Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nobunaga Concerto and I BAKED A CAKE

Hello , you miss me already.

  I've been skimping on kdramas!  I know, what a crime.
  I'm only watching Orphan Black Season Two and Pretty Little Liars Season Five.
  I'm struggling to start a series or season (it's been a month and I haven't seen season two of Breaking Bad or Once Upon A Time)

The recipe is Bea Vo's Apple Bourbon Pecan Cake from her pastry bakebook, Tea With Bea. I had to substitute the bourbon for 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract ,dried cranberries instead of pecans (don't, okay?), and Gala apples instead of Granny Smith. It has a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, holiday pie combination, so be aware.    

Check out the book - the recipes  pretty simple (if you have a well-stocked baking corner) I was able to pull this off without a mixer...

Okay, you can keep reading or look at that book! 

Nobunaga Concerto
10 Episodes

Saburo falls off a fence and somehow ends up in Japan's Warring States era. He takes the place and responsibility as Oda Nobunaga, who conquered (and or united) japan. 

I am currently watching the drama that's starring Shun Oguri (does he look better as a 30something playing a high school boy?) Anyway, I haven't seen the film nor have I read the manga that's ongoing. 
From Nobunaga Concerto jdrama

This Anime bored me. I had high hopes of a tense battlefield, a funny average kid, and a pretty realistic ending. Ha, no. Didn't get that at all.

I felt that the characters are shallow, except the elders and traitors in the Oda clan. The show may have been handsomely narrated by Shun Oguri himself, but the story isn't handsomely done.
All I can praise is the art and Young, the (black) baseball player from modern times. 
The eyes and Oda's wife are quite like those Asian drawings on paper fans. Just beautiful.

Look at those rain drops.
I did a fruit drawing of grapes with a few falling drops. It was a less-than-decent sketch.
Grade: 5.7 -6/10
I finished it, but I couldn't stay interested for the majority of the duration...

Above: Half and Half Pencil "Charcoal" Sketch original

This week, I am changing the reviews for 20s and Hope For Dating. Other shows that will have revised reviews are:
-My Love From the Star
-Secret Garden

These shows contain uncited pictures and lack a "critic"" review. These revisions are expecting to place better understanding of my opinions and may or may not persuade you to watch the show. 
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