Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Orphan Black Season One

10 Episodes
Genres. Sci-fi, Thriller, Family (an Everything drama?)
Starring:: Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Michael Mando , and More --

Sarah Manning, an orphaned hustler, witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks like her. She is reeled into an operation group who are studying ... cloning. But, she learns that everyone's keeping secrets.

Okay, this we a SPECTACULAR watch. Every episode is extremely tense and a bit suspenseful. However, I was a little blue for the Finale.. as it ended in a cliffhanger and forced more questions to be asked!

The CAST IS BEYOND PERFECT. Maslany guaranteed herself an award- the woman who portrays like, 10 people!! I'm also going to say "Thank You" to :: Felix (Gavaris)

Thank you for breaking my Incestual Shipment. Yes, I actually upheld their closeness as a relationship... Felix is just amazing.. wished I had met a guy like that. 

The story is quite simple, but the aftermath of taking up an identity didn't get Sarah into trouble, she got herself entangled in a web! She learns that she's more important than she thought.. she's a new Favourite Character of mine.

The writers don't write lines that turns a confused party to an obsessive prey creature. Nope. They threw in humor, character-matched lines, and the "Scene Final Words". Aigg!! I squealed at this SFW (totally forgot that this abbreviated slang means Safe For Work) line spoken by Felix :: > <

"Well, aren't you an odd duck?" 
The show also features both homosexualities which I'm greatly admiring . Don't worry, it's just one and one .. no more, no less. 

The cast is diverse -racially and accent-wise. Tati traveled throughout Europe and America (New York businesswoman CEO voice, anyone?) . Jordan is an American who mocks a goddang amazing English accent. 

That slick - backed hair ..
Felix, you amaze me EVERY TIME

It's a Mermaid! 

Drop your pens because [almost] EVERY SECOND IS WORTH WATCHING. (Including the Pilot's sex scene? Oh, yes.) 

Grade:  8.6/10 

Hard to spoil, thankfully. Don't know what this says about the show, but YOU WILL WATCH THIS IN TWO DAYS I KNOW IT. 

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