Monday, October 20, 2014

Antique Bakery

12 Episodes 
Genres: Cakes, Comedy, (a hint of) romance (backstory) ; 
--this series is classified as Shonen-ai; here, it is under Yaoi because of the tags that I have

This series is a a Complete Set:

 manga, drama, film, and anime. I haven't seen the Korean film or the jdrama yet, so this'll be on the Anime and manga.

For starters, I've read the manga online and on an (Amazon) app. I've noticed that some or many sites list this as Yaoi, whereas Wikipedia and fans know that it's Shonen-ai. So if you're pissed about me tagging this as Yaoi, well I'll be... a damned little girl ;)

Overall, I marathoned it in two days. It's probably thanks to the dark backstory of a main lead, Antique's owner, Tachibana something. 

Tachibana lives with his past in mind. He's had nightmares of a childhood abduction and the day he rejected his high school male lover, Ono Yusuke. He opens the cake shop, "Antique" and finds that Ono was hired for work . Will he remember Tachibana or is it all a thing of the past? 

The atmosphere that is created in the kitchen is soooo Yaoi-fitted, which leads to the psychology of fangirling (or BOYing). I did not find myself hating any character, so it means there was either a nice selection of (statuette) characters or the characters don't change much. Either way, the story only highlights Tachibana's issue with his past. 

I was a little bothered about the seemingly light charcoal chapter pages in the manga. As well as the basic character faces. Since Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, I've been trying to avoid light art (girlish art, no offense). At least the OST of the Anime is light like a ... latte? Choux à la crême? 

I was hungry, like, GROWLING hungry. I needed food porn ; I thought my lunch of a tuna-vegetable (mostly corn, peace!) salad would be more enjoyable. Heh, well...
I've bookmarked at least five lists of Food Manga, Food Dramas, and Food Anime series. It is a goal of mine to feel so superior when I start watching Toriko. Can't. Wait. X)

I wish that the manga had some recipes, but no, all they can do is tell you what's in that figure created by an ex-champion boxer. ;;;'(


I have a problem with 2D and 3D art in one, like Initial D. The first episode displayed so much of is style that I thought I'd have to struggle with enjoyment. Thankfully, the storyline isn't bland or covered in say, clichés.

It was like a little boxed cake - sweet, lightly humorous, and bright with gay-turned men . **blushing?? 

Grade: 7.4-7.8/10 
Missing? An altered ending... I didn't like both endings (manga AND anime) 

Coffee, anyone?