Friday, November 21, 2014

Orphan Black Season Two

10 Episodes
Science Fiction 
--Best Watching Experience: start from Episode 3 

So, where did Season One leave us? Ah, Aynsley's death ; Kira and Mrs. S are gone; Helena is shot by Sarah. More questions arise after this season's finale. 

New character.
All over the place.
The first two episodes that begins from Sarah Manning crying out for Kira, who has been kidnapped somewhere. She's been kidnapped like, four times, and it's odd that only a small group know that Kira is kidnapped .. for a good reason or safety? Mrs. S seems to be more forceful when it comes to questioning . Paul's sexually good and tempted -- a too-easygoing guy?  In the halfway point, a lot of the show 's early characters come back into the Clones' lives and we see a check of new religious farmer people, cops, and... Kira's dad, whom all the Clones say is "hot." I find him better-Looking than that Hook guy in Once Upon A Time Season Two.

Too good for a pic? He's a sweet guy , who does computer commands and stuff! !

The series has killed about four people and someone's reborn (of course, in case you never hoped that she'd ever be alive). Helena likes food... she's expanding her food range, guys! And , as shown with Kira from Season One, she's gvood vith chilvren. It's a hell of a fact when she's in a farm laboratory that tries to make more clones. "To multiply is divine."

Everybody , except Cosima and Delphine, kiss. Paul became a slave for Rachel Duncan , but how? Rachel Duncan cries .  Donny and Alison have killed someone by their own hand - who and were they figured out? The season had a touching finale ;;  I WANT SEASON THREE NOW!!! Two more months, peeps !

I got lost in the first two episodes. At least I feel like I was.

Grade: 8.3/10 
Destruction of DYAD, yet?? I think we're all hoping.