chicks, but looking at Emma Swan and some Marvel rockettes, I can't seem to fully agree. Buffy Summers is a passionate and definitely, tough girl. Her fighting tactics involve gymnastics and mostly karate.
  Each episode depicts several sources of sprouting out an evil self. From vengeance to being possessed, the cases are insightful. Take a mother's witchcraft and her desire to "live out [her] golden days" in high school again. Her dedication to the cheerleading squad took them to a national competition or something. Years later, her daughter doesn't seem to satisfy her mum's genes, so the mother takes matters into her own hands. Or rather, her daughter. Someone dies in very episode, but there's not a drop of blood, usually.
This show has shown to be as bold as little Buffy. Now I wonder if they'll really kill off so many introduced characters, or maybe take it to an extremity, and bulldoze Buffy to her grave.. after all, she has a less-than-adequate GPA.
  So Buffy lives out her other life over doing schoolwork. Hey, their school days maintain a fair balance between lectures and killing sprees. Praying mantis attracts its prey. Put that spirit in Miss French. Or fall to your knees and do the dirty work of a computer Lord in a computer..

Has everybody heard of the Scoobies? That's right. Buffy doesn't resource herself- she's got a gang of a librarian, a hacker, and a kid who can't seem to find his confessional words of his love for Buffy. The group is said to expand over the years.. She's got useful, considerate friends. I live the trio.

As for the rest of her high school life, boy problems? A little love triangle, but it's currently being worked out. (I say that Xander ought to get the girl) Episode 6---- eeep!!
She skips classes, leaves school property, and did I mention that she got kicked out from several schools previously? The show 's premiere season has left several plot holes and questions, but maybe these will 've answered later on.

The script is character-fitted with some jokes thrown in, but they may be trying a bit too hard with the wording of The Master. I love watching this at moonlight. The moon's so dashing and mysterious , all alone up there. I love staring at the moon before I sleep. It's like peppermint.

Watching Sequence:
You could start at Episode 6, unless you want to learn about Buffy... well, you'll learn more about her anyway..

You will like the charcters and ridicule the vampires' masks and cosmetics.. they stand out away from the Mystic Falls citizens in The Vampire Diaries ( ah, it's turning into a lengthy story like Fifty Shades Darker.. you had to go for 500 pages, James.. I seriously need to amp my book selecting ability ; GoodReads says that this year, the average rating for my read novels was 2.97)

Grade: 6.9
The script, or something.. needs more pizzazz